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Dissertation In Biochemistry: Hows and Whys of the Assessment Procedure

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A dissertation in biochemistry is the one most significant pieces of scientific work undertaken as a part of the postgraduate curriculum. Sometimes, this type of work requires finding a sample group and as such the group should be selected carefully as well as a student should plan his/her work carefully before beginning.

Sometimes, the BD advisers and tutors allow their students to complete the lab-based part of the work at any university or college, or at any organization, but the work has to be research-based.

Before starting the experimental section of the project, students have to write dissertation proposals for the project supervisor. The proposal will likely be checked to make sure that the research has been planned beforehand and that its primary content is understandable. In case, if the dissertation proposal in biochemistry is based on previously published results, it is necessary to include all the references to your proposal and the dissertation as well.

The project goes on up to one year at most, such that the experimental part lasts no more than the half of the year, and the paper itself should be submitted no later than one year following the beginning of the experimental section. This term is set in order to give all students a chance to graduate from the program in several years along with others. However, sometimes, this term may be extended, if there is any serious reason or obstacle occurred that prevents finishing the project. An illness or breaking of a laboratory equipment that may result in the inability to obtain vital reagents or laboratory results, or some other variables that both can cause a delay, all of this may be a great example and reason for extension.

Submitting the Dissertation for Review

biochemistry dissertationIt is natural that your adviser expects your dissertation to be submitted within the set deadline, that is why you need to settle down all the problems by that time. Both, a student, and his or her adviser, must ensure that everything is prepared, and if needed, leave some additional time for possible corrections, additions or deletions to be made, as it may be proposed by your adviser or supervisor. Dissertations’ supervisors advise reading the respective guides or instructions on how to write a dissertation in biochemistry before the writing procedure begins, and follow them during the writing itself.

The submitted dissertation is downloaded to a specialized university program, and this dissertation is checked for plagiarism in the first place.


Analyzing the Dissertation

The biochemistry faculty appoints several examiners (usually two) to check the dissertation, analyze it and propose a grade that corresponds to the research conducted within the framework of the dissertation. They also have to give a written statement to support their view on the level. Moreover, they may be obliged to give a student an opportunity to hear their feedbacks face to face. If both examiners have the same opinion in terms of a grade, a subcommittee of the faculty education committee (usually, there are three members) can promptly make the official decision to hasten the procedure. In the event the examiners don’t agree on the final grade of the work, the education committee may be encouraged to invite a third examiner, or all these members may agree to make the final decision in terms of grading the work on the their next meeting. The examiners’ decision, as well as the final grade of the work, becomes known to a student when the final committee meeting is over.

In the event a student is displeased with the grade, he or she is free to make an appeal to reassess his or her work. The appeal is addressed to the Dean of the University or College, or Institute who will then invite several additional examiners to reevaluate the dissertation and the final grade will be determined within the period scheduled by the faculty education committee meeting.

That’s how the assessment process looks like from the inside, so now you will not be tangled by this long-term waiting nightmare of yours. All you can do is to ensure that your dissertation in biochemistry is as perfect as it is possible and arm yourself with patience to hear the committee judgment.


Dissertation writing services

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