We do believe that professional writers have to be paid well, but we still offer the lowest prices for the top quality service. We have come up with a flexible pricing policy that can let you choose a shorter deadline for a higher price or a longer one if you are willing to save some money. All our prices are calculated automatically and depend on the deadline you choose, your academic level, number of pages and type of your paper.

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In case you need a brand new paper, you are welcome to choose this type of service. Our writers will come up with a completely new paper that is 100% original and plagiarism-free. Please note that if you need your paper to be paraphrased, it will be writing from scratch type of service.


If you order editing type of service, only up to 30% of original text will be changed or added, but the whole paper will be proofread and fixed. The price for this service is 60% of the regular price. Our writers will edit your paper and make sure it is of the highest quality and has no typos or mistakes.

Admission help & Business writing

We are positive that your admission essays and CVs should be perfect. Thus, only the most skilled and experienced writers will be assigned. As professional writers deserve higher pay, CVs, personal statements and admission essays will cost a bit more.

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10 days 11.99 USD 16.99 USD 20.99 USD
7 days 14.99 USD 18.99 USD 22.99 USD
5 days 16.99 USD 21.99 USD 24.99 USD
3 days 18.99 USD 22.99 USD 29.99 USD
2 days 20.99 USD 24.99 USD 31.99 USD
24 hours 22.99 USD 26.99 USD 34.99 USD
12 hours 24.99 USD 31.99 USD 38.99 USD
8 hours 28.99 USD 34.99 USD 41.99 USD
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PRO Service

If you add this extra to the order, it will become the TOP-priority for our customer support. Also, you will receive SMS-notifications when the status of your order is changed.

PRO Writer

Although all our writers are very skilled and experienced, we do have writers who excel in all papers they complete and receive the best feedback from our customers. The price for this extra will be calculated automatically depending on the type of paper, your deadline and academic level.

Plagiarism Report

We do understand that you may be willing to have a proof that your paper is original and plagiarism free. For the price of $9.99 you will receive a plagiarism report along with your final paper.

Abstract page

If you choose the APA formatting style, an abstract page is highly recommended to be added to the order. The price for this extra is $9.99!

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Order an academic paper here!

Pro-Papers is a customer-oriented company, and we are very proud of the fact that our customer care is known to be one of our calling cards. On a daily basis, we are trying our best to make our services convenient and available for everyone. When it comes to the cost of admission, academic, or business papers, it is worth mentioning that we do not claim to have the lowest prices, but we surely can boast of having modest and affordable ones.

Every member of our company has been in the customer’s shoes, and we know that low prices mean nothing when the service is of low quality. This is why we strive to provide not just a cheap custom writing service, but also available one, yet able to compensate the work of the professional writers, who are always ready to cover our customers’ backs and complete any types of the assignments. We have come up with a flexible pricing policy that can let you choose a short deadline for a higher price or a longer one if you are willing to save some money. All our prices are calculated automatically and depend on the deadline you choose, your academic level, number of pages, and type of your paper.


The price of admission and application papers depends on several important factors. For example, they should be personalized, original, and unique. Moreover, the work on them requires more time and effort, as such papers have a very significant influence on the person’s future life and should be completed in an accurate way. Our skilled writers are always doing their best to ensure that your admission documents are perfect, which is why we adjust professional resume writers cost accordingly, in order to compensate their hard work.

Not every professional writer is able to complete the admission papers that will make the admission committee strive to get the person into their educational establishment, ignoring low or average grades, but our professional team is ready to take responsibility for your successful future. For the most part, resume writing services cost a lot in comparison to the other papers. However, one of Pro-Papers’ benefits is that we managed to gather a team of the best writers, still keeping our prices affordable for everyone.

While presenting the resume cost and the pricing for the other application papers, it is impossible not to mention the cost of the admission essay. This application paper is a constant cause of a headache and sleepless nights for many students, as it is hard to imagine an assignment that will affect one’s future more than the admission essay. Just like superheroes, our writers will help you forget about your headache and will complete an essay of the highest quality, as they know perfectly well what should be included in the application papers to make you the best candidate for any educational institution. Moreover, we made sure to make the prices for the admission papers reasonable. We are not afraid to boast of such a commendable achievement, and our dream team will do their best to extend the number of our advantages and improvements even more to provide the best services for every single customer.

