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The Influence of the Exchange Rate of US Dollars on the Efficiency of Mutual Funds in China

Starting with 1992, when the first fund was established in China, the LiuBo fund continuing with the first mutual fund created in the country in 1997 (Barth, 2009, p. 47), the mutual fund in China…

14th Apr 2017


Business Plan: To introduce cosmetic products for men in Saudi Arabia

1. LETTER OF TRANSMITTAL To Investors I am pleased to submit my business plan for starting business entitled “The Crystal Care Limited Company”. I am looking for investments in…

13th Apr 2017


Determining Best Practices in Crisis Communication through Social Media to Develop Public Trust

Abstract Social media has various functions that human beings can take advantage of in their daily lives, from communicating with other people or reading news updates. In addition, social media…

11th Apr 2017


Global Markets for Diamonds

Carbon is the basic element of all life forms on Earth. Inside the diamond is its purest and most concentrated form. Hence, diamonds are special (Precious Website, 2010). It is the one and only…

31st Mar 2017


Barriers to Implementation of Auditing in an organization: Case study of Kuwait State Audit Bureau

Abstract Audit control mechanisms are measured within acceptable operational standards and thus in compliance with the changing levels of aided implementation of best practices, the Kuwaiti State…

18th Mar 2017


Optimizing information and communication technology (ICT) project life cycles (PLC) in developed countries with a focus on Qatar and the middle east

Abstract Qatar is considered to be one of the richest, if not the richest country in the world. This is a good sign for the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) businesses that have been…

16th Mar 2017


Change Management in Transition from Traditional Sales Force to Key Account Management: Greece Pharmaceutical Companies

Change management has as its main purpose aiding the transition to new business methods or a change to different management strategies. A certain amount of resistance must be expected before change…

14th Mar 2017


Company Valuation Report: CapitalMall Trust

CapitalMall Trust (CMT) is the first ever Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) to be listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange. The company was originated during 2002 and is also the largest Real Estate…

7th Mar 2017


The Impact Of Integrated Marketing Communications On Consumer Behavior

Abstract Integrated Marketing Communications is one of the most important domains of the marketing discipline and it is growing with every passing day. Its growth is in direct proportion with the…

7th Mar 2017


Gender Wage Gap in Turkey and Related Theories

Career Objective Before starting the thesis, I would like to declare that, the topic I have selected is ‘’Gender Wage gap in Turkey’’. Although, we all know that it is not…

6th Mar 2017


Quality In-Flight Catering: Emirates Flight Catering

This research aims in understanding the role and responsibility of in-flight catering in the process of offering quality food and services. The core approach is to comprehend all those aspects that…

27th Feb 2017


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