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Table of Contents

Quality In-Flight Catering: Emirates Flight Catering - Part 7


Chapter 6 Conclusion and Recommendations

6.1 Conclusion

Eventually, it can be concluded that the in-flight catering by Emirates Flight Catering has already seen enough excellence. The basic challenge however, is in maintaining the position. There are issues and hurdles related to the catering services and quality of the food. These are the domains that need serious intervention of professional management skills. In the increasingly rough and tough environment of in-flight competitive business, the position of Emirates Flight Catering is under serious challenge. Like any other organisation from the same domain, this company is also suffering from the issues of increasing operation costs, regular struggle to retain old passengers and attract new passengers,  and so on. Amidst all these instances, the core key for prolonged sustainability of its brand image is over the maintenance of quality in the service and food supply approach of in-flight catering. The inclusion of more well experienced and well trained professionals can give the company the necessary hike. This is possible when enough energy to serve with dedication can be generated among the staff of Emirates Flight Catering.

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As a conclusion to this research, the basic ideology to be followed by Emirates Flight Catering is about the management of the catering staff and generating enough communication with the respective airlines for the delivery of better services to the passengers. Concentrations over the understanding of current trends of catering and inclusion of latest kitchen equipment and better presentations are of great need of the time. People from all over the world look forward to get the best of the services from the brand image of Emirates Flight Catering, and the failure of the same gets sensitive when the expectations are high. Thus, for a company like, Emirates Flight Catering an absolute maintenance of quality in the business of in-flight catering stands mandatory on international periphery. It is necessary for all the staff members to comprehend the process of brand association with the consumers that can offer long term service opportunities to the company and thereby generating more revenues in the competitive market.

6.2 Recommendations

The basic recommendations to be made for the persuasion of quality based in-flight catering are about being more conscious in professional catering management. The management of in-flight catering is very significant for the delivery of quality oriented services and the same can be attained only if the company is concerned about the professional management system within itself. In this context, the catering management at the end of Emirates Flight Catering needs to have enough scope for distribution under the provisions of being maintained as per the norms of auditing and regular supervisions by the airline representatives. The basic matters of concerns should be categorised under features of being in reduced costs, accurate planning and budgeting, reduced fuel consumption, response to change, invoice reconciliation and analysis of trend (Wipro Technologies, 2013).




6.2.1 Reduced costs

The concern of reduced cost in terms of in-flight catering business is directly related to the maintenance of quality food for the passengers. It is in this context that the respective company should be much conscious about the food as bought from the suppliers. In this context the declaration of an interviewee sounds appropriate –

“...there are many types of beefs; I could easily fool you with serving a low quality beef at the same price.”

It is through the optimisation of holding stock as well as reduction of practices leading to food wastage, can contribute towards the reduction of cost during operation. It is the responsibility of the in-flight catering business to be able to integrate to all the other connections in the supply chain management. In a way, links must be established between caterers and the management system of the airline for the delivery of more quality oriented services.

6.2.2 Accurate planning and budgeting

Appropriate mode of planning and budgeting for an already established company like Emirates Flight Catering, there is the need to follow consumer feedbacks on the services and the quality of the food. It is through serious concerns to the feedbacks that eh company can maintain the expectations of the customers. Failure in the same can turn up grievous, in case a competitor responds to the same. Feedbacks on costs are very important and should be incorporated in the process of budgeting of catering.

6.2.3 Reduced fuel consumption

The in-flight company like, Emirates Flight Catering needs to understand that optimised galley plan for loading refers to the context that the flight will be carrying only the necessary items and the same is liable to assist in consumption of lesser fuel. This is a very important aspect that is considered by most of the airlines and thus should be maintained under strict professionally managed in-flight catering service.

6.2.4 Response to change

Being an internationally recognised in-flight catering company like, Emirates Flight Catering needs to remain specific towards the maintenance of changes in the food and catering services as demanded by different passengers. In spite of a generalised format, the company needs to respond to the demands of the passengers as per the humanitarian grounds. Maintenance of ethical and moral management of quality food and assistances are the integral part of this service provisions and should be subject to change as per the cultural and traditional food habits of the passengers.

6.2.5 Invoice reconciliation

Matter of reconciliation with the airline services against the invoices creates enough trouble to the in-flight catering companies. In this respect, it is always better to manage the invoice in accordance to the pre-determined and agreed prices. The follow ups should be maintained as per the contract terms and conditions. Maintenance of the served menu should not get lowered over the issue of any wrong payment.

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6.2.6 Analysis of trend

To meet the competitive edge on global basis, Emirates Flight Catering should look forward to enhance its in-flight catering services as per the current trend and modernised versions of quality food management. Emphasis on service and food should get developed as per latest catering information on international ground.

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