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Essay on Two Topics: Governmental Influence on Trade: Catfish Dispute and WTO - Trade Disputes for Thailand

Topic 1. Governmental Influence on Trade: Catfish Dispute Please read the following two articles (Brown and Carter that I have included) and discuss up to two pages the two questions listed…

30th Dec 2021


Answer Questions on Anthropology

Gibbons 2011 presents three competing models for the origin and dispersal of anatomically modern humans. Describe each of the models she presents. (9 points) Multiregional…

30th Dec 2021


Answer Three Prompts on Anthropology

Discussions This is the spot for discussion posts. There are currently 3 prompts posted here for you to reply to. If you would like to post your own topic/discussion prompt, please reply to the main…

30th Dec 2021



Format: MLA or APA 3-page minimum Incorporate 5 textbook vocabulary words with page # and definition as a footnote (bold or highlight) Please choose one topic from thesis…

30th Dec 2021


Ligament tear From a Meniscus Tear

Weekly Discussion Question Differentiate a collateral ligament tear from a meniscus tear. Discuss diagnostic approach to a middle-aged adult with tender, red, swollen…

29th Dec 2021


Sales Leadership Philosophy

Create a 3–6 pages sales leadership philosophy statement about best practices and the ethics of leadership. In preparation for an executive­level leadership position in sales management, a…

29th Dec 2021


Sales & Customer Relationship Management

Create a PowerPoint presentation with speaker's notes that you could deliver to a supervisor regarding how you would sell a product. An effective salesperson is able to plan and deliver effective…

29th Dec 2021


HR Case Evaluation

Use the table provided or create one of your own using the program of your choice—MS Word, MS Excel, etc.—to define each selection method. Explain the nature of the method and its…

29th Dec 2021


Research Article Analysis

1) Read the article in its entirety. 2) Create an outline of the main points discussed in each section of the article, noting what kind of information is typically discussed in that section as you…

29th Dec 2021



The purpose of this assignment is to have you perform a rhetorical analysis of a piece or pieces of visual rhetoric; to work with crafting an effective thesis statement and selecting relevant…

29th Dec 2021



Locate and evaluate a periodical or newspaper article in print or online (e.g,, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Time magazine, The Economist, Forbes) that details an economic issue on the local,…

29th Dec 2021


Is Multiculturalism Bad for Woman? Susan Okin

The purpose of the short papers is for you to learn how to develop a concise critical argument. Ideally, you should single out a small point from the assigned reading, which will provide you with the…

29th Dec 2021


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