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Business Plan: Aqua Diving Inc. - Part 8


Aqua Diving Inc. Products and Marketing Plan

Having understood the general market and the importance of various aspects of marketing and creating a niche, as well as stating very effective mission, DNA and values statements it is now relevant to create the appropriate vision statements and define the products of the Aqua Diving Inc.

To create a global network of diving facilities and attract the global traveller it is essential to think global and act local. If Aqua Diving Inc. is to attract the weekend traveller there must accommodation facilities at the resort. To ensure there is no short supply a prospect of a diving store could be looked at may be at a later point of time. To create sufficient cash on a regular basis Aqua Diving Inc. must plan to offer multiple products. This could in a way even out the seasonal vagaries. For instance non-summer periods may not sufficiently give any kind of student related camping business. Winters may be a low season. So products must be so designed to ensure there is a constant supply of cash at all times and the marketing and positioning of these products must be made to ensure such.

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The product lines are Summer camps targeting children and adults, Experiential learning camps targeting corporates, Weekend packs to attract weekenders, PADI courses targeting other segments, Regular diver facilities targeting hard core divers, Fun relaxation packages targeting honeymoon couples, Spa products targeting the non-divers in the families and groups. To summarize the products under offer are:

Products and target segments

# Product Target segment Type
1. Summer camps Children and young adults Seasonal
2. Experiential Learning Camps Corporate segment Perennial
3. Weekend camps Weekenders, Senior and college students, young couples Perennial
4. PADI courses Casual tourists and serious divers Perennial
5. Diving camps Hard core divers Perennial
6. Fun and relaxation packs Honeymooners and casual tourists Perennial
7. Spa packs Casual tourists and non-divers Perennial
8. Facility users   Perennial but limited rare comers due to extensive marketing possibly wanting to “test the waters!”

Individual targeted marketing plans need to be created for each of the above category of the products offered by Aqua Diving Inc.

Marketing plan for Summer Camps

The target segment for this is the student segment at senior school level and young college adults. The best way to market this product is to first start focussing on the geographic areas within 100 miles from each of the resorts and start addressing the educational institutes there.

Social media would obviously play an important role here because the target segment is extremely active in social media. A separate page on the corporate web site is planned to be extremely attractive to the user segment by making the design neat, clean and attractive to the segment by using appropriate language and graphics. The social media of choice for promoting this segment would be Facebook and target is to have 1000 page likes in a span of 3 months from the launch of the page. There is a need for having a specific set of IT professionals to be working on this segment. Also advertisements in appropriate online sites that are often used by the target segment like the Facebook,, mobile phones among others. It is important to have a good SEO team constantly working on the SEO of the corporate website. Today more and more people are taking to search engines to search for the information that they would want. So it is important to have a strong SEO policy and implementation.

Over and above the online presence it is important to have sustained offline marketing in the 100 mile radius of the resort. It is important to build brand awareness among the target population – activities like quizzes, film shows, exhibitions be held in schools that would spread awareness of the life under water and obviously build a strong recall among the target customer groups.

Marketing plans for Experiential Learning camps

Experiential learning camps predominantly target the corporate customers. The one more offshoot of this segment would be the review meeting and conferences that the corporates held offsite by the corporate customers. One of the things that the corporates look for in the conference segment is a place with a relaxed atmosphere and the recent trend is to look for facilities that promote camaraderie and networking among the participants.

The best way to make an impact on these customers is to use a mix of offline and online methods. The offline methods would be advertisements in print and television media often consumed by this segment. Since a majority of the readers have already or in the process of switching to the online versions of newspapers advertisements in the online versions is important too. Another effective way to get eye balls from this segment is to be present in social media like LinkedIn offering mature yet interesting sales pitches.

Team building is an issue with many a HR person and the targeting must also be done to this segment. One of the ways to do it is to ask thought provoking questions in the groups where these people often visit for their professional purposes. There are a large number of groups that discuss HR issues in LinkedIn and it is important to be present in the group and make a mark on the HR professionals and leaders. Yet another possible tool – pretty low cost one is to send out direct e-mails. Over a period effectiveness of emails would be understood.

Presence in CEO gatherings would be an important tool for getting the eyeballs of the decision makers.

Marketing plan for Weekend camps

Weekend vacations have become a kind of trend especially with the urban folk. The entire week they spend on their vocation and look forward to weekend vacations. There are not really many aggressive promotions for the same offering excellent quality weekend solutions and this is a gap that is perceived by many urban and city dwellers. It is exactly that this particular gap that Aqua Diving Inc. would address and position themselves as an excellent weekend vacation option. There are many urban dwellers who just need a little nudge to actually try out “the glamorous” diving experience.

This segment is would target urban and rural population centres within 100 miles of the resort so that Aqua Diving Inc. is seen as an easily accessible weekend option. The promotions for this would be extensive in social media and website promotions. The major key words for this option would be weekend vacations, diving weekends among other relevant keywords.

Offline media also would a focus including print and electronic advertising targeting

Young and economically well off sections. Newspapers that are read would be the choice media for advertisement. Magazines also would be used for advertising.

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The target segment would include youngsters between the age groups of 18 years to 36 years with college education and high levels of disposable income.

Another major segment for this product will also be the employees that come from corporate companies for their conferences, with the kind of service excellence practised at the Aqua Diving Inc. resorts promoting and luring them to come back at a personal level must not be difficult and may be there could a price advantage for the “come-backers!”

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