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buy business school application essay


Business school application essay is one of the kinds of the admission works. It is attached to the application form and other documents and sent to the enrolment board or contest committee for the acquisition of the admission to the facility. The other titles for the application/admission essay are motivation letter, statement of purpose or personal statement.

Admission essay writing is the compulsory part of the application form given while matriculating to any school. The final goal of the paper is to persuade the enrolment board that the high school graduate is ready to study in the chosen department.

Such work can be composed in one out of two forms: the unstructured one (the combination of autobiography and self-introduction, which is written in the free form) and the discussion of the given topic (short paper with the answer for the peculiar question – such form is mostly required to enter the bachelor degree course or MBA program).

The recommended length of the application paper is one-two pages. The typical length of the paper, aimed at the acquisition of the financial assistance (scholarship), is 500 words. Some educational establishments and scholarship programs have their own requirements for the length and content of admission works. One has to get the information concerning these requirements on the official website of the educational establishment.


For the majority of graduate programs, admission essay is a chance to show to the enrolment board that you are fully ready to dedicate yourself to studying and the further brilliant career in the chosen sphere. Simply put, this is the sample advertisement of yourself.

  • Show your experience. MBA programs look for the students with the proper bundle of knowledge in the world of business. Concentrate on your experience. In contrast to your student report summary of academic records and overall grade point average, your application essay, where all examples of your job positions are listed, does not always speak for itself. Describe what you have done and what results you have achieved. Business people pay more attention to the experience received than to the diplomas and degrees.
  • Use the professional vocabulary. If you are in any way connected with the real business, you understand that every sphere has the particular jargon and working dictionary. Include several professional terms and abbreviations in your paper. It will make an impression on the enrolment board and separate your essay out of many others.
  • Tell your story. Mention the personal details of your life. Tell how you have solved the complicated issues and how you have obtained success, even a small one. Do not write long papers. Your paper should represent you as the serious, well-organized person who is targeted at achieving goals.


If you have a Masters degree and are planning to get MBA, be ready to write several essays on the given topics. Below, there is the list of the most widespread questions and tips, which will help to raise the prospect of your matriculation.

The question applicants are asked pretty often is "Why do you want to get an MBA degree in our university or business school?" Usually, you will be asked to tell about the previous achievements and future goals. The enrolment board wants to know who you are, what you have been doing earlier and what you are planning to achieve. To answer these questions persuasively, you have to find time. Rest upon one or two goals, which encourage you and describe them with enthusiasm.

The next widely used question is "What contribution will you make to our business school?" Here, they want to hear about you, your values, what makes you go ahead, what differs you from others, and which of your personal qualities are useful for the teamwork.

One more option for the admission paper is "List Your Main Achievements". Think thoroughly before you sit at the table. It is the perfect chance to show your own advantages in comparison with other applicants.

"Moral dilemma" is one more example of the paper. In this case, speak about the complicated, in the moral sense, situation when it was impossible to solve the issue without affecting someone's interests. Show the problem from different angles. It is significant to demonstrate that feelings and wishes of other people are important to you, and you are doing you best using the resources available.

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Writing the best personal statement for university is a difficult task as you should possess great writing skills in order to get accepted to the desired facility. In general, writing is not as easy as it seems to be for the majority of people. Taking into account the complexity of such type of work, it is not shocking when someone prefers to it.

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