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CV writing services

What can a single person do in five seconds? Walk a few meters, maybe blink a few times? The correct answer is: look through your Curriculum Vitae. As scary as it sounds, it is the average time it takes a hiring manager to review an application and make a final decision about the candidate. What it means for you as an employee is that you have only five seconds to impress a potential hirer. Do you know how to do it with your CV?

Luckily, we do! Pro-Papers is one of the best CV making websites, which has been successfully preparing applicants for 5-seconds challenges for years. Our writers are credible specialists and native English-speakers, who have experience in HR management and know exactly how to grab the attention of the recruiters and make them want to have you in their company.

What Pro-Papers, a professional CV maker offers is a high-quality Curriculum Vitae written by a specialist and delivered right on time. The 24/7 support and attractive prices are things that make this offer especially irresistible. What we ask you to do is take control of your professional future, and let the team of experts provide help with making a CV. Place an order at Pro-Papers now, and get your dream job tomorrow!


The job search is an extremely stressful period for any kind of workers. Even though the market offers thousands of vacancies, it is really hard to find a position, which would perfectly combine adequate employment terms, healthy working conditions, and high salary. When you find the one that suits these criteria more or less, you realize that there are numerous competitors you have to overthrow to, at least, get a chance to be interviewed. It is crucial to understand that other potential employees may suit the company way better than you do, and you should find a way to outshine them. And the only thing that can help you to be noticed and chosen is a proper Curriculum Vitae.

It does not matter how many papers you send to the hirer during the application process, your Curriculum Vitae is the most important document of them all. It tells the hirer about your professional life in details and shows what kind of worker you will be for the company. Hence, it is important to put enough time and effort into writing a good Curriculum Vitae to make a stunning first impression and have an opportunity to be considered for a position. Treat the Curriculum Vitae preparation as a serious job, which has to be done professionally in order to bring an effective result, and you will find work that corresponds to your desires.

A Curriculum Vitae (commonly abbreviated to CV) is basically a survey of your life's achievements. It includes a detailed summary of your professional experience – research work, significant contributions, affiliations, presentations, publications, honors, awards, etc.

As a rule, in the United States, Curriculum Vitae is used mostly as an application for research, academic, scientific, and education positions, sometimes grants and fellowships as well, whereas in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia, a CV is usually sent to potential employers.

CVs are usually requested when a company or an academic institution is looking for a person with specific qualifications to find a perfect fit for the job. Therefore, what truly matters is how closely your Curriculum Vitae matches all requirements.

As you have probably heard, Curriculum Vitae can be written in various ways depending on the country you want to work in. In the USA or Canada, a term “CV” is almost out of use, as people apply for the jobs with resumes, which look differently but present relatively same data in a more succinct way. In Australia and some other countries, you may be asked to submit either resume or a Curriculum Vitae, as there is no standard rule for the applications in this region.

The company you are applying to has to clarify what you should send on the official website or in the spec, and you can always call in and ask if you are not sure. Be sure to put the question straight forward, and make sure it does not sound anything like “help me write my CV to meet your expectations”. State that you need the info on peculiarities of required format if any, and the information about how it would be more convenient for the company to receive your application.

CVs are used more widely in the UK and Ireland, and the hirers are very exacting to such documents. A Curriculum Vitae has to be strictly two pages long and be composed out of the certain set of sections. Hence, when applying for the job, it is crucial to consider the features of applications in the exact country and a specific company to craft a Curriculum Vitae that will follow the necessary requirements. Also, deciding to “get my CV online” be sure to inform your writer that you are applying for a job in a specific country for him to consider it while writing.

There are numerous other aspects you have to take into account while preparing a Curriculum Vitae. However, there has to be something you can start with that will lay the foundation and help you create any type of CV. An outline is a great step to begin with.

Once again, many sides of the writing process depend on the country you are looking for the job in, and the structure of the document is not an exception. If you are unsure, try finding a CV writing service online, and ask its representatives to provide you with the template if possible. Nevertheless, most of the sections of the paper are similar, and there are some that should be presented in every CV:

  1. Personal details
  2. Qualifications/ Key achievements
  3. Working experience
  4. Education
  5. Additional skills

Doing a CV online, you may be offered to include your personal statement to the paper. However, most of these statements are written so badly and in such a typical way that hiring managers get irritated reading them all over again in different applications, so it is not recommended to include them. Deciding to write your own CV online, make sure you are not being deceived by the info in the templates you might be proposed for writing.

It is enough for your Curriculum Vitae to state what kind of position you are applying for, and the recruiters will make the conclusions about you and your qualifications themselves without you devoting a whole paragraph to own description. Hence, preparing CV online be careful with the options you are offered, and make sure to choose the ones that firstly, do not contradict the requirements of your employers, and secondly, the ones you find applicable to your document.