Usually, the customers tend to check the price of admission or any other academic paper before placing the order and even leave the website if the pricing page cannot be accessed easily. Our tech department together with the content managers are doing their best to make the information concerning Pro-Papers easily accessible. We understand that sometimes the assignment price can be very confusing, and a lot of questions may arise while calculating it using the pricing page. This is why, in case you are not sure about the number of pages or the deadline, our Customer Support representatives are always online to assist you.

  • They will make sure to check your assignment carefully and help with choosing the most appropriate details to indicate on the order form.
  • While calculating the approximate cost of college applications or any other admission papers, our support agents will check all possible options and provide you with the best offer.


In any case, the wish to check the approximate pricing before ordering your paper is totally understandable, and this is why we try to make this process as easy as possible. For example, if you have already decided which educational institution you would like to apply to, and the only question bothering you at the moment is “How much do medical school applications cost?”, we are more than ready to provide you with a detailed answer.

  • Our Customer Support representatives are available online 24/7 and can calculate the approximate price for you within a couple of minutes.
  • Pro-Papers' managers email the informative newsletters to our customers on a regular basis providing the information about the available special offers.
  • We often have different promos, so the support representative will definitely check the available discounts and apply one to your order to lower the admission price.
  • Unlike the majority of companies, we are always glad to offer discounts to our customers, because this is not about making you place an order with us, but become the part of our Pro-Papers family and keep long-term cooperation.

We all are familiar with the stress connected to the job search as well as the feeling when you are so done working on the application that the only helpful option is typing “my perfect resume price” into the search field. In many cases, the price for the admission papers correlates with their importance. Before creating our pricing page, we have monitored many other writing companies and know that resume services cost is usually very high. A lot of companies set extremely high prices for the application papers so that the students simply cannot afford them and have to look for some other options. This is when we realized that our company should make a difference and try to make the prices if not much lower than at least the same as the average cost of resume writing services.

In our humble opinion, writing assistance does not make sense if it is not affordable. Even the professional resume cost should stay reasonable, which is why we are utterly pleased when our customers say that our services are not only professional but also low-cost. Such feedbacks encourage us to make our services better little by little every day. Therefore, when the new customers are forwarded to our website searching for “my perfect resume cost” and looking for help, we understand that our daily work and dedication are really important. This is why we strive to improve our services and help our customers in the most sufficient ways.

While checking the professional resume writing service cost, it is necessary to keep in mind that such services can vary starting from the editing of the paper you have completed by yourself and to writing a completely new piece of work, which the writer will create in accordance with your recommendations and personal information. In addition, some companies offer a mere consultation with the writer. Thus, depending on the type of the work and service you would like to receive, the cost of resume writing will differ.

In case you are not sure whether you need an absolutely new paper or just an upgrade of the existing one, Pro-Papers can offer you a convenient option to consult the Support Team before placing the order and proceeding with the payment. Moreover, when it comes to calculating the approximate price, our clients can be sure that the cost of professional resume in our company does not include hidden charges or fees. You can always check the price yourself by calculating it on our website, which makes the whole payment process quicker and more pleasant.

While checking college application costs or the average price for the admission papers, even the most frugal person will agree that the investments in one’s future are the best investments possible. Your CV, resume or cover letter will become your representation tool in the business world. And it is entirely up to you whether this tool will expose your best skills and qualities, or end up being just a piece of paper, which no one would like to spend time reading. Therefore, it is important to keep in mind all the pros of ordering your paper when it comes to resume writing service cost. If completed by a professional, experienced writer, your paper will become a universal key, which will open the doors to the job opportunities of your dreams.


Business plan writing services cost differ in every company as this matter depends on various factors. Usually, the most important determinant is the amount of work, which should be completed for your particular assignment. After a profound research, business plans are not that difficult to write, but they are surely time-consuming and can get challenging depending on your final goal. This is why it is not easy to determine how much does a business plan cost at once, as this matter depends on a long chain of factors and requires additional consultation.

Numerous companies that offer consulting services have been created in the recent years. However, deciding to contact them, keep in mind that the business plan price is not very likely to be calculated at once, as most of such companies charge for their services hourly. Moreover, the excellence of the final paper will depend only on the quality of the information you provide initially, as usually, such firms do not complete additional research.

