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Dispute policy

We are proud to have a good team of professional writers and attentive customer support. Thus, it is highly unlikely that you will not like the final paper.

We believe that your positive experience of ordering with us will bring you to our website again and again. However, if something went wrong, we are always ready to bring our apologies with a fair compensation.

1. Initiating a Dispute

1.1 If you don’t like the paper that was delivered, you are more than welcome to send the order for revision as per our Revision Policy and the writer will make the necessary changes. If the revision does not help, we will assign another writer who will make sure to meet all of your initial requirements. If you are still unsatisfied, you will be able to initiate a dispute.

1.2 As per our Revision Policy, we reserve a right for at least 1 revision before the initial deadline on the order expires.

1.3 Upon the delivery of the order, you have 10 days to initiate a dispute if your paper is of less than 15 pages or your presentation is of less than 10 slides, and 14 days if your paper is of more than 15 pages or your presentation is of more than 10 slides. In other cases, you have 10 days to initiate a dispute.

1.4 To request the Dispute, you need to send a message to the support team in live chat, via the message on the order page, or via the email. Your message should include a) order ID, b) reason for opening a Dispute, and c) proof that the reason for opening the dispute is valid.

1.5 If you are eligible for credit/refund as per our Credit/Refund Policy, we reserve a right to decline a dispute, unless there are factors unaccounted for in our Credit/Refund Policy.

2. Dispute Resolution

2.1 After you open a dispute, it will take us no more than 7 days to review the situation and seek clarifications from you or provide you with the dispute resolution options via the email sent from Please check your spam folder if you have not received the email within 7 days since opening a dispute.

2.2 We offer dispute resolution options on a case-by-case basis. Therefore, offered dispute resolution options will be specific to the circumstances under which any event that led to the dispute occurred.

2.3 If you are not satisfied with the dispute resolution options offered, you should provide specific reasons, examples, files, or other information and materials supporting your request to change the options. In case the latter are not provided, the options will not be changed.

2.4 If we do not receive a response to our email regarding the dispute, the dispute will be closed as is in 7 days since we contacted you first. You will not be eligible for any compensation after the dispute is closed.

For more details, please check our Credit/Refund Policy.