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The name of this assignment defines its purpose and content. It’s personal in every possible way, and that is why this type of assignment reveals your personality, the genuine you, opens your inner world to the Admission Committee that has to evaluate your skills and personal traits as a potential student. A personal statement is almost like an application letter. These two custom papers are written for very specific purposes: to get into a dreamed educational institution or get the desired position.

Today, we are going to tell you a few words and give several tips on writing a personal statement to help you avoid appeals about writing a good personal statement for college. Basically, types of personal statements differ depending on a certain educational institution they are meant to be submitted to. For example, requirements and, therefore, types of a P.S. of a School of Medicine differ immensely from Business Schools, mainly because they have different values in academic life.  Subsequently, you need to know clearly where you are going to submit your application. Many application analysts can advise you to prepare a personal statement for each educational institution separately and not to send the one P.S. to all of the colleges you have chosen and considered appropriate for you. Each personal statement should be different from the other, with its own hook to catch the attention of its readers. However, many applicants find it somewhat difficult to come up with a winning topic and a hook, and they fail at the very beginning.

So, our first tip in this respect is grounded on the need to make up your mind in terms of who you want to become.

  1. Preparing to Write a Personal Statement

If you are one of those people who think that they can easily make a decision as to who they want to become in their professional activity just along the academic life, then you are wrong, my friend. Take a seat, and think a minute about things that attract you, things that you are passionate about. It can be dancing, painting, writing stories and poems, or maybe you like hard sciences and statistics, for instance. This is ground zero for the preparation of a winning personal statement. To be 200% sure of your affections, we recommend you make a list (or write down, whatever) of things that define you as a person in everyday life. Write them down, read the list a couple of times and narrow it to those things that you can use in a P.S. Believe us, we perfectly understand how dreadful and difficult it is to write a personal statement, it was difficult for me, personally, but it was worth the efforts!

  1. Getting Acquainted with Personal Statement Requirements

When you know which university or college you want to get into, it’s high time to know a bit about the educational institution itself and skills and qualities they value in its students. So, the next tip on how to write a good personal statement will be to get acquainted with requirements set out to applicants by different colleges and universities. Requirements include a personal statement word count, formatting style, due date / deadline, and even some questions that you, as an applicant, should highlight in your paper. All of it you can find by visiting a college / university web page. Moreover, you may find info that is much more useful, for instance, many universities keep a writing tips page where you can read interesting things that can be used in your personal statement.

  1. Defining Due Date

When you have learned the deadlines when all personal statements have to be submitted, define your own due date to make it on time and leave some time to take a rest before the “storm” fells. Make a timeline that depicts all the stages of your personal statement preparation and writing process and mark off the stages that you have completed so far. This will help you understand what you have already completed and what has to be done. It is always better to place the timeline somewhere you will be able to see it all the time. For example, above a desk, or in front of the desk, on the wall, the options are limitless.


 Writing Personal Statement

When all preparation stages are completed, you can start writing the first draft of a P.S. Why the first draft you may ask? Well, because you likely will make some changes, add or delete pieces of text along proofreading and editing. As with the application letter, a winning personal statement should start with a powerful opening paragraph. This paragraph catches attention of readers from the first glance and defines the framework of the whole P.S. Try to come up with a creative way to start your P.S. with and be sure not to use the general boring opening sentences that absolutely will not help you stand out from competitors. Try to avoid clichés and be careful with quotes of famous people, some of them will not do you any good, believe us! If you had gone this far with your personal statement, you should have already known how to tell your story to intrigue readers from the Admission Committee, you should have found a certain angle to stick to. So, try to follow this story and stick to this angle to write a good statement. Another good tip on this matter is to be as specific as possible, if your statement should be presented as an answer to a specific question set by the university or college. Think it through and make sure you understand the question properly and what is required from you. If the Admission Committee wants to know why you have chosen this university or college, conduct some research to understand what distinguishes this educational institution from another. Then write down your thoughts to use them later in a P.S. Pay extra attention to the humor you use in your paper, as members of the Committee may not have the same level of humor and sarcasm as you do, so mild humor will be just fine. In the worst case, scenario, you can always order the statement with custom writing services and just say “Hello, people! I want you to write a personal statement for me. Thank you!”, but no one can give a guarantee that it will be personal. However, do not be afraid of buying personal statements and essays from these services as exist to help such people like you!

All professions and specializations possess a number of professional words and terms, so try to demonstrate your knowledgeability by mentioning and using these words in the statement. Another important detail of every successful statement is to demonstrate skills that are required to be possessed by a potential student and are valued by this educational institution. Demonstrate the persistence of these skills by experience. What you have achieved and what you want to achieve in the nearest future by using these skills. You are also welcome to use any available backup means, like diverse personal statement worksheets that help you think about certain facts you may include in the statement and make it more specific or question-oriented.

Finally, every winning statement should not contain any grammar, punctual, spelling or stylistic mistakes. So, be sure to proofread your personal statement prior to submitting it. And do not forget about your backup represented by relatives, friends, your close ones. Let them read your work and tell their opinions, as these people may be a source of good and useful advice.

Every personal statement is the result of your hard work and brainstorming, so do not be taken aback if your application is rejected. Many roads are open to you, you should try your fortune by submitting new statements to different colleges and universities. So let the luck be your closest friend!


Business paper writing

College admission papers

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