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Dissertation Writing Services Overview

Dissertation writing services


When you have a degree in humanities and submitted a thesis in humanities, you’ve never really thought of writing a dissertation or proceed with your academic studies in this respect. It may be difficult for such people as you are to comprehend how difficult it is to complete some assignments, or write scientific papers in physics, computer engineering, or anything else that is related to hard sciences. You also have never ordered a thing with custom writing services, preferring to deal with this kind of thing on your own. However, a friend of ours had to proceed with his studies and write a dissertation paper, eventually. It has already been a year, and he is still struggling with the dissertation because of the advisor’s constantly changing views, plans, and objectives. This is a tiresome project because he has to rewrite, make some amendments and add some new information along the way. Anyway, what are we getting at is that he is thinking of redirecting this whole thing to some dissertation writing company, and we have decided to make this review for people who are in the same situation as he is.

There are many custom writing services that complete assignments like the one mentioned above. However, we decided to make a review of specialized dissertation writing services and agencies. Such companies narrow their specialization to dissertations and theses writing in order to be more proficient in this field, but as practice proves, even that cannot be a guarantee of satisfied clients in the end. We must admit that it is really difficult to make a list of top 10 dissertation writing services because there is no way you can evaluate the quality of a complete paper without ordering some specific assignment with them. That is why we decided to make a review of four services that consider themselves the best dissertation writing services ever. We are doing it not to judge and prove that they are good or bad, or untrustworthy, but to demonstrate these services to those people who may find themselves in the same situation as our friend (besides, he will read this post as well). We decided to narrow our evaluation to two criteria, such as feedbacks and prices.

In order to be able to compare price policies of these services, we’ve taken a 100 pages long double-spaced dissertation with the set deadline for 20 days (however, when looking through one of the services, we had to set the deadline for 15 days, and another service’s website provided no long-term set deadline, just “more than 5 or 6 days”). To calculate the approximate cost of writing a dissertation using these services, we used prices provided on a website, or with the assistance of online calculators.

  1. Dissertation Capital (

This service has two offices – one is placed in the USA, and the other is in the UK, so it is a lot easier for all kinds of clients to place orders and make calls. Dissertation Capital has a free dissertation draft offer as a bonus that is 100% workable bonus judging from this feedback:

"Great service to rely upon. Free draft service is the main focus of the company"-Welton, USA (2009) (The feedback is taken from

Or this:

"I placed the order for completed paper only because you provide free drafts. Thank you for the dissertation"- Marina, CA (2008) (from

As you can see, this free draft offer works really well, and a client can always control the dissertation writing process as well. However, the website does not provide the latest feedbacks whatsoever, and it is rather disappointing since prices and requirements have changed a lot since 2010. However, we decided to look for more feedbacks at SiteJabber, as it is a service that provides various reviews made both by clients and companies. There we were able to find a couple of not so positive feedbacks. Like this one:

“Free drafts to review writing quality, none existent. No drafts submitted in the time specified.”- Keira R., (2015) (from

Clearly, sometimes, it is extremely hard to satisfy certain clients no matter what.

Now, let’s get back to prices. This online service has a price calculator that makes the value estimation process a lot easier. The only minus in this calculator is that even if you live in the UK, you will have to pay in US dollars anyway since all the prices are indicated in this currency. So, the cost of the 100 pages long double-spaced dissertation with the deadline set for 15 days made $ 2395 which is rather expensive, to our humble opinion. Now, we can proceed with our dissertation writing services review and look closer another online company.

  1. Dissertation Master (

Dissertation Master is not positioning itself as the best dissertation writing service in the UK, but rather as a reliable and cheap writing service which also is a smart business move. The description of services is pretty much the same as on the Dissertation Capital’s website. However, we have been visiting the Dissertation Master’s website on and off for several days, but the website says that the support team is offline. That is a little bit strange.

The website has a separate section with testimonials, but for some odd reason we were able to see the only one testimonial while others were simply missing. A blank page was the only thing that we were able to see. This whole thing seems like the company’s website has a number of serious technical problems, and nobody is aware of them.

For that reason, we addressed SiteJabber once again to look for more feedbacks, but found the only one feedback with a positive message in it. Here it is:

“I was just looking for the affordable dissertation writing service to write my literature review and found Dissertation Master to be reliable, efficient and trustworthy. I admire their professionalism and commitment to their work.”- Lillian G., (2015) (from

So, despite some obvious malfunctions of the website, everything seems to be just fine with this service.

The price policy and deadlines slightly differ from those indicated in the previous service’s website. First of all, all the prices are in Great Britain pounds that makes it a bit difficult to calculate if you are a foreigner or place an order from outside of the country, for instance. The longest deadline is set as “more than 15 days”, that is why you will have to make a call to know for sure, if you need to know the price of your work to be completed in thirty days. The cost of work is indicated per page with the notice that every page accounts for 250 words on it which means that it is a double-spaced page, and that is completely fine with us. So, the cost of the 100 pages long double-spaced dissertation with the deadline set for 15 days made approximately £1395. Well, the service seems to be pretty much OK, and let’s hope that someday this dissertation writing service will open its office in New-York!

