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What You Should Know About a Dissertation in Clinical Biochemistry

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If you read this article for the first time and you have never really been much into biology and all its types, you may be taken aback by such a complicated term as biochemistry. Of course, it is quite easy to guess that this discipline deals with biology and chemistry and clinical studies at the same time, but it is a rather vague understanding of what this discipline is about. Clinical Biochemistry deals with living organisms that inhabit every form of life on our planet, this discipline studies biological substances and their derivatives, as well as it examines changes that may happen in various diseases and reasons for these changes. Briefly speaking, it is a very complex and extensive area of study. That is why, when it comes to writing a dissertation in clinical biochemistry, there is no place for guessing anymore, you need to know exactly what is completely new and what is already discovered in this vast area. A dissertation is merely about introducing something new and innovative in this field, where practically all processes and procedures were discovered a long time ago. Therefore, it is so difficult to complete this type of work and become a successful author in this regard.

We devote this article, probably, to one of the most challenging fields of study in terms of writing any kind of scientific work. There is nothing new about it, but we decided to refresh your knowledge on what is important to keep in mind, if you decide to give yourself a try, and write a dissertation in clinical biochemistry, or a PhD dissertation in clinical biochemistry.

First Things First – Appropriate Topic

Biologists, Chemists and Medical Scientists are constantly in the process of discovering something new. By the time you decide to start writing your dissertation, you should get acquainted with the latest discoveries and those discoveries that need checking and testing in order not to reinvent the wheel. It is better to consult with your advisor as to what topic may be appropriate for you. For example, you may be more successful in researching innovative methods of swine flu treatment, or maybe you will be the lucky one who discovers a method of Ebola virus disease treatment.


Be Careful With Clinical Tests

The necessity of collecting examples and carrying out clinical tests is the next step of clinical biochemistry dissertation writing process. Before you actually get to writing, you need to collect samples to carry out respective testing. Cell samples or infected blood samples can be quite appropriate for these purposes. Usually, this part of work is the longest one because you need to come up with one or more positive or negative results, or even both, at this stage. For example, if you are trying to find an ultimate cure for Ebola, you should know how your medicine sample acts in the human body and what its side effects (if any).


When you get all the results that you need for the analysis section of the work, you need to have a clear-cut idea about your work. At the analysis stage, you should take into consideration all the results that you have obtained at the testing stage. For instance, you may need to revise carried out experiments to improve the medicine sample, if it has some dreadful effects on the human organism, in general, like antibiotics kill the human immune system. When your analysis is completed, and you have nothing to worry about, you may proceed to constructing your work, according to the set plan.

That is a general idea of what you need to do and how you should structure your dissertation in order not to scream for help “Hey! People, write my paper for me!” However, dissertation’s requirements differ from one university to another, and nobody can tell you with ironclad guarantee that this one is surely applicable at the college you attend, so be sure to check with your adviser on that matter as well.

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Dissertation writing services

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