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Business Plan: To introduce cosmetic products for men in Saudi Arabia – Part 5




First and foremost, element that is to be acquired by the business is the arrangement of the financier. Business with the development of plan will explore the potential financiers in terms of debt or equity. Upon arrangement of financier, business will look submit request for license. The licensing is an important part for initiating business in KSA. According to law entity is required to register with KSA regulatory authority for doing business. Company will also develop plan to abide by rules and regulation developed by KSA in terms of environmental laws and other related laws. For doing commercial activity, it will submit to Sagia (regulatory authority of KSA) confirmation to follow the regulations set for the purpose such as 75 percent of the management will be based on Saudi nationals etc[1]

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On the initial level, legal fees will be provided to complete legal proceedings. After completing the legal proceedings, the company will get due licenses. After acquiring premises, the safety and legal guidelines will be completed. The safety measures include insurance for liability, theft, fire, crime and commercial general etc and all these will be purchased before starting the business operations. The equipments and supplies will be purchased to start the operations. The raw material for the products will be purchased from the best available suppliers in the market.


Crystal Care started its marketing campaign prior to its first product launching, the budget allocation of marketing plan is divided in to some activities that are used to promote the company image. This includes the market research where upcoming products will also be introduced as an idea to potential market and market partners. The advertising on Television was the first marketing activity that will be performed by the company to create awareness of the company name. With advertising on Television the company will also display its ads on websites and social media to target the customers.


Three months before starting the operations in the company staff will be hired. Staff include: all the functional department managers etc. functional employees. After that production labor will be hired along with security guards and maintenance workers. After hiring, the staff will be trained for two weeks by a training & development program. The attractive salary packages and compensation plans will be provided to motivate the employees at the workplace. The employees will be encouraged by different ways to increase the productivity of the company.

Crystal Clear Company has also developed complete team of top management for the business. Entire business will be taken care of by the heads including CFO, executive director, assistant manager and manager for the e-commerce website. Company will hire these professionals on the market competitive prices to ensure effective contribution of these professionals with long term relationship with Crystal Clear.

Also training facilities will be provided to 15 percent employees each year as required by laws set by Sagia-regulatory authority in Saudi Arabia [2]


IMPLEMENTATION SCHEDULE Start date End date Budget allocated
Setting up the Company and Legal

Documents. (licensing)

20/9/2013 29/9/2013 Licensing  SAR 500
Land acquisition

Processed and approved by the regulatory authorities. (licensing)

30/9/2013 9/10/2013 Licensing  SAR 85,000

SAR 500

pay for provincial license, building permit,


10/10/2013 19/10/2013 Licensing  SAR 700
Buy furniture, equipment, electric appliances, fitness

machines, nursing apparatus, activity apparatus and

Among other fixed assets.

20/10/2013 29/10/2013 Supplies


CCTV camera

Total cost

SAR 50,000

SAR 6,000.0

SAR 1,350.0

Total= SAR 57350

Market research 10/9/2013 19/9/2013 Research SAR 30,000
Purchase of IT Software Program for implementing ERP (computers cost) 30/10/2013 9/11/2013 Computer SAR 75,000.0
Procure insurance for liability, theft, fire, crime and

Commercial general.

10/11/2013 19/11/2013 Insurance SAR 180,000.0


Hiring of management staff. 20/11/2013 29/11/2013 Other startup expenses SAR 3,000
Hiring of labor, security, maintenance staff and van drivers. 30/11/2013 9/12/2013 Other startup expenses SAR 3,000
Develop company website and design and print orders

For company brochures, flyers and business cards. (advertising)

10/12/2013 19/12/2013 Advertising SAR 2,000
Perform Advertising on the TV channels and

The websites and social media. (advertising)

20/12/2013 9/1/2014 Advertising SAR 2,000
Hire some sales people who will be in charge of approaching potential customers and sign them up with our


10/1/2014 19/1/2014 Other startup expenses SAR 2,000
Perform Direct Marketing by personal selling, public relation. 20/1/2014 10/2/2014


Advertising SAR 1,000
Grand Opening and start Operations 20/2/2014




Crystal Care Limited will be operating 24/7 since the Company’s main marketing channel would its website. A customer could order product anytime as the Company focuses on value proposition. The Company’ main sales channel will be combination of website, retailers, and distributors.


Crystal Care Limited will be operating from five outlets which will be located in two leading cities of KSA. where the target customers and professionals are higher in percentage. Other than that the Company would also be offering products through an online store.. At the start of operations necessary equipment and licenses would be purchased. The premises of the Company would worth value of SAR85000 for five stores annually.

In addition, the storage facility is also invested in for keeping inventory levels available on the demand without delay. The cost of storage capacity for each year will account SAR 11040.


