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The legend says that greatest students master three words in their first year of life: “mom”, “dad” and an “essay”.  That may seem strange, but writing an essay is something that keeps chasing people throughout their whole lives. You do them as homework at the school, while passing the exams, applying for a college, and even at work sometimes. Then you have kids that need your help in writing. And if you are an English teacher, you are doomed to see the essays every single day.

How to write a short response essay fast? How to structure them properly? It is time to find the answers to intrusive questions, buzzing in your head.

How to come up with an essay topic ASAP

Some of the assignments you will be given may require you to choose the topic yourself and write an essay on it. The vast majority of people spends most of the time trying to come up with something interesting, doing a lot of searching and getting no results in hours. What if you had only 15 minutes to make up your mind? Even though it puts a lot of pressure on you, there are the ways to think up a topic and even have some time left.

  1. Know your limits.

You may not have a topic, but there must be some requirements for your work. How long should it be? How many resources do you have to use? Ask your teacher to give more details regarding the assignment.

  1. Choose the field.

If you do an essay for a literature class, don’t write about math. Try focusing on the recent topics you have passed on the lessons. Yes, your field of studies still might be too broad, at least you will know the boundaries.

  1. Narrow it down.

Make a list of the things you can speak about confidently. It is better to choose the topic that sounds more than just familiar to you. Think about interesting questions, you would like to discuss. Reread the topics you have written and try narrowing them down even more. Here is an example to make it easier: Literature (your field) – 20th-century literature (recent topic) – Novels (something familiar) – William Goldings’ “Lord of the Flies” (something you know a lot about) – Facing the inner beast (an interesting topic). Just make some links in your mind and it will be easier to come up with a remarkable topic for your essay.

How to write a standard five-paragraph essay

Five-paragraph essays are the most common ones, so it is very important to know the way to write them quickly and efficiently. You always have to plan your writing and brainstorm on the bullet points for a while before you start. Try making a raw draft of the work if the time allows it. If you know nothing about writing an essay, take a look at the basics:

Part 1. Introduction.

There is no best way to guide you through writing an introduction than the topic. Your first sentence needs to partially duplicate it in order to give the reader a head-on understanding of what is going to be discussed in your essay. Afterward, state your bullets in the thesis without explaining them much, as you are going to do it in the body paragraphs. Finish your intro by an invitation to take a closer look at these points.

Parts 2 - 4. The body.

The body of your essay will include three paragraphs, one on each statement mentioned in the introduction. All of them should somehow relate to the topic and prove your point of view. Start every paragraph with a subtopic that says what you will discuss now. Use only credible information to support the statement. Even though your paragraphs are very different, make sure that they look well-ordered and related, so that one logically continues another.

Part 5. The summary.

This part needs to both resemble your intro and briefly summarize the body of an essay. Make the reader understand that your topic is interesting, statements are relevant, and you have made your best to convey the idea.

See, you do not need to be a pro to write a five-paragraph essay!

How to do my history essay?

This information will be especially helpful for the students passing an APUSH, as the task of writing a history essay is usually given in a form of a document-based question. There are no basic rules for writing an essay on all of the topics, but here are some that can make your life easier:

What are the dont’s for writing an essay

It is natural to make mistakes, but they tend to be repeated time after time. Sharing them with each other is one of the best ways to avoid doing some. So let’s take a look at the things you should never do to your essay.

  • Picking a broad topic

This is one of the most common mistakes, and people keep doing it all over. There is no way for an essay to speak about something in general, as this work needs to be more specific and precise. Broad topics are confusing for both the writer and the reader, so try to consult someone before you start working on a chosen one.

  • Making a weak intro

The body of your essay may be the best in the history of writing, but no one will ever get to read it if your introduction paragraph is bad. Intro plays a great role in hooking up a reader and making him go to the end, so make sure that a thesis statement (at least) screams that it is worth it.

  • Not giving an answer

If the topic of your essay is a question, then the purpose of your writing is to answer it. Plowing sand for a few paragraphs with no direction will never make an essay look professional. So think of the points that support the topic directly.

  • Using the words you don’t understand

Some students try too hard to look smart while writing, and use the fancy words that just do not fit into the text and ironically make them look silly. No one expects you to be a living dictionary, so if you are not sure about the word, check its meaning twice before including it in the work.

How to do my essay editing online

It doesn’t matter how much you proofread the work, there still might be some mistakes left unnoticed. So soothe your soul and make your work free of typos and wordiness by using spell and grammar checkers that are available for free.

If you think, “Should I pay someone to do my essay editing”, yes you do. Even the best online checkers can’t spot the serious problems in your work. However, a writer can! Let a professional proofread, edit and give few important advices on your essay, to make it stand out.

Who can do my essay for me free

That special person is you! Even though it does not sound very promising, there is a secret weapon you can use to spend less time if you are short on it, and don’t want to pay anyone to write an essay for you. That is using a template! No, you should not rewrite someone’s work, but you can borrow a structure and some of the words to start and end your sentences with. Basically, you will just delete all of the info on ones’ topic and insert yours instead. This kind of work will not result in A+, but when the situation does not allow you to write an essay another way, you can still be able to get a pretty good mark.


Who can do my essay in the UK

Anyone around the world for sure! You may have a lot of doubts while ordering an essay in the US for example, but these fears are actually groundless. The standards for writing this kind of work do not differ much anywhere. Furthermore, you can always make conditions regarding the style and other properties of an essay to make sure it fulfills your expectations.

Should I hire someone to do my essay for me

If you struggle to write an essay, or just want to know how to write the nice ones, then don’t doubt and custom it right now! You may have a lot of questions like “What if I want someone to do my essay cheap?” That is what we are here for! Professional writers, good prices, a variety of deadlines and even more! If you are really short on money, check our discount system and custom, custom, custom!!!


Essay paper writing

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