In Pro-Papers, we ensure that our clients can check the approximate cost of writing a business plan before placing the order so that they can personally decide on the budget they are planning to spend and choose the most appropriate deadline. We understand that such types of papers are very important and can sometimes decide the future of the company. In addition, some of Pro-Papers workers have personally created business plans for our company, and we know perfectly well that when one is looking for the most skilled business plan writer, cost of this assignment does not play a significant role, as the most important task is to ensure the highest quality of the final project. Therefore:

  • We made sure to hire a special team of professional writers who have an old hand at similar projects and always strive to help our customers in a sufficient way.
  • Our management made sure to check business plan writers cost on different writing services to ensure that our prices are reasonable and can be afforded by the customers with any budget.
  • Both Pro-Papers staff and our writers’ team clearly understand that a business plan is a crucial tool for managing a company or firm. This is why, regardless of the final business plan cost, our main task is to write a five-star work.
  • Our writers are skilled enough to complete additional research if necessary, so Pro-Papers’ customers need to specify the main idea and their preferences only.

Thus, while comparing the pricing of the different writing services, make sure to take into account exactly how much does it cost for a business plan to be completed in accordance with the needs of your company. We are ready to complement your existing idea with profound research and turn it into a first-rate project.


In case you have decided to work on your plan by yourself, it will possibly be more beneficial from the financial point of view. However, the work on such a project requires a lot of knowledge, special skills, and sufficient experience. For example, if you are a newbie in the business field, it will not be possible to complete a high-quality business writing without consulting the professionals, and this will definitely cost you a lot of money. Just to support this statement, we would like to offer to check Harvard Business Review cost, because this resource is well known for being one of the most suggested and promoted publications in the entrepreneurs’ world. It will provide you with business guidelines that are hardly accessible when using some common libraries or databases. If you actually read these materials, you will definitely acquire useful knowledge.

Nevertheless, even Harvard Business Review subscription will not conduct research for your very company and will not provide you with a completed project. Therefore, after checking how much do business plans cost be sure to decide what exactly is the most valued matter for you.

As an alternative to ordering the paper, you can surely try creating a business plan yourself, as a wish to take care of your “brainchild” with your own hands is totally understandable. There is a bunch of different courses and seminars, which will definitely ensure a successful training process. Moreover, some companies can even review your project for free after it is finished. However, you still cannot be sure that the final plan suits your particular type of business and that no niche has been left uncovered while conducting research. It is possible that you will save some money by completing the paper yourself, however, the time one spends in the process of creation cannot be replaced even with the most successful project.

Consequently, the next time you think about how much does it cost to write a business plan, do not forget that the most important things in life are not things. Following this motto, Pro-Papers strives to save our client’s precious time so that they can enjoy life in full blossom.

Since writing a business plan from scratch is a rather challenging task, many writing companies offer to review the paper and complete additional shallow analysis only. This is why we would definitely not recommend you to take into consideration only a low cost of a business plan offered by some companies, but to make sure the editing services are the only ones needed in your case.

The type of project mostly depends on its purpose. For example, if you are only planning to start your own business, it will be highly advisable to check business plan startup costs in advance. Experienced entrepreneurs often advise the newbies to keep in mind that startup expenses are the money, which will be spent before the business even starts running. Such details should be taken into account if you want to check how much does it cost to make a business plan. In case you are an experienced entrepreneur, and every second of your time costs money, it is understandable that not a single minute can be wasted on writing such time-consuming projects. Moreover, the cost to write a business plan becomes a secondary question as the highest quality and professionalism will be most valued.

The amount of work required for a business plan differs greatly from the amount of effort one usually dedicates to the other types of papers. The writers proficient in Business and Finance fields are not always qualified enough to complete a high-quality research, establish a profitable concept, or develop an already existing one by finding out all the gaps in it. This is why we made sure to gather a separate group of specialists who are not only proficient in Business but also have experience and all the necessary credentials. The success of your final project is our responsibility and concern as well, which is why we did our best to assure the highest quality of the business plans our writers deliver.