The Company would include all the necessary equipment and furniture for conducting daily operations of business. This equipment includes:

Computers: Computers with latest technology would be acquired by the Company to make the staff capable of achieving better service quality and high productivity level. The estimated worth value of computers is SAR 15000 for every outlet. This includes the system software for the business.

CCTV Cameras: All the outlets will be having CCTV cameras in order to ensure secured environment. CCTV cameras estimated worth value of SAR 1350.

Cash register for each store costing amount of SAR 2999 each will be bought. This constitutes an important element as it provides the details of sales conducted on stores.

In addition to this, phone and internet facility is also made available with company outlet for being constantly available to the distributor and other potential suppliers of company products to market.

Total operational cost allocated for the business for five stores includes following:

supplies  SAR 833.33  SAR 4,166.67  SAR 50,000.00
 Cash Register  SAR 2,999.00  SAR 14,995.00  SAR 14,995.00
Phone  SAR 100.00  SAR 500.00  SAR 6,000.00
Computer  SAR 15,000.00  SAR 75,000.00  SAR 75,000.00
Premises  SAR 17,000.00  SAR 85,000.00  SAR 85,000.00
Liscence  SAR 1,300.00  SAR 1,300.00  SAR 1,300.00
CCTV Cameras  SAR 90.00  SAR 1,350.00  SAR 1,350.00
cash  SAR 5,000.00  SAR 25,000.00  SAR 300,000.00
Total Asset  SAR 42,322.33  SAR 207,311.67  SAR 533,645.00

WEBSITE CONSTRUCTION: The construction of the website would include the initial design, installation and testing stages in the development of a Website. Various skills of expert would be required in building a website (e.g. Web page design, programming, database integration, search engine optimization). This cost of this is included as fraction of startup cost amounting to SAR 8000.

WEBSITE MAINTENANCE: Once the website is constructed, its maintenance would be another process. The Company will incorporate additional development and maintenance of the website after it is being constructed.

The Company would also be reaching local distributors of KSA in order to approach the customers. In this way the Company’s products would be available to all the well-known retail outlets and superstores. Other than this the Company would be using various methods for the advertisement of its products.

Crystal Care Limited would incorporate various operational expenses in order to operate the facility. From advertisement, research and internet to transportation and maintenance cost. Below is the table of expenses.

Advertising*  SAR 5,000.00  SAR 5,000.00  SAR 5,000.00
Research  SAR 2,500.00  SAR 2,500.00  SAR 30,000.00
Internet  SAR 500.00  SAR 2,500.00  SAR 30,000.00
other startup expenses*  SAR 8,000.00  SAR 8,000.00  SAR 8,000.00
bank charges  SAR 1,820.00  SAR 1,820.00  SAR 21,840.00
*Product development cost  SAR 15,000.00  SAR 15,000.00  SAR 15,000.00
utilities  SAR 380.00  SAR 1,900.00  SAR 22,800.00
Accounting  SAR 2,800.00  SAR 14,000.00  SAR 14,000.00
insurance  SAR 3,000.00  SAR 15,000.00  SAR 180,000.00
Travel  SAR 8,000.00  SAR 8,000.00  SAR 8,000.00
Telephone expense  SAR 380.00  SAR 1,900.00  SAR 22,800.00
storage cost  SAR 920.00  SAR 920.00  SAR 11,040.00
office expenses  SAR 60,000.00  SAR 60,000.00
Total Expenses  SAR 48,300.00  SAR 136,540.00  SAR 428,480.00


10.1. Organizational Structure

The Company would incorporate owners as well as an external assistant manager. The Company will hire professional skilled workers in order to achieve the target of the customers. The members of the Company will be given good working environment to encourage them to make decision in order to meet the needs of the customers within a short period, effectively and efficiently.

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10.2. Team leaders


The Company would incorporate an executive director whose role would be to supervise daily operations, human resources, accounting and marketing of Crystal Care Limited. The Company will be seeking for an experienced executive director with well education background and five years’ experience in the field.


The Company would be operating under the responsibility of CEO. A CEO of Crystal Care Limited will be having retail experience with educational background and three years related experience.


The Company will also be hiring an external assistant manager having some good years of retail experience. The assistant manager will help the Company to reach customers and go beyond their needs and expectations.


As the Company aims to operate in five different locations of KSA having five outlets, the supporting staff will be increased leading to the increase in revenues. In future the Company will be filling the critical positions such as: director of retail operations, creative director, director of finance and administrative manager. These people will be filling multiple roll in future for success.


An e-commerce content manager would be in charge of web sales and promotions of the Company’s products. The e-commerce content manager would be given authority to develop and implement strategies for the promotion of the Company’s products on online portal.



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