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An examination of the relationship between climate change, political stability and non-traditional security; a case study on the Asian states


 The outline of the research proposal contains a clear statement of your selected research topic:

1, introduction: mainly includes what questions you are proposing to study and what evidence you are bringing to bear.

2, A brief overview of the literature of the field should be included to demonstrate how your research questions fit into the body of scholarship.

3, the notion of original research  You need to explain, clearly and simply, how your research will complement the field you have just described in your literature review: what you will add, how it fills an existing gap, why the academic world would benefit from your research, etc.and finally, Key Assertions/Objectives to link with the next part consciously and coherently.

4, a short description of the proposed methodology for your research.  

5, proposed analysis  and conclusion

6, outline and timescale

7, reference 

The content of this proposal may focus on why large-scale migration may lead to violent group conflict in Asian fragile states while others coexist peacefully. what is the relationship between climate change-related mass migration and relating to climate refugees? A new framework of mass migration is increasingly inducing and fuelling conflict and terrorism. that not sufficient and efficient international cooperation among countries has been attached importance to this issue. within the context of one belt, one road, how should regional cooperation enhance the ability to cope with the displaced people and stability? and the management of non-traditional security on governance conflict and terrorism.  

and the aim of this thesis would be to focus on examining the relationship between large-scale migration and violent group conflict by taking a selection of countries in Asia as a case study. 
For the project title, please make it more clear and specific to the point.
please research and write carefully

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