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Writing a thesis to kill for

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Welcome to the crime scene, dear reader, where most of the writers fail in the battle of making a perfect thesis. Here lie those, who could not explain their ideas, made plenty of unforgivable mistakes and bored their readers to death. This article will prevent you from sharing their miserable faith. So let’s begin our little journey to the world of unique tips and tricks for writing a killer thesis.

Ok, jokes aside, as now you are going to read a bunch of serious info. What is a thesis and how will it help you? The thesis is a part where you present your idea or just a statement in the best light possible, briefly and accurately. It advertises your work to the reader and helps you to get away from the thicket of the indirect information while writing. In some cases, a thesis is not just a part of a work, but the whole paper. But there are some serious regulations regarding both, so focus on the technical part of writing for a moment with our next step of learning.

Format for writing a thesis

Even if the person, who will rate your work is your BFF, you still have to stick to official rules of writing a thesis:

It is always better to consult your teacher or a supervisor on the style of your paper. Usually, it is APA, but you better be sure about it.

  1. Formal writing.

Most of the works you are writing have to look highly professional, so using formal style will help you keep up with that requirement.

  1. Active voice.

Do you want your work to be understandable to any reader? It is more of a rhetorical question, as apprehensibility is one of your primary goals. Using active voice makes your writing less complicated without reducing its scientific value.

  1. The size of paragraphs.

Rein your inner novel writer and keep it simple. It is better not to use more than 150 words per paragraph. If you make it too long, a reader will have to peel off the entire surplus to get to the core.

Headings, subheading, topics, and subtopics - all have to be perfectly structured to guide any reader to the needed information.

Writing a thesis paragraph

If you want to understand how to write a thesis perfectly, think about your readers. What do they expect? What are they interested in? Answering that questions may be hard sometimes, but there are some things that every person would like to see while reading:

  • Originality
  • Intrigue
  • Clarity
  • Interesting explanations.
  • Examples

How to fit all this in one paragraph? You are about to find out. Everything starts with a title. Make it interesting and short (15 words max) to attract the reader’s attention. If it looks catchy and intriguing enough, let’s move on.

The next step is an intro. It must be a nuclear blast and make the reader want more. You can ask a question, something that will make the gears in every single head move. And of course, you need to answer it, providing some powerful arguments. Remember the “quality over quantity” rule and write no more than five. Don’t forget to use the newly updated information to give out even more convincing facts.

Finish this part with a strong sentence that will call anyone to action, which is continue reading. Make it obvious, that things they are going to see will blow their minds.

Now, let’s revise:

  1. Catchy title.
  2. Intriguing question.
  3. Interesting explanations and facts.
  4. Perfect ending.

Anyway, make your statement stand out of the text, don’t bury it in the middle of nowhere in your work. And get ready, as we are moving to the higher lever.

Writing a thesis paper

Thesis paper is more scientific and precise. It describes the evolution of your idea and the way it changes the view on some problem. But it still needs to look appealing. So let’s see how to embellish your work to make it outstanding.

  1. Choose a relevant topic.

There is no need to reinvent the wheel, so try to come up with a topic, that hasn’t been outdated years ago.

  1. Write a strong intro.

State your idea, explain its importance and give some examples. Let your reader understand what the entire paper will be about.

  1. Follow the idea.

Every paragraph you write in the main part should be related to the thesis statement you have in the intro and have a clear transition in between. Develop your idea and support it with examples, research, statistics, citations or anything else that can prove how serious it is. Try to avoid the wordiness by covering only the major points.

Your conclusion has to generalize all the information you have written by this point. This is where your thesis has to flourish at its best. Let all of your thoughts give a clear picture of everything you wanted to say by writing this paper. Pick the strongest phrases to leave your reader breathless.

Mention the sources that you used for writing this paper. Form a list, style it up and check if you have included everything you had to.

  1. Revise, edit and revise again.

Make sure that your work meets all of the requirements. The format for writing a thesis section above will help you do it. Don’t be afraid to seem meticulous while looking for grammar, punctuation, and other mistakes. Use anything you can to help yourself in revising.

Be brief, intelligent, creative and understanding. Some people forget that readers might not be familiar with their field of studies at all while writing a good thesis for research paper, for example, so consider being a bit easier on your audience with some “smart” words. Get one of your friends to help you with this by revising your work. See if he or she finds it interesting to read. Edit your work and revise it as much as you like to perfect it. And, there you go, you have a stunning thesis paper.



Get help writing a thesis

Whether you don’t know how to write a thesis or can’t come up with a nice one, there are people who know exactly how to do this for you. If you have no idea which topic to choose, narrow it down to a certain specialty and get your thesis done! When you have most of the paper shaped, but thesis feels like the hardest part to do, professional writing services will help you not only to write it, but also to revise the whole work. Isn’t that awesome?

Yes, writing a thesis may be hard. It takes a lot of time to understand your own idea and the way to make it look good on the paper. But if you pay attention and use your magnificent abilities to write a good thesis it will pay you back with the best grades and extremely supportive readers. So why don’t you get it started now?


Thesis writing services

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