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College admission papers


When it comes to continuing education, an application essay is probably one of the most important things, if you decide to get into a Business School. Today, many Business Schools have decreased the length of their application essays to raise the bar. It is done to let a chance for success for the best of the best applicants. For example, if in previous years an average length of an application essay made about 600 words, nowadays it decreased to 250 words, which made this task even more complicated than ever. The task gets even harder when it comes to writing an MBA application essay because you have to prove to the Admission Officers why they should approve your application over a thousand of others. That is why our today article is about MBA application essay format, length, and some other questions that may arise along the way.

Pressure Free Mode

Before we proceed to giving you several writing tips, we would like to point out that you should take it easy. You won’t get the best MBA application essays, if you get too nervous about it in the process. As many bloggers say today, just keep calm and write your application essay, and the key word combination here is to keep calm.

Application Essay Format

Usually, a format of every application and its length depend on a certain educational institution that you are about to submit your application to. As you probably know, there are several major formatting styles, and you may be required to use one of these styles to format your essay. Nonetheless, be sure to adhere to the basic formatting rules, such as:

  • Double/Single Spacing;
  • Margins (1 inch or else);
  • Number All Pages of Your Application Essay;
  • Name the Documents According to the Set Requirements;
  • Headers Formatting (If Any);

This is what you have to remember, irrespective of a formatting style of your application essay. If you still have doubts, you can look for appropriate MBA application essay samples and templates to look up how you should structure and organize your AE.

Application Essay Length

The length of any MBA application essay differs from one Business School to another, but in any case it does not have to exceed 1.500 words. As we said before, recently, many Business Schools have decreased the required length of an application essay from 500 or 600 words to 250 or 300 words and in doing so they have raised the bar for many applicants who have a lot of everything to say in their AEs.

The major advice in this respect is to fit an introduction into one sentence and proceed with writing the main part in the second sentence. Therefore, you will not be lost in useless thoughts in here and cut to the chase at once.


Major Things to Mention in an MBA Application Essay

One of the main questions that arise while you go on writing your AE is what you have to write about?

Concentrate on “Why?” rather than “What?” Admission officers will learn, eventually, what you plan to do, but you need to give your own reasons why you wish to start your own enterprise there and then and how you plan to do it. Make them understand that you are a promising person who deserves a chance. These people who read thousands of AEs pages want to know you, your personality, traits of your character, your passions, and fears, rather than your business achievements and plans for the future. It is quite understandable that every person who submits his/her AE has some plans for the future, and it’s not the case this time.

When your MBA application essay is ready and appropriately tailored, you need to review it in a certain time. The best advice here is to start writing as early as possible to give yourself a chance for one or several revisions on that matter. It is always better to read the text aloud, so you will not miss any grammar, spelling, punctual or stylistic mistakes.

Do not underestimate the help other people (relatives, friends, colleagues, peers and others). When you’ve read the AE yourself, give it to your close ones to check it. Their feedbacks may be really useful to you, as another set of eyes does not hurt anybody, you know.

Another tip for from us today is to consider the relevance of your decision of getting into this or that Business School. Many successful businessmen, who left their comfort zones for better possibilities, have lost their executive positions and left unsatisfied in the end. You may turn out to be a rather promising and valuable executive even without this MBA certificate. Although, this piece of paper seems to be rather valuable just because it is an MBA diploma and not because of this particular person’s accomplishments at his/her studies.

Finally, if you are done with the MBA application essay writing, and you still need a piece of advice from an expert, you can always ask for help an MBA consultant who specialized in this stuff. However, you need to be careful with him or her in order not to meet a faulty one. Good luck in MBAing to you!


College admission papers

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