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Essay on Two Topics: Governmental Influence on Trade: Catfish Dispute and WTO - Trade Disputes for Thailand


Topic 1. Governmental Influence on Trade: Catfish Dispute

Please read the following two articles (Brown and Carter that I have included) and discuss up to two pages the two questions listed below:

Brown, T. (2001). South and Southeast, Vietnam embroiled in catfish controversy. Marketing News, 35(22), 50.

Carter, D. (2001, December 28). Congressional ruling shuts Vietnamese catfish out of U.S. market. The Washington Times. Retrieved from

Discussion Questions:

1. What are the pros and cons of government interventions in this case?

2. What lessons do you see for managers operating within conflicting sets of national regulation and interests, and any regional agreements?

Topic 2. WTO - Trade Disputes for Thailand

Three Pages

Please identify the current import policies, tariffs and trade restrictions in Thailand. Other useful sites include the World Trade Organization ( and some other below. Enter the country's (Thailand) in the WTO search box (top right corner).

Please include in this paper the following discussion thoughts

1. Has the country you selected been a complainant or respondent in a case before the WTO in the last 5 years? If so, describe briefly the nature of the dispute. Has the complaint been resolved?

2. What role did WTO play in the dispute?

3. What is the country’s trade policy and why have they established it?

4. What industries or who benefits from these policies?

5. Does it affect the country's economic structure? If so how?

Below I have attached some recommended website if your need to use them. - is the gateway to Dispute Settlement information. - lists disputes by country - lists disputes chronologically WTO - gateway to “Students and Young Professionals” -Boxes on the right, “Learn more” – students can click on the countries they are working on, a self-paced learning module. Resources box: statistics and more.

The Office of U. S. Trade Representative - resource center on trade agreements, excellent source of information on free trade agreements.

Trade matters to me American Farmers Welcome Trans Pacific Trade Accord:

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