  1. Dissertation Today (

This dissertation writing service is based in the USA and has some attractive advertisements that call us to place an order with it. The prices section has a variety of deadlines with respective prices. There, you can choose a type of work, a number of pages and currency, which is a great plus. A client may choose to pay in USD, in GBP, or in EUR, or in any other currency that is indicated on the website. It is really comfortable.

The feedback section offers a great number of positive testimonials from new and loyal clients. For example:

“The research paper was written totally last minute, but its quality is pretty good. Have been ordering from your company for 2 years and so far so good.”- Kimberly, USA.(from

We addressed SiteJabber to find some more feedback, and all of them proved to be positive as well. Like this one:

“I needed my dissertation done in 20 days. The writer had to do tons of researches. I called a number of writing services but everyone told me that it will not be possible in such short time-frame. Finally I called these guys and they said they would do the job. At first I didn’t believe it was possible. But then the writer started uploading draft every couple of days and it became clear to me that I will have my paper within the deadline. It is not yet complicated. I am expecting a final draft tomorrow.”- Maria V. (2012)(from

As for the prices, the prices are similar to Dissertation Capital. For example, the cost of the Ph.D. 100 pages long double-spaced dissertation with the deadline set for twenty days made $2395 / £1531.31 / €2125. It is obvious that the prices are rather high, but such kind of services are always pricey. Finally, we can proceed to reviewing the last dissertation writing service.

  1. Dissertation Planet (

This is a UK-based company which feedbacks are rather controversial and raise a lot of doubts. The website has a 24/7 customer support so that any client at any time may clarify a certain issue. There is no telephone number on the website, so clients can place orders only using their e-mails, or chat with the customer support team. This service (as well as the most of them) provides samples of works that it offers. There is the testimonials section as well and, of course, all the feedbacks are positive. Like this one:

“Essay WritingI always prefer dissertation planet for my academic writings as I trust the team for their excellence, speed and responsive attitude. Team is friendly to work with. I appreciate their customer service and reliability of content.”- Jessica Smith, University of Wales.(from
“Very poor service, poor work, I fail in my exam, late delivery”I paid for quick service and give all the guidance, but they delivered my 2 weeks late, and send me an uncomplicated work, which is really pain full. Please do not take risk like me of your work, they just take your money.”- Samim H., (2015).(from

Well, it seems that all clients are satisfied with the service. However, we decided to address SiteJabber once again for additional (or even alternative) feedbacks, and we found a couple of too negative feedbacks, like this:


However, you can always find some positive feedbacks as well. Except that this whole story with negative feedbacks seems like it was done by rivals to give a black eye. Unfortunately, there is no way we can check the credibility of such feedbacks.

All the prices are in GBP and the cost of the First Class 100 pages long double-spaced dissertation with the deadline set for 20 days made approximately £1595 which is slightly expensive compared with the previous service. The longest exact deadline is set for “6 days or longer” which means that the exact cost of your work may differ from your calculations. However, it’s up to you to choose which one to pick.

After reviewing these four dissertation writing services, we noticed some evident similarities between the companies that provide this kind of service. The first thing that comes to mind is that there are only positive feedbacks published on the website. It is obvious that our human nature expects to see some negative feedbacks as well, and we perceive it as a normal thing. However, if you dig deeper, you will find some interesting, or even controversial feedbacks about the company. The UK-based companies tend to indicate prices in GBP, which makes the payment procedure more difficult. Prices vary considerably, the cost of placing orders with such dissertation writing services may vary according to the details of your paper, deadline, etc. It is next to impossible to check the credibility of this or that feedback, so you just keep doubting.

Another point that we’d like to clarify is the one that you are asking yourselves almost all the time “Is using a dissertation writing service cheating?” That is the question that we were asking a long time ago. And our answer is “it’s up to you to decide”. You make the choice and decide what you should do with this kind of information. Every single website provides the same scope of services, has a notice like “we have done it for you to use this work as a sample”. However, you bear the responsibility, if you try to submit this paper as your own piece of work. You and you alone will be responsible for respective consequences of this plagiarism.

You are welcome to pick a certain dissertation writing service from one of these, or you can always surf the web for more companies. In any case, we wish you good luck in your future endeavors!


Dissertation writing services

  1. Terrible review. Looks like you trying to manipulate us students by giving reviews about your own sites. What about sites like UK essays and Dissertation Kingdom that have been working for so long? Waste of time

  2. Thanks for comment! You can find reviews of interesting services on SiteJabber or similar websites

  3. This is really nice to know. I hope it will be successful in the future. Good job on this and keep up the good work.

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