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Information Systems Security and Privacy/Cyber Security

Business Report

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Information Systems Security and Privacy /Cyber Security

Executive Summary

     Cyber-security has been a problem facing individuals and businesses from the onset of the information technology era. If the issue is not addressed, the enterprise will continue losing important information, or data security and sovereignty will be impaired. This paper discusses phishing as an issue arising from computers at ACME brewing company. Case scenarios on how the problem affects the business industry will be elaborated on in detail. The security team will roll out employee education and sensitization to combat the problem. To protect itself from malware, it should educate employees about malicious sites and implement essential security controls by fortifying defenses against attack (Aldawood and Skinner). Additionally, the paper will provide information on the use and effectiveness of PCI-DSS security tools in alleviating phishing in business. According to Industry (2018), Payment Security Interconnect is a security device that checks on malware and attack vectors in an Information System. Moreover, this paper will provide recommendations on using security policies that the organization should comply with.

Problem Statement

      Most business organizations have adopted Information Technology in automating their business processes to reinforce human efforts. It is a common issue in the business industry when enterprises lose data through cyber-attacks. At ACME Company, the organization is losing information through phishing due to the negligence of the Human Resource Management. The best solution for this issue is to encourage employees to avoid clicking suspicious links displayed on interactive ads and integrate PCI-DSS security tools into their system. Most cyber-attackers use AdSense to lure users to visit malicious sites by designing interactive web advertisements and inviting them to view the ads through email or other forms of social media (Chiew et al. 18). This problem is essential to research because it leads to information loss which may cause financial and security implications for organizations.


Aldawood, Hussain, and Geoffrey Skinner. “Educating and Raising Awareness on Cyber Security Social Engineering: A Literature Review.” 2018 IEEE International Conference on Teaching, Assessment, and Learning for Engineering (TALE). IEEE, 2018.

Chiew, Kang Leng, et al. “A Survey of Phishing Attacks: Their Types, Vectors and Technical Approaches.” Expert Systems with Applications, vol. 106, 2018, pp. 1-20.

Industry, P. C. (2018). “Data Security Standard.” Requirements and Security Assessment Version, vol. 3, p. 58.

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