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Preventing Health Care-Associated Infections in primary clinics


Preventing Health Care-Associated Infections

Look for articles on study similar to my ideas, Literature review, gather own information, come up with plan for project.

Goal to get people to wash hands without spending too much money/convenient/reminder (posters, brochures). Don’t go overboard

Info on cost, data

Usual of hand sanitizer and washing hands with soap and water

Project will be conducted in a pediatric clinic: Valley pediatric and specialty clinic

I will monitor how many times the doctor and nurse practitioners will use hand sanitizer or wash hands before entering into another patient room.  I will monitor for a total of two days (4 hour day) and monitor.  It is one doctor and two nurse practitioners along with med students in the clinic.  I will implement my project by posting brochures in the office and bathroom as a reminder.  I will swab the toilet seat handle, bathroom doorknob inside and outside to see the growth on it.  I will explain how quick and easy it is to pass infections from person to person simply by lack of hand washing and using hand sanitizer.  I will explain how many times a person can use hand sanitizer before washing hands.    

Make a simple design and post over bathroom/brochure

  • Define infection and how a minor infection have a great impact on a person who’s immune comprised and non-comprised.
  • Brochure in lobby
  • One bathroom in office, community bathroom, one sink in office, look at trashcan at beginning of shift and compare at end of shift how much paper towels in trash, how many ounces of soap in dispenser? Count how many people went into the restroom within a four hour period utilizing soap/paper towel to wash hands
  • Make a document of what I mostly observe and measurable infraction on a day to day basis
  • Observe staff (Improve infection control for clinic) Wash hands during the day %%%? Recommendation? Implementing? Collect results. Look at clinical trials/studies
  • Design a policy and procedures under infection control and choose 3 – 5 that you see most infraction healthcare profession not following
  • Skin is our largest organ and biggest barrier to infection
  • Look up clinical trials
  • False reassurance of protection (applicable)/Interventions
  • Poster-board: Petri-dish (door knobs, toilet handy) for clinic and bathroom (Poster)
  • Define bacterial, colony, virus
  • Non-sterile environment people touching pens, door knobs, making coffee, water machine, etc
  • Eating, drinking, smoking, applying makeup or lip balm, or handling contact lenses should be avoided in work areas where there is a reasonable chance of exposure (Add to policy)
  • Sterile technique and clean technique in a clinical setting (MD Melocoton)
  • Disinfectants and bleaching used to clean in office
  • Cost for automated dispenser hand sanitizer? Install in waiting room/all patient rooms.
  • CAVICIDE (Price)???
  • Chlorine bleach (1:10 dilution)
  • Alcohol (70-95%)
  • Explain difference between sterile technique and sterile environment
  • Hand sanitizer is not as effective as using soap/water
  • Super-Bugs: MRSA, VRE, ACE  
  • Economical, cost effective

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