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Major Writing Tips to Aspiring Tumblr and Reddit Bloggers - Part 2

Academic writing


Writing Tips by Suzanne Collins

Books written by Suzanne Collins are rather a phenomenon than just plain fiction. They are read, they are discussed and movies, based on her books, are watched, and heroes of her books are true role models.

Behind the success of two famous book series lies a work for Nickelodeon as a writer for children’s television series. Later on, she was inspired to write a book for children, which resulted in “The Underland Chronicles” series. One year later, she wrote “The Hunger Games” series.

According to her, writing is a thing that allows her to explore new worlds, to learn something new, to visit places where everything is possible. So write as much as you can. Reading is also as interesting as writing. You can travel back in time, see a thrilling mystery, meet interesting people, etc. Reading allows you to learn many things that you can use in your writing afterward. Dreaming is also important because dreams can be a source of inspiration. The last tip is that you should look for inspiration in things that you like. For example, Suzanne Collins was inspired to write “The Hunger Games” trilogy by the Greek Myth of Theseus and the Minotaur, by Gladiator Fights and by the work experience of her father as a U.S. Air Force officer.


Writing Tips by Margaret Atwood

She is a famous Canadian writer and a winner of many literature awards. She was born to a family of entomologist and dietologist in Canada. She is a founder of the Writers’ Trust of Canada, the investor and developer of the LongPen Technology. She is not only an experienced writer, but also a poet, essayist, and environmental activist. She started to write at the age of six, and the age of sixteen she realized that she wanted to do it professionally. Many of her books are fiction or science fiction novels.
You should dip into your childhood, remember what inspired and amazed you back then. You can draw your inspiration from your childhood affections. For example, Margaret Atwood was inspired by myths and fairy tales to write her poems. She advises to be spontaneous. Do not wait for the inspiration to come, as it is a thing that is hard to predict. She has no regular formula for writing reaction papers. She just does it; she plunges into the writing process. Unlike Stephen King, Margaret Atwood recommends to take notebooks with you so that you can write down some thoughts at any time. She also likes to use the sticking notes because they may be of a great help for some pieces of sentences, expressions, etc.



Writing Tips by Cassandra Clare

Cassandra Clare has created a whole new world inside of already existent. Her book series “The Mortal Instruments” and “The Infernal Devices” are written in contemporary fantasy and urban fantasy style that is very popular nowadays. She was born to an American family in Tehran (Iran). Her career as a writer began with the creation of The Draco Trilogy, based on Harry Potter books. The Times called her creation a pearl of such a high quality that it magnifies the value of Harry Potter books. Unfortunately, she had to end with a fan fiction career because she was accused of plagiarizing The Draco Trilogy.

Speaking of writing tips, she advises to read books that are out of your usual comfort zone and try to absorb the language and rhythms of the language. “We learn to write by reading, the same as we learn to speak by listening”, says the author. Do some research before you start writing. Research is the core of your writing, if you want to provide appropriate arguments to support your point of view. Write every day. Make a habit of writing a certain amount of words every day. You will see the progress you make by everyday writing. Do not be afraid of writing anything, create new worlds, new characters and be creative in every way possible.


To sum it all up, it is worth following all those tips that we have read here.

Let’s summarize major writing tips. First of all, it is clear that you should read, and read a lot of everything. Reading is the best way to develop your language, your style, it is a perfect opportunity to discover new worlds. Secondly, you may use your personal experience, memories or affections as a base for your piece of writing. Thirdly, do not be afraid of experiments. You may experiment with your writing – just be creative, and readers will certainly appreciate it. Fourthly, make a habit of writing every day.

Let’s hope that these tips will be of service for you. Hopefully, we will hear your name among the best writers pretty soon. Good luck!

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Academic writing

  1. Cool tips!

  2. Thanks for gathering the best writing tips from the top bloggers!! This article inspired me to write more))

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