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MBA Admission Essay: What To Remember and Forget

College admission papers


What motivates different people with different specializations and majors get into MBA Schools? Every person is motivated by different things: some look for guidance in terms of career orientation, some want to change their careers immensely through Business Schools, and others continue their education to get more advantage and complex experience afterwards. In any case, such decisions are made by strong spirited people who feel sure of themselves to take this step.

This article is dedicated to the general overview of what is important at the application stage and what every potential MBA applicant should remember and what he or she should forget, when writing their admission essays. Take it as a mild MBA admission essay help.

    1. The first and the most important thing that every applicant should remember is that every admission essay is to be written for each Business School individually. You cannot write a single admission essay, resume, and references and submit them to all top ten business schools, take a seat and wait for positives answers. If you choose several business schools, be prepared to do the double job, and it will be twice as difficult.
    2. Be sure to follow the necessary formatting requirements. Each Business School sets different formatting requirements for an admission essay and you as a potential applicant should get acquainted with them. Visit web pages of Business Schools that you have chosen to apply to and read through formatting requirements they have. At least get acquainted with general requirements, since Admission Officers tend to be very sensitive in terms of complying with their Business School essay requirements. Your application may be rejected just because of non-compliance with these rules.
    3. Choose Business Schools you want to try to apply to and get to know their requirements and expectations. This is the first thing you need to do, when you made up your mind to get into any top ranking Business School. You should read all the necessary information it has on its website to learn what your character traits and qualities you can use to become potentially attractive for the Admission Committee as a future student. You need to remember one important thing before you go there, these Schools look for people with different experience behind their backs, and they want to diversify their classes to make lessons more interesting and live.


  1. Learn what kinds of admission assistance and coaching exist. This is another important detail because you may need guidance at any or every stage of preparation to the application process. At least, a piece of good advice won’t hurt you. You can receive really useful assistance and coaching from private coaches and advisors who specialize in this sphere and from so-called Prep Schools who know inside out of this process altogether. If you feel unsure of yourself, particularly, if you cannot handle this challenge on your own, you should strongly consider an option of asking for help from someone we have mentioned above.
  2. When you are done with gathering useful information, you should get to know what questions may be asked by Admission Officers. The MBA admission essay career goals question is among the most frequently asked in this respect. As a potential applicant, you should definitely know your career goals, what you want to do in your life, what experience was more useful than other, what attracts you. You have to be honest with yourself and with people who seat in the Admission Committee as well. Do not go there, if you do not want to do it. Think about your reasons, why you want to get into this or that particular Business School. Tell Admission Officers your own story of success. Basically, your success depends on a successful combination of several factors, such as your passions, strengths and your sense of purpose. As we said, you must know what you want to be and where you want to serve the greater good in this life. However, it may be a rather difficult and challenging task to identify the most powerful strengths that will help create a winning MBA application essay. Show them you management skills and experience, it may be indirect experience as well, for instance, you supervised some projects, a group of people, etc., all of it may be useful in demonstration of your potential. And if you are a person who is out of this Business Hemisphere, you are definitely interesting for the Admission Committee, and all you need to do is to convince them that you fit into this realm, and you are in. The key feature here is to do your best to stand out from the rest of applicants. Believe us, people are very much alike: they do similar things, have the same jobs, live in similar houses, and have similar habits. That is why it is so difficult to stand out from the crowd. Don’t be stereotyped! These are basic MBA admission essay questions that may be needed to cover practically in every admission essay, so pay attention.
  3. Create an admission essay that reveals to the Admission Committee all your potential and leadership skills. An admission essay should be structured in a way to tell the admission officers your own success story to intrigue them and it is always better to stick to the point at once, taken your word length is limited. In theory, you have to fit all your story in about 500 words, for example, and that is why your story should be as reasoned as ever. Do not get on the Admission Officers nerves with your three-volume life-story, or you risk to be rejected just on the spot. If you have any troubles with your essay structure, writing process itself, or mistakes that you should avoid in your writing, you can always look up for MBA admission essay templates and samples. There are plenty of them on the Internet, and they are in various formats, from DOC / DOCX to PDF, the choice is yours!
  4. Keep in mind other important things, except an admission essay, that are also very important for your application. Be sure to write interesting and appropriate Business School resume. Just remember that a Business School application resume is a distinctly different from a corporate resume. An employer and the Admission Committee look up for different things and look at the same question differently. Diverse references with several opinions from your previous or current supervisors, your colleagues who know you well enough are also extremely important since it is yet another thing by which you are evaluated as a person and professional. Many admission coaches insist that it’s better to ask to write your references those people who are truly capable of covering it and not to mess your application up. When you have every piece of information you need, it’s high time to unite all these pieces together. The application process itself is just like constructing a building, where an application essay, a resume, a letter of reference, etc., are building blocks of your application. You need to unite them into one to get a beautiful work of art in the end. Finally, there are many MBA admission essay writing services that can do all the job for you, but as we said in our previous articles, no one knows you better than you do.

The last thing you should know about an admission essay and your MBA application, in general, is that it’s a full-time job, and if you aren’t ready to dedicate yourself fully to it, do not waste your time and time of others, but if you are determined to get what you want, do not be afraid of risks!


College admission papers

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