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Сase Study Examples: Where to Look and How to Choose

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We have already covered the topic of writing a case study. However, there is more to be done in this regard. While everything is pretty clear with the definition and types of case studies, many students are taken aback when they need to write a C.S. with good and valuable examples for the assignment.  Examples are the core and the foundation of every C.S. since they represent the purpose of writing this kind of thing. We divided this article into two paragraphs that many students find somewhat difficult to look for examples when completing a C.S. The first paragraph is dedicated to the search of example for a medical and nursing C.S., and the other paragraph is dedicated to business C.S. examples.

Medical and Nursing Case Study Examples

Medicine has always been a difficult sphere, especially for students of medical departments and colleges. When it comes to writing a C.S. in medicine, you need to know what to write about. Before you actually start looking for appropriate examples, define a type of a C.S. and its final purpose. Medical and nursing case studies usually use cases based on real incidents. Such works include general information about a patient, his or her previous medical history with the overview of a problem that is related to the topic. However, as a student, you must not forget about a patient’s privacy, that is why before you use a particular example, remove all names and surnames, all possible personal or contact information in order not to disclose a person’s identity to those who are going to read your work. The purpose of writing such assignments is to evolve a medical professionalism, and an ability to think critically about this or that case.

You must apply critical thinking. There is no way you can get around it, once you choose to be a nurse or a doctor. So, what examples should you include in this particular case? First, write down about a patient, state his or her weight, height, age, etc. After that, state a problem with which a patient was admitted to the hospital and write previous medical records that may be helpful during treatment. Medical and nursing C.S. should also include a diagnosis stated after a patient’s examination, and a treatment plan. For example, if your case study is about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, you can state your example at the top of a page, and then proceed with indicating a patient medical history and appropriate records. For instance, you came up with a case of home burglary that resulted in grievous bodily harm. The victim was admitted to the hospital where he or she was treated for the injuries and discharged home afterward. In a couple of days, the patient was admitted to a psychological clinic because of delusions and hallucinations. The patient was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder that evolved because of a home burglary. The patient needs appropriate medical care and treatment with a possible psychiatric support. After indicating all these factors, you are to proceed with more detail information about the definition of a Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, its causes, and consequences. You can also write down some statistical data on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and add commentaries of medical specialists related to the topic. Another option of writing case study examples is to conduct a research based on personal experience of volunteers who agreed to participate in your study.

Write down all details that are vital for your work. Nurses should also remember to use their critical thinking skills to evaluate and consider all information that is directly or indirectly related to the patient.

Business Case Study Examples

Business, on the other hand, is a completely different realm, when it comes to writing a C.S. with bright examples. Business schools require completing case studies to teach how to learn by example. When a student learns diverse marketing strategies, it is essential to show to such a student how this or that strategy looks like in practice. Students learn faster and more effectively if they complete such tasks on their own. Once again, you need to define a type of a C.S. you are to conduct. Usually, business case studies are focused on a particular strategy, company, etc.  The world of business accounts for a wide range of companies that you can examine to find a pattern and use it in your C.S. On the other hand, you may first find a strategy that you’d like to examine more closely, and pick a company that suits your business interests.

For example, you have a prospective company with many years of experience in a certain sphere. However, one day this company faces a crisis, and its profit starts declining. As the result, the company loses many loyal and potential clients. You, as a future businessman, need to offer a possible solution, or a strategy that may help the company overcome the crisis, to increase its profit, or to break even.

First of all, you need to bear in mind all the factors of the problem. You need to understand what caused troubles in the company. In this particular case, the crisis is the reason for the company’s misfortune. When you have found what exactly drives the profit away, you are welcome to offer strategies that can help the company to break even, or you can make a couple of offers that can help to raise profit. Maybe, the company needs an advertisement campaign to bring new clients, or the company’s staff needs professional training to work efficiently with already available clients. The last thing you need to consider is whether your offers will work in this case. If they don’t, you should find other ways of helping the company to stay afloat.

What we are trying to say is that you should start looking for examples only when you are sure what is required from you. Another good way of illustrating your solution of the problem is to draw a table and a graph where you fill out all the details and consider all options. The illustrations help readers see the real picture of the problem and how efficient your strategy is for the company.

business case study examples

Business interviews can also be used as examples for case studies, provided that they are appropriate to be used as examples. However, this task may be a bit difficult in terms of making an appointment for an interview with the company representative. Nevertheless, if you succeed, it will be a great plus to your work.

Summing it all up, we would like to add that you should know what type of a C.S. you are required to submit, and what the final goal of this C.S. should be. These case studies are important because you may be asked to come up with a relevant case study when applying for a certain management or executive position. That is why you need to know how to complete these kinds of tasks. Seek for appropriate examples in your personal experience, or use an experience of your friends or relatives. Personal information is easier to apply and transfer into writing.

A case study has always been a large-scale project with many goals that you have to fulfill. Nonetheless, no matter how difficult the project may seem to you, you are sure to learn many new skills by completing this task!


Academic writing

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