Nevertheless, it is always nice to have a full picture of all possible charges and not only be aware of the pros and cons while entrusting the future of your company to someone else. This is why our Content Managers decided to create a separate section with a business plan price list. You can easily check the price for any deadline by indicating the number of pages, which you would like to receive in the end. We strive to make the whole ordering procedure as easy as possible so that our clients receive only high-quality assistance and no additional stress.


Life is like a game where it is necessary to solve puzzles and complete tasks to get to a higher level and achieve success. Surprisingly, academic papers are an important factor on the way to the glorious victory in the real-life game. However, sometimes, even the game’s superhero needs assistance from the wizards. Pro-Papers’ writers will be glad to become the real magicians for you and offer help with academic essays, reviews, research, coursework, and term papers. It does not matter whether you are stuck with solving the multiple choice questions or do not know how to make your annotated bibliography look more professional. Our writers will be able to complete any type of the assignment for a reasonable price. We are always pleased to suggest our customers to check the samples completed by our writing magicians, as afterward, it becomes obvious that, for example, the dissertation price surely correlates with the level of professionalism, with which every single page is completed.

Together with different types of the academic papers, reports are one of the most often searched and ordered assignments. This is why when providing the information about pricing, we surely need to mention the approximate price for the reports in Engineering, which are inquired by our customers on a regular basis. The creation of the reports for all the academic levels will require a lot of work and efforts, as one should not only gather reliable information but also make sure to provide it in a graphical or tabular form presenting only the most suitable data. Nevertheless, being completed by the experienced engineers, report cost offered by Pro-Papers will be affordable for everyone. This is why if you struggle with such an assignment and have no time to write it on your own, our team is always there to cover your back and provide you with the assistance of the highest level.

It is completely understandable that very often our customers prefer to complete their papers by themselves, and in this case, there is definitely no need for the writing from scratch services. For example, if you have already completed your dissertation, but some parts seem to be confusing, irrelevant, or the flow of the paper appears to be not as good as you were planning, considering editing services and, in particular, dissertation editor cost will be doubtlessly a perfect idea. Editorial services offered by our writers will ensure that your paper is polished to perfection and ready for the submission.

While reviewing the dissertation editing prices, it is important to consider the fact that the writer will surely check your paper carefully, correct all the grammar and punctuation mistakes, as well as the general coherency of the paper, if necessary, so that approximately 30% of your original text will be changed. However, in case you need your paper to be completely paraphrased or rewritten, we would advise choosing a writing from scratch type of service, as it will ensure the highest quality of the final result.

Even the perfectionist can overlook some mistakes. Therefore, it is always better when the paper is proofread by someone else. The easiest way to do it is to ask your parents, siblings, or friends. However, very often, they are busy with their own daily duties or lack the experience to edit the complex assignments so that some mistakes can be omitted. This is why checking our thesis editing services prices will surely help you to make up your mind and entrust your paper into professional hands.

Sometimes, it happens that a person receives a low grade for a paper with a great content just because of the abundance of some minor mistakes. Our skilled and experienced writers will be more than glad to help you avoid such an unpleasant experience. For example, if your thesis statement is already finished, and you are reading this article, make sure not to waste your precious time anymore – check our proofreading thesis cost and let the professional do this meticulous work for you.

One more type of work, which seems to be easy at the beginning, but causes a headache if prepared in a careless way, is a PowerPoint presentation. A first-class presentation should reveal one’s creativeness, summarizing skills, the ability to point out the most important parts and present them in an interesting and engaging way. Even a child can use a default template and ‘copy-paste’ the information from the Internet. However, if you are looking for a value based purchasing PowerPoint presentation, you definitely need a project of a different, much higher quality. Pro-Papers will be more than glad to help you, so check our prices for presentations and leave all the stressful work to our professionals as they are always here to create an original and creative PowerPoint presentation for you so that your future audience will surely give you a standing ovation.

There is a great variety of different writing services that can offer help with all the possible types of the papers. But Pro-Papers has something that you will not find anywhere else – we treat our customers like our own family members. Thus, every paper is completed with the utter care. Your difficulties with the assignments are our difficulties as well, and we will be more than happy to resolve them for you. This article was completed with love and care to ensure that all the necessary information regarding our pricing can be easily accessed. However, in case we missed something, do not hesitate to contact us 24/7. Every member of our dream team will be glad to assist you and answer all the questions regarding the Pro-Papers family!