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A cover letter is the on-screen analog of greeting. If one has the direct face-to-face contact with a recruiting officer, then it is acceptable to exchange greetings. In all other cases, the role of salutation is being played by the cover letter. Such strains, as the informal 'hi' or polite 'good afternoon', depend on the job applicant itself.

All the letters to the potential employers have to:

  • Address the specific person. If there is no name of the contact person indicated in the text of the vacancy, it is better to call the company office and specify it.
  • Include a vacancy title. The hiring manager simultaneously looks for candidates in different fields. The indication of the desirable vacancy will considerably simplify the work of the former. The vacancy source can be the organization corporate site, the staffing company, the Internet resource regarding the job placement, data from the insider, etc.
  • Arguments in favor of your candidature. The retired cover letter for military to civilian has to consist of the results obtained at the previous place of employment, and the professional experience and knowledge required for the applied vacancy. The description does not need to be general, but should relate to the given vacant position. For example: "I am sure that my skills in the sphere of the defense industry acquired by me during the military service will be useful for the position of a security officer."
  • Interest in personal contacts. In the conclusion of the letter, one should demonstrate the readiness for the further communication: "I will be glad to answer the additional questions", "In addition to the attached resume, I am ready to provide any clarifying information." After these phrases, it makes sense to duplicate your contact details from the CV.


Even if you have spent plenty of time writing the resume, it is not necessarily right that it will be read by the potential employer if you have not attached the convincing ex-military or retired military cover letter. The correctly composed one will help you present yourself in a favorable light, show your individuality, and generate interest in your professional experience.

Military application letters should meet the following requirements:

  • be no longer than 1 A4 page;
  • contain the compulsory address;
  • be written in a positive way as "I can";
  • include evidence that proves that you are an appropriate candidate for this vacancy;
  • be without grammatical and orthographic mistakes.

Such letters should consist of three parts:

  • Introductory clause - explains the reasons for writing.
  • Body - describes the value you can bring to the potential employer.
  • Conclusion - offers an option to continue the communication with the possible employer.

Introductory clause: reasons for doing a cover letter. Here, it is obligatory to point out what has instigated you to address the employer. If you write the response to the job advertisement, start with the designation of date and place of publication. Also, denote the title or the code of the vacancy. Do not forget that when responding to the advertisement, you have to follow the instructions, which dictate whether you should contact the company personally, send your data via email, or just fill in the application form on the website of the company.

Body: value, which you can bring to the company. In the second part, you have to write why you fit this vacancy. As a first step, read the job advertisement thoughtfully paying attention to keywords and qualification criteria. If possible, have a talk with the external advisors specializing in personnel selection or the company's recruitment officers to learn about the key demands for the candidate. Next, compare their demands with your previous successful experience while accomplishing similar duties.

Conclusion: in which way you can continue your communication with the potential employer. At the very end, confirm once again the sincere interest in the vacancy and point out your contact information.


Your military cover letter is the first thing, which can be seen by the potential employers when they receive your application. It is the explanation and the comment to the resume that tells about your motivation, 'deciphers the blind spots' in the CV if present, expresses excitement concerning the company, and creates the first impression. Basically, it tries to draw the attention of the employer. To give the pleasant and strong first impression, avoid the following five mistakes.

Mistake #1: Excessive 'I'.

Cover letters have nothing to do with autobiographies. Give consideration to the fact whether you meet all employer's requirements regarding the vacancy. Do not tell your life story instead. Stand aback from the unreasonable usage of the pronoun 'I', particularly at the very beginning of your business relationships.

Mistake #2: Do not be a petitioner.

Many job applicants do not know how to approach writing. Often, they compose the letter in the form of petition or request. Besides that, it looks like weakness, but also it does not provoke the reader's interest. For instance, mind these samples:

  • Weak option: I ask you to consider my application for this vacancy.
  • Better option: Your necessity in the most qualified representatives of the defense industry is the great possibility for me to prove my 10-year experience and serve for your company.

Mistake #3: Redundancy.

If your letter goes beyond the half or maximum one page, it is unlikely that someone will read it to the end. Be terse, but convincing; respect the time of the reader.

Mistake #4: Do not send the same letters for different vacant positions.

If you apply for several vacant positions, do not forget to compose different versions of cover letters, because of various vacancies, requirements, and duties. Remember to change and specify the title of the company, vacancy, and address.

Mistake #5: Lack of knowledge about the company.

Show the awareness about the company's business. Explain why you are interested in this vacant position.


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