Review of Books on Green Buildings

The thesis of this chapter hinges on the profitability of being green. As it said, those business approaches and methods which radically utilize the natural resources will gain more.   Chapter 1: A Road Map…

24th Jun 2017

Finance – Funding For New Business

There are many steps that can be taken to start a business. Often, the process of establishing a company starts with the planning stage. This is considered as the first and often the biggest step…

23rd Jun 2017

Organizational Change Plan for Cowboy Bank Inc.

Organizational change has become a necessary choice for many organizations over time. They reinvent themselves, usually to stay afloat amid fierce competition and volatile markets. The Cowboy bank is in a state of stagnation. A…

19th Jun 2017


This section of the introduction provides the overview of the topic. The chapter also reflects the background of the topic and will build an understanding about the research topic. Firstly, the chapter will give the…

19th Jun 2017

A Look Into the Monetary Policies During the Great Recession and the Great Depression

1. Introduction   1. Introduction Every economy goes through periods of expansion and contraction, though the severity and the time cycle may vary. An economy is considered to be in the expansion stage when its…

12th Jun 2017

Banking Industry

Banking industry has taken the driving seat in economy of every country. Owing to the increased role of banking in the local and international arena, importance of factors that have played important role in determining…

24th May 2017

New Technology Development on Canadian Jewelry Industry

The purpose of the author’ study is to identify new effective ways for Canadian jewelry industry through Internet marketing environment and develop practical recommendations to improve competitiveness for R & D Gem (a Canadian Jewelry…

22nd May 2017

Financial analysis of the “Competition Bikes Inc.” company

This case analysis will tackle the financial areas of the company “Competition Bikes Inc.”, it includes the detailed explanation of the company’s benchmark financial statements and evaluates how the company is performing. This case analysis…

22nd May 2017

Stock exchanges

Introduction Following the pressure to cut costs and gain the competitive advantage globally, stock exchanges have become the subject of merger. In the last few years, various mergers have been seen in Stock Exchange Markets….

19th May 2017

Financial Analysis for Ryanair and Easyjet

Analysis of Financial statement is one of the most important techniques that the management uses in order to analyze the performance of the companies. Financial statements show the financial performance of the companies and these…

18th May 2017