5 Things to Remember For Fiction Book Review

Review paper writing


Would you like to take a look at fiction book reviews? If you feel like you want, so take a seat and listen to what we are going to say to you!

Just let us clear first what a review is.

Basically, a book review is a critical assessment of a certain novel, story, etc. It isn’t only an overview, but it provides some important commentaries that may be distinctively yours as the author of the critique. Writing a fiction book review is slightly more difficult because you should understand the initial idea of the author, you should understand how the book’s world works and what people live in this world. You should try to become a part of this world.


Why do you need to write reviews?

The major reason is that these assignments make you read books and write your own thoughts about the written material. By writing, you train your creative genius to work harder, faster and more efficiently to transform bodiless thoughts into pieces of texts. Fiction books induce our fantasy, we learn to look into minute details of everything because it is something uncommon for us.

Another important detail is that today many journals publish book review to familiarize their readers with different kinds of literature, so your book reviews may actually become a part of these precious thoughts in a glamorous or scientific magazine.

Here are several thoughts about writing a fiction book reviews to consider:

  1. What to do, if you actually do not enjoy the novel? Always try to describe your thoughts and feelings with honesty. When you are writing a fiction book review, give your personal evaluation as if you are talking to the writer, in the event you really do not enjoy a fiction novel. Use phrases and words that are positive, and sarcasm and black humor free (unless you are 100% sure that it is acceptable in this particular case). Always remember that every new book needs a certain promotion, and you as a potential reader may be his/her lucky chance in particular, so if an author asks you to write his/her fiction book review, it is because he/she needs your assessment talent, and she needs this advertisement for the novel.
  1. Do not hurry up when you are writing a book review for a journal, for college, or for a scholarly journal or magazine. Remember about the criteria for writing a book review, even if it is a comparative book review. However, if you are writing your own novel, do not spend time on the review at the cost of writing your own work.
  1. Review the completed work that is in front of you, instead of trying to find a story that you think an author should have written. It doesn’t work that way! For instance, don’t rush to criticize a certain book if it is a romance and you prefer science fiction.
  1. Review the reviews of other authors, just keep in mind that many of these authors may well be pure amateurs as you are.
  1. Think of the word choice, when you are writing a fiction book review for someone else in a way that you would write your own book. As an old proverb goes, “scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours”.

Finally, fiction genre is something that evades any kind of control on behalf of the reader, so try to like the book that you should read and submit a review. Even if you have not received any satisfaction from the process right now, you will benefit from it later.


Review paper writing

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