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Writing such a Curriculum Vitae means everything for those students whose degree depends on a practical appliance of their skills and knowledge. That is why applying and being accepted as an intern at a great university or company is so important for many students all over the world. Well-structured and written CVs make the application process less tiresome and more efficient.

Many students, who came from diverse countries to the USA or the UK to get a higher education, need to apply for internships at the same time as they apply for the foreign program at a chosen university. Why is it so you may ask?

As a rule, universities or colleges provide a range of places and programs which students are welcome to choose from to take their internships. However, sometimes, representatives of enterprises, companies, and programs may come to offer internships to certain students who seemed promising to their executives. At that stage, a good CV for internship may confirm or shatter hopes of your potential employers, so be sure to do your best working on it.

Curriculum Vitae is a brief description of a person's strengths, experience, skills, and knowledge that is written with the aim to be hired as an employee or as an intern for a long-term or short-term period of time.

Depending on what is a person's aim or goal, a type and format of a Curriculum Vitae, as well as the CV letter for internship, may vary. Usually, a format of a Curriculum Vitae is determined by a specific person in the university or the company representative. Therefore, following such format is essential for successful acceptance of your application. However, apart from a format, it is essential to know what to include and how to create a Curriculum Vitae for internship application properly to make it stand out.

Pro-Papers team is well experienced in preparing applications and is able to help you with yours. We create the winning admission papers of the highest quality within the short deadlines.


When you come to a writing stage, it is useful to know the best way to write a CV to make it understandable, clear and concise in regard to data provided. Usually, such CVs go along with cover letters where you describe why you are so good at this position.

The first thing to do is to make sure that your name is noticeable by any person who takes the Curriculum Vitae. Hence, placing your name as a title or heading is a good choice. Make sure that all titles, headings, and subheadings are written in bold. On the second thought, you can always find an appropriate template and state your personal information and data there, but it is always better to design the application yourself to make it unique.

Contact and personal information indication is the next stage of writing. State your full name, date, and place of birth, home address, phone numbers, and e-mail. You are also welcome to state your tutor's (if any) contact information if the paper is necessary for your university paper or project. This information helps to contact you or your tutor faster in a case of emergency.

Further, write down your strengths. Take it as an advertising campaign, except for advertising goods or services, you advertise yourself. State your strongest sides and places of education, along with the future or available degree and all the awards.

Finally, do not forget to mention your skills and knowledge of computer and electronic programs. You are welcome to state any information that may seem interesting and essential for this particular Curriculum Vitae. A list of interests and hobbies is also welcomed, especially if you write a CV for internship with no experience to showcase. The interests, especially the relevant ones, will show that although you do not have the necessary experience, you shine in other activities, and the skills you have will greatly help you on your new position or during the studies.


A person may be an excellent and hardworking student with outstanding grades and positive recommendations from his or her university professors but may be a poor writer, even if it comes to CVs, for example. In this case, this person should take a look at our service, as we are the company that specializes in writing undergraduate CV for internship, apart from many other types of custom papers.

Our Support Team is always online to provide the clients with the relevant assistance as to how to place an order with us and how to effect payment and so forth. Moreover, you should also consider an option of looking closer at a university internship CV sample. Just ask for it via chat, e-mail or phone, and you will surely get it as soon as possible.

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