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Machinery Safety at Workplace


Your report should be 10 to 15 pages in length (including your Literature Review), be word-processed, double spaced and follow the guidelines outlined below. Be sure to follow accepted research approaches and citation format (APA). Your report will be graded on the quality of analysis of your selected problem/issue; grammar and syntax; and overall seriousness and professionalism shown toward the work (see the final project rubric located within the Evaluation Rubrics section of the course website). Organization and Format for your Report Your report should contain the following five sections and adhere to APA format.


•Indicates focus or purpose of review

•States concepts (concept words to be defined by the literature)

•Describes the organization of your sources

•Indicates basis for ordering:

•Most important to least

•Earliest to most recent


2. Body

•Includes quality studies relevant to the problem/issue

•For the presentation or reporting of specific findings from your search, use paraphrasing rather than direct quotes

•Scholarly, but brief, critique of study’s strengths and weaknesses

•Ethical issues needed to be addressed include:

•Content from found studies and other work must be presented honestly and not distorted to support selected view in your project

•Weaknesses of study need to be addressed, but it is not necessary to be highly critical of a researcher’s work

•Criticism should focus on content, be related to your project, and be neutral and scholarly rather than negative and blaming

•Sources should be accurately documented

3. Conclusion

•Concise presentation of research knowledge about your selected safety and health problem/issue (what is known and not known)

•Judgment stating whether there is adequate knowledge to direct change or solve the issue

•Brief statement of your proposed change or solution

•Limitation that can arise from your change and solution in practice or real life environment

4. References supporting the main body of your report

•APA format

•Minimum of 5 Peer reviewed articles from scholarly journals within the last 5 years

5. Literature Review

•The final version of your literature review should be included as part of your report

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