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Each field of study and discipline is characterized by a variety of publications and sources, both published and unpublished, used to collect information, conduct research, make important discoveries and present latest findings on a specific problem or question. There is the constant need of updating old information and presenting new findings that define each separate sub-discipline and development of the science as such. For many, the process of writing systematic review is important for the scientific work, in particular for those people who work at narrow scientific fields of study, such as medicine, chemistry, or microbiology, for example.

It is a rather complex assignment from cover to cover, but it does not mean that you are unable to handle it on your own. All you need is to learn more, or rather everything, about this type of work and its requirements to make your systematic review paper look appropriately. When you have a bunch of sources, and you need to use them for a particular scientific or academic goal, it is necessary to filter information that fits or, on the contrary, that is redundant for this task. In any case, to answer this and many other questions related to your problem, it is often necessary to conduct a systematic review.

In general, a systematic review is a paper, or even an article, called to answer a particular question or problem, to counter any discrepancies that exist on the given problem. Here, a person gathers some empirical evidence to answer a certain question, and it uses some explicit systematic methods to eliminate or counter any bias and draw conclusions. That is a set of individual studies, published or unpublished sources and materials combined into one work to answer a particular question.


There are several reasons for conducting such kind of paper, such as:

  • Complexity of a Problem or Question;
  • Uncertainty;
  • Discrepancies.

However, this is a brief list of reasons, and they may vary depending on specific goals or requirements for each problem or question. Before getting involved into the writing process, it is necessary to develop a strategy for correct execution of this piece of work. To do that, you will have to get to the core of the problem and understand what you should research on the given topic. In other words, what literature you need to research, look through and read to gather the necessary evidence and material for your academic paper review. To gather all the necessary material and find evidence that answers the question or contradicts the presumed answer, it is important to know where to look for it. A method of search, as well as a place, varies depending on a subject and field of study. For instance, there are strictly medical research databases, which are very helpful for professionals in the sphere, but are rather useless if you are working the different field.

There are several widely used scientific libraries and databases where everyone can find a variety of sources to get acquainted with them and decide whether they are helpful for the research or not. The choice is yours: you are welcome to visit a Cochrane Library or Cochrane Database that contains plenty of analysis papers and many related published sources in the respective discipline or field of study. If you look for strong or, on the contrary, weak evidence for a systematic review, this is the exact place to look for it.

However, there are many other research strategies, libraries, and tools that a person can use, and places where he or she can find all the information he or she needs. For instance, PICO or PICOS (which is stands for Patient/Problem, Intervention/Exposure, Comparison, Outcome, and Setting) is rightfully recognized as an excellent tool when it comes to finding an answer to specific medical and clinical questions.

AMSTAR (which stands for A Measurement Tool to Assess Systematic Review) is an instrument available for researchers to develop and assess different reviews and evaluate their conclusions. It serves as a guide to papers and helps newcomers improve search and assessment skills. As a rule, AMSTAR is used in clinical and evidence-based medicine.

When you gathered the appropriate material, it is necessary to evaluate all the information, decide what evidence supports a thought, presumption or theory, and what contradicts it entirely. Often, bias and contradictions may be necessary to see the overall picture or even find an answer to a certain question. The evaluation stage may take a long time as it is required to take into account all the bias.

The next stage of writing a systematic review requires putting all the conclusions and outcomes together into the single paper. When doing that, remember to use extensive notes that you were supposed to make along the whole preparation process. And, of course, do not forget to double-check everything in order not to make any mistakes.


The assignment you are given is purely scientific, which means you need to approach it seriously and professionally and devote a significant amount of time to its completion. Thus, there is no wonder that many students look for adequate writing help when they receive such a task. Although the Internet is full of diverse templates and samples that may seem helpful at first, they can only give you a very basic understanding of how to structure reviews in general. However, there is no systematic review example that can answer the question you have chosen as a topic properly.

Nevertheless, it does not mean you cannot get appropriate help with your paper online. And, if you need someone to outline, start, finish, or write the whole work for you, a writing service is the right place to search for. Pro-Papers is the custom writing service that has a team of experienced professionals who are always available and ready to assist you with the academic assignments. We know how to write a systematic review paper qualitatively, and are willing to prove it to you! Place an order with Pro-Papers to get your task completed by the skilled specialist on the subject!

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