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10 Risks of Buying an Essay Online

Essay paper writing


Our dear reader, by the end of this article, you will know what risks await naïve customers when they think of buying essays from Custom Writing Services.

In the Era of High-Tech Technologies, you just have no other choice, but to correspond to the requirements of this oversize information robot. This technical progress broke into our lives and made us assimilate to the consequences of its evolution. We surf the internet, even when we need to write a simple essay.

Well, we already now the reasons that make various educated people place orders with different custom writing services to complete their tasks for them. In today’s article, we are going to learn about ten major risks that await customers that turned out to be extremely naïve when looking for a service to buy a good comparative essay. All of you should definitely take them into consideration, if one day you decide to do something like that.


In any case, let us list ten major risks that every customer may encounter when making a decision to buy an essay from a certain custom writing service.

  • A risk of coming across a scam company. Despite the prosiness of the matter, it is one of the first risks that await our dear customers. Frankly speaking, you never know what beast is hiding behind a mask of a holy man. In plain English, it means that even the most honored-looking man can take your money, and you will never see him again. So be careful when you are at the choice-making stage.
  • Unoriginal work. It is the second risk that you may stumble upon when looking for appropriate and trustworthy service. This assignment may pass the plagiarism check successfully, but will be the exact copy of the previous original essay, and subsequently it will not be an original piece of work anymore.
  • Plenty of Mistakes. Broadly speaking, you never know what you are going to get. For example, you pay for the top notch five pages long original essay and as the result, you get what you want, but with numerous mistakes. Well, Americans have this fancy slang expression that the most accurately conveys thoughts of the person who received this kind of paper, – “Shit happens”. So, make sure that this shit has not happened to you. Please, read the work when you still have a chance to send it for revision, before it’s too late.
  • Yeah, precisely. More often than not, this kind of thing is equal to unoriginal work, but once again, plagiarism and unoriginality are two different things. Your work may be non-plagiarized, but may turn out to be the exact copy of the previous work, and Turnitin service can take it as plagiarism. It is the thing that you are to be afraid of in the first place. Otherwise, you will have big problems, if your work is suspected of being plagiarized, even partly. Even minor plagiarism is dreadful for every kind of work and every student. Nowadays, there are many online free plagiarism checkers that can be used even by students to be sure that they paid for the original piece of writing.
  • Unreasonable Price. Sometimes, you have to pay an unreasonably high price even for the simplest work. You should be very careful when choosing between several services with relatively equal prices. However, bear in mind that not every cheap service is the effective one. Maybe, you should pay the price and receive the work that you required instead of scam. On the other hand, if the price is unreasonably high, you can always ask for the discount. In most cases, such services are interested in keeping their clients all to themselves, so they are willing to make a discount.
  • Low-Quality Work. Low-Quality is often related to the ‘Plenty of Mistakes’ phenomenon, but still it is essential to list it here. Low-Quality does not always mean the quality of writing, but rather the quality of the entire service. Nonetheless, you will not know it without trying out the service yourself. We advise you to read feedbacks from other clients, before placing an order. In any case, listen to your mind and think about the final result of the work.
  • No Money-Back Guarantee. However, not every custom writing company can boast of this option and displays it on its website, such services should provide such opportunity to unsatisfied clients. At least, they should provide any other similar option so that your money will not be lost forever. If you happen to try out the service and you are displeased with the finished work, you can always demand your money back. Trustworthy service that really cares about its clients tends to return money or offer to store your money as a credit for other possible orders.
  • Reluctant to Revision the Written Material. As it was said before, s*it happens to good people, even when you are prepared for that s*it. If you happen to be this kind of person, ask to revise the work and correct mistakes. It is obvious that you order the work and expect to get a well-done and mistakes-free essay, and not to spend the last night before the deadline to correct mistakes in the prepaid material. Despite that, some custom writing companies deny revising essays written by their writers. You should check first whether the chosen service provides this option, if something like this happens.
  • Careless Customer Support. Attentive and thoughtful Customer Support is the binding ring between a client and a writer. That is why the Support Team cannot be careless. Otherwise, it will spoil the whole order from the very beginning. For instance, if you need to clarify something and you cannot reach the Customer Support Team, it is likely that your work will be not the one you want it to be. That may cause plenty of dissatisfaction and mare issues, like the demand to return your money and so on and so forth. On the other hand, you cannot simply fault the Customer Support for all mischiefs. Some things are beyond its control.
  • Poor Grade and Lack of Paper Details. These two things represent the last risk that may await you on your path of education. We decided to unite them mainly because they are those things that are beyond the Custom Writing Service’s control. At least, the first thing. The paper details can be added when the Customer Support Team notices their absence in due time. However, there is no service that can guarantee 100% high grade. Even if the work seems perfect, you may get a bad grade just because you are not a Mr. Perfect in your studies at all, and you happen to forget about this minor detail. Every essay must correspond to the writing style of a client. You cannot become Shakespeare in one night, so keep it in mind while deciding to buy a couple of essays at

Well, we hope that now you know ten major risks that may await you when buying an essay, and you will not fall into the same trap, but rather do not fall at all. As the famous saying goes, “forewarned is forearmed”. Now, when you are forewarned, we hope that you are forearmed with this knowledge to use it in your studies.


Essay paper writing

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