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Writing an accounting paper

Economics and Finance

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Using calculator to help with college accounting homework

Accounting is the professional activity of an accountant, which includes the preparation of reports, the formation of the accounting policy of the organization, control, analysis of reporting data, etc. The aim of this subject is an analysis of the current business situation, taking context-based decisions, as well as organization and control of their fulfillment.

Accounting writing requires a lot of knowledge on the subject, which basically includes such aspects as record keeping, reporting, data analysis, and others. Writing accounting papers is important for a student because it helps them understand the internal accounting processes better and learn how to apply their knowledge to real-life situations.

Top 10 interesting accounting paper topics

  • Main dilemmas in accounting ethics
  • Debt management
  • Offshore accounting: moral side of the problem
  • Modern software for accounting
  • The biggest accounting companies
  • Dealing with financial fraud
  • Accounting for business decisions
  • The role of audit in the management of big companies
  • Accounting innovations for small businesses
  • The universal language of accounting: is it possible to be implemented?

Accounting paper outline

There is nothing difficult about the structure of accounting papers. It’s basically the same as for regular essays and research papers. Here are some basics that you should remember:

  • This is an important part of your paper as you need to present the issue you are going to consider. Apart from that, you need to engage your audience in further reading. The essential part of the intro is a thesis statement that is placed at the end of the paragraph. Your task is to formulate a strong thesis so that the reader will have a clear understanding of the topic of your paper and the arguments you are going to present.
  • Body paragraphs. There are usually 3-5 paragraphs in short accounting papers. The main thing to remember here is that you need to write introductory and conclusive sentences for each of the sections. Also, make sure that all the arguments are reinforced by factual data and elaborated on.
  • The main task of this section is to restate the thesis and prove that your idea or opinion was right or valid. Remember that you cannot just copy the thesis statement from the introduction – it’s important to rewrite it and elaborate on it using the points presented in the body of the paper. Finally, make sure that you have concluded your paper with a strong final sentence that leaves a reader with something to think about.

Writing in accounting: best tips

  • Keep your paper simple. Avoid including too many difficult accounting terms; if it’s an inevitable thing to do, make sure that you sought to explain them.
  • Mind the language. Accounting paper requires using a formal tone; however, do not make your speech too dry – write as if you discussing a certain matter with a friend knowledgeable in the subject.
  • Avoid writing general and vague phrases. You need to be precise and straightforward in order to look professional.
  • Finishing your paper, re-read it, making sure that the consistency of presentation is maintained throughout the entire assignment. Besides, proofreading helps to eliminate any possible types or grammar and stylistic mistakes.
  • Be prudent with the choice of sources. Make sure that your sources are relevant, credible, and up-to-date. It is advisable to refer to various reputable accounting journals, preferably peer-reviewed.

Top 5 Excel tips for future accountants

Working as an accountant, you will surely need to master Excel. More than half of the US companies consider Excel an essential accounting tool and use it daily. This software has a lot of features, and some of them might be rather difficult to comprehend, as there are various commands and functions. Therefore, we’ve prepared the best Excel tips so that you won’t get lost in the thickets of this program:

  • Learn the basics. Start from a few basic commands such as creating a new spreadsheet, mastering simple calculations, formatting columns, etc. Knowing the basics is a must before you move to more complicated aspects.
  • Make the charts visually engaging. There are many functions that can help you to change the visual aspect of the spreadsheet. You can watch some tutorials on YouTube to find the best ideas.
  • Don’t forget about hotkeys. For example, pressing F2, you will jump quickly into the cell to edit the content. Or select the full line by pressing the Shift key and the spacebar.
  • Freeze certain sections. If you are working with huge lists, there is no need to remember what is shown in each column when you scroll the sheet down. Just use the Freeze Pane option in the View tab after selecting the row or column that needs to remain static while you review the data in the table.
  • Use custom lists. There are built-in lists of general data (for example, months, days of the week). To access them, you need to drag one of the values (for example, January) to the adjacent cell to automatically fill in the list.

You can also make yourself a list with the most common in-built functions that you will have to use rather often to remember them better.

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