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For many of us, a policy defines the quality of life and the way this particular policy may affect the life of people who inhabit a certain area, region or the entire country. For many positive changes to take their place and significantly improve a specific area or sphere, it is necessary to get familiar with service reporting. Policy report should be prepared for policymakers to be able to evaluate the meaning, significance, feasibility, and cost-effectiveness of the changes that should affect the quality of life.

Writing an academic social policy report, for example, is a complex and, at times, rather sophisticated task, as well as writing any kind of similar papers, as it involves all kinds of data collecting and researching before a person proceeds to actual writing. Very often, many students get stuck at the first stage, not being able to sort out what is relevant or redundant for their works. The task gets more complicated when a professor allows his/her students to choose a particular sphere for writing individually, since the majority of students cannot choose between several spheres that seem vital for the wellbeing of country's population in general, for instance.

That is why it is useful to recollect what a work of such kind is in order not to get lost in the assignment from the very beginning. It is a type of written document that is called to examine a particular issue, give a description to the core of the problem and suggest specific recommendations as to how to improve the current matters on a social, economic, or political level to make the state of things slightly better. In most cases, such documents are aimed at government policymakers who make decisions as to a particular policy feasibility and applicability, given all the circumstances.

However, there is also a corporate sector, and each company certainly has its own corporate policy; each year this company submits its annual report on financial standing, income, and expenses, as well as its director(s) may introduce some changes to the company's corporate policy to improve employees' work conditions. Therefore, such reports are important not only for the government sector but the business sector as well.


When a student, or any other person, receives a task to prepare a professional business report or policy brief report, he or she is to get acquainted with the basic task requirements, recommendations or guidelines to make sure that he/she understands the assignment correctly.

First of all, it is useful to look through the format and structure requirements. While format requirements vary depending on the end purpose and sector, the structure remains the same in most of the instances:

  • Title page
  • Introduction;
  • Summary/Executive Summary;
  • Body;
  • Implications/Recommendations;
  • Conclusion;
  • Appendices (Optional);

At times, the given paragraphs may swap places, for instance, the Recommendations section may be written at the very beginning, at the end or throughout the paper in the form of boxes or notes. The format requirements define a number of words/pages, applicable font, color, margins, headings, footnotes, etc. This means that you need to have specific instructions beforehand as to what to include in the paper and how to organize it in order to plan the working process correctly from the very beginning.

It is likely that you will have to start with the title page. This is one of the parts that fully depends on the purpose of your paper and the way it will be used. This page should obviously include the title, your name or the name of your organization, the name of the institution or a person you are writing to, the date, and other details you will be requested to include.

The Introduction section is paramount for the whole paper, as here a writer should provide some background information, introduce the topic and state the problem. Also, it is crucial to provide the cause to writing this policy report and tell the reader why this work is important and why some changes are necessary in this case. The Summary section represents the main message and may contain one or several bullet points that open a discussion of the matters. This part of the paper is one of the most important ones as it accumulates most of the info that will be reviewed in details further. This means that even if the person does not read everything you have written, he or she will definitely not miss this section.

The Body of the paper is to outline the problem in details, describe the causes and possible effects on different sectors. It is advisable to divide the Body into short paragraphs and create subheadings to guide the reader throughout the work. The text of the paper should be understandable even to those who see such kind of work for the first time in their lives. The Body should follow specific goals and answer stated questions. If the written text fails to reach the set goals, it is necessary to rewrite it from scratch. In many instances, it is useful to take a look at sample works to understand what is asked of you.

The name of the recommendation section speaks for itself. Here, is where you recommend specific changes or a certain course of actions. Also, instead, you can simply state how the information you have presented should be used and why. Conclusions you should provide next do have certain similarities with the summary you have presented at the very beginning. However, this part is where you can provide a bit more details and engage in the final discussion of the topic.

Although the Appendices are indicated as optional in the list above, you have no choice but to include additional materials (tables, graphs, detailed explanations, etc.) if you have provided certain examples or data that could not fully fit into the text without making it too bulky. If the specific info was mentioned in the text or it is absolutely crucial for understanding the whole work, you are the one to make sure the reader has everything to grasp the main idea and realize the importance of the paper.


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