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Do you remember our tips on how to compose a great resume? Well, now you are going to learn how to write a powerful cover letter. A cover letter is another important detail that can path your way to success, or ruin your chances of getting a chosen position. That is why it is so important to compose a well-structured and reasonable cover letter that will reveal all your potential and show how eager you are to get this job. But on the second thought, sometimes, it is not enough to show eagerness, and you have to think of possible alternatives that increase your chances of getting this particular position you want, or you can turn to someone with a phrase “Please help me to write my cover letter!”

One of the most important things that you have to know is the purpose of application and future job duties because the content of your cover letter will depend on this. However, before writing anything you should read the job description and conduct a little research to find out something about a company: what is its business profile, who is the director and founder of the company, who will read your resume and cover letter, etc. All these things are important since they help to create a person-oriented letter.

In theory, you, as an applicant for a certain position, should construct a CL (cover letter) keeping in mind three main objectives:

  • Why Are You Writing a Cover Letter?
  • What Are You Planning to Do With Your Cover Letter?
  • What Will You Do?

Today, we will try to answer these questions, and by doing this, we will show you how to write good cover letters.

First, cover letters are important because these tiny pieces of paper show HRs that you really care about this or that position because you have even written a cover letter, and you have actually invested your time and energy into it. While CVs and resumes are more formal, and it is quite easy to find many templates and samples of them, a cover letter is more personal in this respect. Mainly because here you reveal reasons for your actions, and you have to be honest with a potential reader of CL (cover letter) and with yourself in the first place.

So, the purpose of your writing should be rationalized beforehand and as reasonable as possible. You should decide whether you truly wish to hold this particular position since not only you will benefit from doing what you like, but your company as well. Result-oriented and interested employees are more beneficial and profitable for companies. Usually, to answer the first question you should dedicate the first paragraph to this issue and it should consist of several sentences. It is necessary to point out that these sentences should stick to the main point of your writing, they should be strict and succinct.

In the second paragraph of this “write my cover letter” dreadful task we focus on a particular addressee, i.e., a person who will read your cover letter. The best and the most obvious option is to find out at least full name and position of the addressee. To do that you should know where you can find all this information. A company’s website is the best place to serve for the useful info. However, sometimes, it is difficult to figure out who exactly will be the reader of CVs and cover letters, because the truth is that this person can be a mere HR, a department executive, or even the director of a company. This is where you need to pull yourself together and try to find the name and position of this person. If the website information isn’t enough, you can dial a company’s phone number and ask. This particular step will show you as a person who cares, who is passionate about his or her job. Address this person with honor and a bit of passion (but do not declare your love to him or her, of course). Tell this person why you have chosen this company, what your motives are, and why company benefits from hiring you. Be sure to use some key and motive words to attract the attention of your reader, your reader should be motivated by your cover letter to hire you, to make you a part of his or her team. This is what it’s all about. Just remember, “to whom it may concern” common phrase won’t work here. People like to know that they are cared about, that they mean something even to complete strangers.  An answer to this question takes place in the second paragraph of your cover letter, but be sure to add a person’s name in the beginning. Let this person know that you are aware of what this company deals with on a daily basis, and you ready to serve the cause of the company.


In the third question, you tell what you can do, and how the company can benefit from your job. Mentioning several examples of your previous accomplishments from the previous related position (or not) workplaces would be a plus. You are more than welcome to provide a couple of references from your previous employers to support the letter. Take it as personal as you can, because this will help you stand out from the crowd of other applicants. Tell you reader what you did on your previous positions, what your main tasks were, you can even add some number to support  information that you provided. Numbers help HRs understand the progress you made on the previous position and evaluate your serviceability.

Remember that your letter should look like a full-scale story that reassures recruiter of your professionalism. When you have finished the letter, you need to put it aside and get back to the paper in several days to proofread it for possible mistakes. It also will be useful to give the letter to someone to read it and check it, in case if you have some drawbacks. After that, you are welcome to submit it the dreamed company.

Finally, if you still have problems with the cover-letter, and there is no one to help you, of course, you can scream and shout “Hey, people! Write my cover letter, please!”, but you should consider an option of ordering your cover letter with a custom writing service. Do not be afraid of buying custom papers and even essays with these services, since you can always send the written material for revision. So good luck and don’t be a chicken!


Business paper writing

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