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A peer review is a paper that gives a constructive critique to a certain textual piece. There are many different purposes for completing such kind of work. In a school or university students write it to evaluate each other's works by certain criteria. In the world of articles and researches, a professional peer review is prepared to decide if the paper is worth publishing in a journal. The structure is usually defined by a purpose of writing. In academic facilities, teachers may have their own requirements to the paper organization, while professional peers tend to stick to the following outline sample:

  • Brief summary - shows what you have understood from the text.
  • The main impression - gives a general appraisal of the writing.
  • Ethical concerns - reveal any disturbances regarding plagiarisms and other suspicious things in work.
  • Critique - presents your evaluation and comments for each criterion.
  • Recommendations - present a final decision of a paper's quality and relevance.

This is just an example of the way you work can be structured. Depending on a situation, there may be additional parts or some sections can be cut out. This type of paper may be written even in elementary school. A peer review of a narrative writing or another work, which is feasible for a scholar, may be prepared either in a conversational way or in a form of a blank. Usually, such blanks contain sets of questions, which resemble simplified evaluation criteria.

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Peer review becomes a more popular kind of writing assignment every year. It is a significant task that helps students of different ages learn how to put the information on paper properly and use constructive criticism to constantly improve writing skills. Nowadays, such reviews are written even in elementary schools, and they are proven to refine the quality of works a student will submit during future studies.

Young students usually complete a critique essay on one of their classmates' works. It is extremely hard for them to evaluate each other's papers, and some pupils take it too personally even though a big part of the assessment goes to praising the good parts. It is very important for each student to learn how to critique the work of the classmate in a proper way. This means not only providing the info on the good and bad parts of the text but also giving clear explanations on what should be changed and why. One cannot simply ‘like' or ‘not like' a certain section of the work for no reason, which is why all the appraisal should be justified. Also, one should be able to accept that his writing and thinking are not perfect, and try to understand the reasoning behind the critique received. Although it may not always be pleasant, such experience teaches pupils to take the best from an assessment their paper receives and learn from the mistakes they have made.

As youngsters grow, their assignments get more complicated, and it becomes harder for them to learn how to write a peer review paper qualitatively. Students are asked to come up with a lot of new evaluation criteria to judge works. These criteria are being organized in a certain way in order to make the assessment clearer. For example, the first thing that is being assessed is the author's expertise on the topic. Afterward, the student may comment on the structure and readability of the text. The assessment of things like the quality and reliability of sources, the applicability of methods used for research requires more in-depth analysis and usually goes last. Looking through various works and studies and writing a critique on them, students become more critical of their own writings and start paying attention to the needs of their readers.

Professors and other experts are sometimes asked to do reviews too. However, when it comes to appraising the research paper, the task gets a lot harder. This is where a simple knowledge of how to write a good peer review is not enough. Some research works may contain scientific breakthroughs or a complete nonsense and it is a peer's responsibility to differentiate them. The review will determine the future of the paper and the project it is written on. Some investors may rely on the given feedback to decide whether a certain project is worth their funding. Therefore, it is crucial to be sure that an appraisal is objective and will not ruin the work of someone's life. This is especially important if you are the professional in the particular sphere and your opinion matters a lot.


Writing a peer review is an extremely hard and responsible task that requires a person to analyze a paper meticulously and provide an unbiased assessment. A peer needs to have an in-depth knowledge in the field and enough time for a thorough analysis. It is important to know official standards for the paper that is being reviewed and come up with a few relevant methods for validation. The process is pretty troublesome, and if the writing is worthless, you can end up wasting a lot of time for nothing, especially when you need to assess a huge sworktudy. If you are a schooler, you may not want to criticize a work of your fellow student, or you may realize that you just cannot evaluate it properly.

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