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We spend half of our lives performing research for some specific purposes. When the time comes to write a coursework, it means that we must have sufficient knowledge, be aspiring professionals who always reach out for something new, who want to accumulate more knowledge and use this knowledge in our studies or careers. To be more proficient in our careers, it is always better to write such assignments as course works individually. Even when the assignment seems to be not complicated at first, like film review coursework, we may face difficulties while completing the paper. Among the most common reasons are the lack of talent for writing, poor vocabulary, insufficient knowledge of the topic, or a mere reluctance to complete this assignment individually.

Being a student, you will get overwhelmed with numerous assignments. Sooner or later you will probably make up your mind to order college coursework review or term paper or any other assignment with a writing service. But you should be 100% sure that you paid not in vain for your coursework to be done by somebody else. Otherwise, it's going to be your epic fail not only in terms of submitting a ready paper, or at least its first draft, but in your studies as well. For this very reason, we decided to continue writing reviews of different custom writing services that deal with specific types of assignments.

There is a basic set of services that is offered by almost every online-based writing company. They are 24/7 customer support, plagiarism free report, experienced professional writers, money back guarantee, samples of works, etc. To complete the current review, we examined three different websites that are based in different countries: the USA, India, and the UK.

The review will be carried out based on the same evaluation criteria that we used in our previous article. To evaluate certain coursework writing services review is carried out on the following criteria: feedbacks and pricing. First, we filled in the following details of our coursework:

  1. Deadline: 7 days (we had to set the deadline for 8 days once)
  2. Type of Work: Coursework
  3. Number of Pages: approximately 20 (5500 words)
  4. Degree: Bachelor
  5. Standard: First Class
  6. Price indicated in USD/GBP/EUR

These are the requirements that were used to evaluate the price policy of a certain custom writing service.

Let’s get down to reviewing these websites. So, here we go!

1. Affordable Papers (

This company positions itself as an affordable writing service based in the UK, which offers coursework expert review in any subject you need. According to the information in the Contact Us section, you can make toll-free calls from the US and Canada, and the UK if you are calling from phone numbers that start with +1-866, +44-800, while other international callers will have to pay. This writing service differs from others similar services in the unique and unusual division of types of assignments, according to a school, college, or university levels. Moreover, the prices of assignments differ according to this division as well. For example, if you need a literature review coursework, you can find the cheap book reviews section at the bottom of the main page. Having read the information on this particular service, you can decide whether this writing company is the one you would like to place an order with.

The price of your work will be calculated according to the following factors:

  • Academic Level;
  • Number of Pages;
  • Urgency;
  • Type of Paper.

Knowing all these factors, we can easily calculate the approximate price of the order. Our Bachelor 20-pages long coursework with the deadline set for 7 days costs about $320, which can be considered cheap and affordable. You also get a plagiarism report as a bonus, which is indeed great.

Now, let’s look at the testimonials section since it’s other vital criteria for our review. The Testimonials section of the website contains only positive feedbacks from extremely satisfied clients, which is not only flattering for the service’s owners, but also for clients.

“Great work, I really appreciate your service…”- Customer #2716727. (2015) (from

It is worth adding that this assignment was 10 pages long in nutrition/dietary, and this subject seems like a rather difficult one.

It is worth adding that this assignment was 10 pages long and written on nutrition/dietary, and this subject seems like a rather difficult one.

However, for this very reason, we addressed already well-known SiteJabber to look for more feedbacks, and there, we discovered only one positive feedback from a client who decided to write his/her paper on his/her own and canceled the order. Let’s look at it:

“I had to cancel the order because I decided to write the paper myself and they refunded the money, no issues whatsoever. I would definitely do business again with them.” - Oli T. (2013) ( from

The four others were rather negative. Like this one:

“Middle School writing and plagiarism” I’ve used a few times in a jam, never received more than a C paper even when paying extra 25% for someone in that subject area. This last one, however, got me an F for plagiarism. The writer took full paragraphs from a cliff notes website. Ridiculous!!” - Make P. (2015) (from

So, it's up to you, whether you should or shouldn't use this particular website. We'd recommend you to take some time to review the service yourself, especially if you need a science coursework review or any other complex assignment to be done. Maybe, your future writer knows nothing about it.


2. Essay Campus (

This custom writing service has the UK and the US-based customer support offices, which makes it easier to work with various kinds of clients all over North America and Europe. This company positions itself as the reliable writing service, which has skilled and experienced writers, both from the UK and the USA, who can complete any type of paper from an essay, thesis, research paper to a coursework review. This company offers round the clock customer support, and you get a draft of your paper before you pay. Also, you can get free citations, free title page, free bibliography page, and free unlimited revisions. In addition, there is a variety of payment options, so you won't have to think about the most convenient way of payment too much.

Speaking of the price, they are higher here as compared with the previous service, but maybe this particular website has something more to offer its clients.

For example, our 20 pages long coursework with the deadline set for 8 days (we’ve mentioned it above) costs $439, but the service instantly offers a discount, after which the paper costs $403.88. That is an attractive bonus, don’t you think?

“I was scared in the beginning as I was the first time using such service, but now I am so relieved, and I have an excellent paper now in hand. I will be a regular user of this service.” – Jessy (from

“Hello, your support team is excellent, recently while ordering I had few doubts they are cleared it within minutes. Really awesome, convey my regards to your support team.” – Michelle (from

As you can see, all the clients are satisfied with the result they get in the end. However, one more time we addressed SiteJabber to look for more feedbacks, but found none. Maybe, someday its SiteJabber page will be full of positive feedbacks as well.The Testimonials section offers a variety of positive feedbacks, which makes this service seem even more attractive and trustworthy. Take a look at this one:

3. The Professional Writers (

Professional Writers is another company that also offers a high-quality course writing service in India. This company has several offices in India, in particular, in Hyderabad and Bangalore. You can also contact them via chat, Skype, or even via e-mail if it is convenient for you. This custom writing service claims to have writers in various kinds of domains and fields of study. Hence, we presume that you can even order an engineering coursework with this writing service.

Unfortunately, for some reason, we found no Price section on the website. That is why we may only guess that the estimated price of your order will be known only after you make an inquiry or place an order with this company. For this reason, we decided to look for another India-based cheap coursework writing service, but it also had no price section. Maybe, there is a certain business strategy that we are unaware of. Well, that's a bit uncomfortable not to know the preliminary cost of work before you actually decide to place an order.

Notwithstanding the previous misfortune, we managed to find the Testimonials section. There, you are welcome to look through as many positive feedbacks as you wish. For example:

“I’m simply awed! No wonder people like me end up paying…. I’m really impressed with your Work!! and I think my professor will like it too… :). I thank you for this wonderful work. The analysis is out of the world.” – Abdul, UAE (from

To sum it up, we can say that such coursework writing services offer help to various students from different countries, such as the USA, the UK, Canada, Australia, China, Norway, India, the UAE, etc. All these services have different prices, some of them are cheaper, and some of them are more expensive, but only you as a client decide what you need more: faster or better, or some extra stuff. Keep in mind that it’s better to place an order as soon as your professor gives you an assignment or at least in advance, because no writer can complete a 5 min coursework review. Moreover, there should be some time left in case you will need a revision of the final paper. In any case, we are 100% sure that this review is useful to read for all those who are about to start writing their course works. So, have fun!However, there are only five of them, and we didn’t find any feedbacks or even a page on SiteJabber. So, it’s up to you, our dear readers, what your final choice will be.


Essay paper writing

Academic writing

  1. I found this writing service review very helpful! Now, I now which companies should I hire...

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