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Major Writing Tips to Aspiring Tumblr and Reddit Bloggers - Part 1

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Have you ever thought of becoming a writer, or maybe a blogger? Not just an average blogger who just posts personal statuses and shares his photos, but a very good one, with fluent, beautiful language and structured texts, understandable for every visitor of your blog. If you have, then come closer, take a seat and read very carefully everything that is written in this article.

Let’s begin with the basics, specifically, let’s answer a question ‘what is a blog?’ A blog is a web page, or a website, where one person or many people share certain information, thoughts, articles and news, create their own pieces of texts, and other people (or let’s say visitors) can read a particular post and share it. Today, blogs have become extremely popular. They are simple in usage, understandable, accessible, funny and useful. The use of blogging is obvious: first, you are not lonely anymore because you are in the wide world of like-minded people (well, sometimes you are not, but that is another story). Secondly, you more than welcome to try yourself as an aspiring blogger or even as a writer. Who knows where will it lead you, right?

If you are a Tumblr or a Reddit user, and you are thinking of becoming a full-fledged blogger, in that case, it is your lucky day today. Here is very interesting and useful information for you. After a bit of research here and there, after a lot of reading, you are welcome to read a generalization of writing tips for aspiring writers and bloggers from famous writers. These people have become famous despite everything, and they have several good thoughts to share with you.

Writing Tips by Chuck Palahniuk

Oh yes, it is him! Your eyes are not playing tricks on you. He is one of those who have many things to share with other people, like the rest who will be mentioned here. He was born in Pasco (Washington) to an ordinary family who lived in a mobile home. He is a well-known novelist and freelance journalist who has become world famous after publishing his “Fight Club” novel in 1996. His novels are characterized by cynicism, biting irony, nonlinear narrative and black humor.


The first writing tip of Chuck as a famous author is called Egg-Timer. In general, it means that you have to diversify your writing with some other activity, for example, cooking, cleaning, loading a washing machine, etc. He used an egg-timer to make himself write. You can use every tool you like, if you have problems with writing desire. Further, he advises to be experimental, to try something new, to play with words, plots and characters. Do not be afraid of being criticized. Modern readers are tempted and experienced, and they are hard to shock. Chuck says that it is necessary to imagine what you are writing about. Make notes when you are away from your laptop or computer. Good thoughts or inspiration may visit you at every time of day or night. Write so that you will want to read it yourself. Finally, Chuck advises to write what you are interested in.

Writing Tips by Stephen King

He is called a horror-meister. To tell you the truth, he is truly the one. He was born to an ordinary family of a merchant seaman; his father left the family, when Stephen was just a child, but Mr. King managed to become a brilliant author despite all difficulties. He started writing at twelve, and cannot stop since then. Below you will find writing tips by Stephen King.

writing tips for bloggers

He advises to try to tell some stories to yourself before going to bed. “A little piece of grit makes a pearl after a while”, he says. A lot of time may pass before a thought will pop up in your mind, but it certainly will. He doesn’t keep notes. Of course, it doesn’t mean that you have to do the same. Mr. King thinks that a good idea is the one that sticks around. If your idea is good, you will not forget it. “Good stuff stays”, says King. He doesn’t plot. Yes, there are such people. Stephen King is a lot more interested in characters and situations – you follow where they go and so on and so forth. So do not be obsessed with the main plot of your writing, focus on a message of a text. For example, in The Shinning, Mr. King had originally planned to kill his main character in the end, but changed his mind, because he didn’t want to spoil the novel with the plot. Stephen King is a teacher by trade, so he reads a lot and wishes the same to you. You should read a lot, if you truly want to become a good blogger or a brilliant writer. Many of his novels are based on personal experience. Maybe, that is why they are so good? What is meant here is that you should use your personal experience as a base for your writings. Summarizing all writing tips by Stephen King, we can highlight three main requirements: literacy, love of books and proficiency (for example, if you are a plumber, write about pipes, etc.).


Writing Tips by Richard Harland

He is an Englishman who lives in Australia. He was born in England, but moved to Australia during his student years. He had wanted to be an author since childhood. The main genres of his novels are fantasy, steampunk and science fiction. Therefore, you are welcome to read general ideas of writing tips by Richard Harland.

First, he recommends using only the strongest ideas for writing.

Secondly, he advises not to hurry to finish your writing. Think through every detail of your work. Every abstract has to be in its place; it has to be unique in its own way, and not just a connecting link between your previous thought and your next thought.

If you are to do some creative writing, think through every name you invent. Think through the most difficult moments – the ones that require researching. If you are not proficient enough in a certain field, write about something that you know.

He recommends to read a lot and to read different literature. For example, Harland says that it is useful to read anthropology because this subject gives an opportunity to learn about different cultures, different worlds and different times.

Read more tips from fanous writers at the second part of this article!

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Academic writing

  1. Very useful! Thanks, Pro-Papers!

  2. The idea of telling the stories before going to bed was literally innovative for me. I'll try it for sure. Stephen King is the most talented and creative writer ever.

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