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buy military CV


A military Curriculum Vitae is a document that helps veterans apply for civilian jobs. It differs from ordinary Curriculum Vitae, as it requires a person to present the professional information in a way understandable for a non-specialist. The paper is usually one to two pages long and has to be written in a certain format. Moreover, it needs to be done according to the requirements of hirers to give a good first impression of the potential employer. There is a basic sample of a structure that can be followed while writing:

  • Personal information - includes basic details like name, surname, email, and phone number.
  • Objective - indicates what you aim to do in your future job and the way your skills will help.
  • Qualifications - presents your abilities and the way they have served you and your previous employers.
  • Employment - shows your work history and responsibilities you have taken.
  • Skills - lists the qualities and characteristics you possess, which will help you excel at the job.
  • Honors - includes the information about any relevant awards received.

You may be asked to add more sections, or you can decide to do so yourself. These may be extracurricular activities you have participated in or overseas work that shows the diversity of your experience. It is important to fit the information that makes you a good employment candidate into an extremely limited space. Therefore, you have to think twice before including additional details, as they may appear redundant for the hirer.

We are always online whenever you need a professional help. Pro-Papers is ready to write and edit your documents at any time of day and night. When you cannot decide how to outline the work, our support team will send you a decent example. Our specialists are at your service 24/7 to deliver high-quality documents of any kind.


Curriculum Vitae is a first thing a hirer sees when he or she starts reviewing potential employees. A company may have a huge flow of applicants. Therefore, nobody spends a lot of time looking through each application, as it would take too long to choose proper candidates. That is why it is important for your document to stand out and be well presented. It is the only way to be seen and get an invitation to an interview.

When it comes to writing a good Curriculum Vitae for the military service, a presentation of yourself may become more complicated than expected. The military world has a different culture and a unique language, which are hard to translate to civilians. Moreover, veterans usually act and write humbly, and the CV ends up showing no relevant skills and being not understandable for the employer. That is why it is crucial to learn how to write about yourself and your experience in a simple and professional way.

Many veterans tend to forget that there are hundreds of transferable skills, which can make their candidature more appealing for the hirer. Learn what a company needs from its employees and try to find something in your experience that makes you the one who possesses right qualities. Serving your country is a difficult task that requires working under high pressure, being disciplined, loyal, adaptive and flexible. And these are exactly the skills a company will be looking for.


Military service has nothing to do with writing papers about yourself and trying to impress others with them. Therefore, many veterans struggle to make their CVs look appealing for the employers and seek for outside help. The problems start with structuring the paper, but it becomes pretty easy to do with a template. However, when the outline is created a bigger problem arises, and that is putting all of the actual information on the paper.

A thing that can help in such situation is a professional Curriculum Vitae writing service. Luckily, Pro-Papers is exactly what you are looking for. Our team has a real experience in composing all types of papers including ex military CV. We know how to market the qualities properly and present your outstanding abilities in the right light. Let our professionals work on your Curriculum Vitae and help you make a strong first impression on your future job!


Are you an ambitious and experienced person looking forward to applying your professional skills in a civilian world? Then we are here to help you to write academic CV or the one for the position in the dream company successfully. Pro-Papers has a team of military Curriculum Vitae writers, who know exactly how to cope with such assignments and have helped hundreds of veterans to get great job positions. Pro-Papers works only with credible experts to deliver works of the best quality to every client. Our team can also cope with writing CV for internship if needed. Purchase your paper from us to receive a great document for an affordable price!

We offer great extras for our clients. For example, you can add a Pro-Writer extra to your order and the writer with the best feedback from our customers will work on your order. Or you can choose Pro Customer Service, which means that you will receive notifications about the status of your order. So if you are searching for executive CV writing services, choose Pro-Papers!

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