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buy executive cv


This is an overview of employee's experience and accomplishments, and this Curriculum Vitae is sent to employers in order to get a job position. The difference of CV for customer service executive from an ordinary one is in the information included. A Curriculum Vitae for executives focuses more on a person's achievements and what he or she can give the company as a leader. The structure of the paper differs depending on a country or the special requirements of the hirer. However, there is a basic example of the obligatory parts:

  • Personal &Contact information (name, surname, phone number, e-mail, and address)
  • Education & Academic qualifications (list of institutions an employee has graduated from and degrees obtained)
  • Areas of expertise (fields which applicant specializes in)
  • Work experience & Duties (information about previous jobs and relevant responsibilities)
  • Skills & Competencies (list of abilities needed to acquire the position)
  • Achievements (the most significant accomplishments in a certain sphere).
  • References (official reviews from previous employers).

CVs in the UK and some other European countries are usually one page long and resemble resumes. They include only the most necessary information needed to get a job, so the main points are summarized and overviewed briefly. Same papers in Australia or the US are lengthier and take two to three pages. CVs there are used to apply for academic positions or the ones related to science and researching. That is why there are a lot more points to be included. These are professional memberships, grants, publications, awards, dissertations, research works, theses, certifications, volunteer work, and plenty of other details that are specified in requirements.

Our company will gladly provide you with quality executive CV writing services. Also, our professionals can always advise you on the best way of crafting Curriculum Vitae. If you experience some difficulties in writing, Pro-Papers is ready to help anytime. Custom your Curriculum Vitae with us to increase the chances to be accepted.


Recruiters in successful companies do not spend much time looking through the applications. If your Curriculum Vitae looks like a typical template, you stand no chance. Therefore, you must be creative and get rid of all clichés while writing, which is why it is not a good idea to search for ready “CV executive assistant” samples. There are special skills that recruiters want to see in the future workers' CVs, and they are different for every position.

If you are writing an executive assistant CV, then you are expected to be a person who is able to work with various papers, perform general secretarial duties and at the same time learn to deal with complicated situations. Even though you lack experience, you can compensate it with a positive approach and a strong desire to move up the career ladder.

While writing Curriculum Vitae for a senior professional, it is important to present yourself as a leader. You need to focus more on your experience and achievements. If you worked in retail, it is necessary to show the diversity of responsibilities: staff training, strategic management, recruitment, etc. Companies are looking for a senior who is able to survive in a dynamic environment and find solutions to any problems quickly and effectively.

It is extremely important for the Curriculum Vitae to be perfectly polished, as mistakes and typos are the main reasons people fail to be accepted. Our company is always at your service when it comes to editing and providing professional executive CV writing help. Let our professionals make sure that your paper is neat and suited for your future job.


Millions of people write their CVs every year, and many of them do not get accepted. And the reason behind it is a bad quality of writing. However, there is a solution to the problem. The most solid way to get a good Curriculum Vitae done is using a reliable writing service like Pro-Papers.

Our team has years of experience in delivering high-quality CVs to the customers. Whether it is a Curriculum Vitae for sales manager in Great Britain or a researcher in the United States, we have executive CV writers from different countries who are familiar with the necessary requirements. They possess degrees in various fields and are able to complete papers of any complexity before the given deadline. Trust us with your Curriculum Vitae and get ready to take over the best companies.


Throughout the years, we have grown to become a professional Curriculum Vitae writing service with great experience and a variety of specialists. Our company cares about each client's work and academic achievements. Writers at Pro-Papers approach to every customer individually. That is why you can be sure that your paper will be done according to all standards and thus will be original and unique.

Our support team works nightly and daily to assist whenever you need help. Buy your business executive CV from us, and get an error-free paper with no plagiarism within the given time. We offer the best service for an affordable price!

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