There may be other sections you would like or can be asked to add to your CV. However, it is vital to think about their relevance before putting them down. If you are not sure how to organize the paper and you are searching for the service that can “help to write my Curriculum Vitae”, there is a professional that can assist.

Pro-Papers has a team of experts who specialize in CV writing. They are familiar with standards of a CV preparation in most of the countries and know how to adjust applications to the requirements of companies. Hence, by ordering your CV from our professional Curriculum Vitae writing service, you can be sure that your Curriculum Vitae will justify the expectations of your hirers and make you one step closer to the job of your dreams.


There is one skill that every job seeker and student has to master if he/she wants to succeed, and it is CV writing. Most of the employees think that their abilities and experiences will speak for themselves in their applications, and there is no need to make a big deal out of the preparation of the documents. However, the truth is that they will not speak unless you let them do it, and the only way you can is by making your Curriculum Vitae flawless.

If you do not want to lose a position in a great company and “pay someone to write my CV” is the option you would not choose, it is crucial to make your CV shout that you are the best. Hence, you need to know how to make a good Curriculum Vitae, and Pro-Papers is ready to share a few helpful tips with you:

  • Keep it short
    Even though Curriculum Vitae is translated as a course of life, there is no need to describe everything you have ever done in all these years in details. An average CV for high school student, an entry-level specialist, and even the executive is two to three pages long, and you have to compress the information as much as possible to make it fit. Omit the irrelevant data, and try to present the suitable one in a succinct and concise way.
  • Make it simple
    This tip applies both to the overall look of the CV and the kind of vocabulary you use. The font, colors, and the style of your writing should not distract the recruiter from information in your Curriculum Vitae. Therefore, it is better to use classical fonts like Times New Roman, Garamond, or Arial to keep the document professional and make the text minimum 12 points in size. The only suitable colors are black and dark blue for the text and white for the paper.
    Pay attention to the way you outline the document. It has to be easy to find the necessary section, so you have to use headings and subheadings of different styles, and margins to organize the information. The words you use to describe abilities, experiences and the educational background should be understandable for the vast majority of people. Hence, avoid jargon, names, and abbreviations that are not widely known, or try to briefly explain them in other words.
  • Learn to brag
    As a Curriculum Vitae is made to present you as a perfect worker for the company, you will have to include and describe the most impressive achievements, skills, and experiences you have. CV for university students with no experience, for example, should give a lot of attention to the skills and present them decently, as there are no experiences to show. Therefore, you will have to give yourself some credit, but it is important not to exaggerate. You can turn yourself from likable to haughty just in a few words, and it is crucial to find this line and make sure you do not cross it. If you do not possess certain skills or experiences you think would be perfect for the position, do not include them. Most of your professional life is easily researchable, and the recruiters will eventually spot the lies in your CV either by looking through your social media profiles or right on the interview.
  • Check the additional info carefully To get your CV done professionally, be careful with additional information. There is no rule that forbids candidates to include information that is relevant to the job but is rarely seen on templates or typical CVs. Therefore, there is always a room for additional details, which will tell something new about you as an employee, and make your application stand out. Nowadays, more and more workers include links to their blogs or LinkedIn profiles to the CVs. If you are thinking to do the same, make sure it is appropriate for your position and the company in general. Look through the profiles before putting the links down, and check the posts for mistakes, expression of radical opinions, and any material that can strike a warning note.
    One more part of the application you should be careful with is a hobbies section. It is good to let the hirer know that you have interests outside the work, and you improve yourself in different areas. However, it is better to include hobbies that present skills relevant to the position you are willing to take. Hence, if it requires you to be a dynamic person, show your active sides, tell about the sports you play, and the recruiter will subliminally find you more suitable for the job.
  • Keep personal information professional
    As your personal information will be placed at the very top of the CV and the hiring manager will see it first, it is crucial to make it look professional and get rid of the insignificant parts. It is not necessary to include the date of birth unless it is common in your country or the hiring company asks you to do it. If you are too young or too old for a position, the HR managers may focus on it rather than on your experiences and skills. Moreover, the recruiters do not need to know your marital status and the number of kids, as that does not affect your qualifications. You can also leave your nationality out unless you are going to present something interesting and relevant that links to it directly.
  • Prioritize
    Apply the 'first things first' rule while writing, and start each section with either the most recent or the most significant information. Think of the skills and abilities that have to be emphasized, and always put them on top of the lists. Your education and experiences sections should be written in a reverse chronological order, to present the newest data first. The document can also be organized according to this rule, so you can put the parts of the paper in the order you find more suitable in your case. Thus, writing a CV for a student at college or preparing one for an entry-level employee with no relevant working experience, one should focus on the education and transferable skills, while qualified experts must lay the stress on their abilities and achievements.
  • Be mature
    This advice sounds simple as your CV is written in an official style, and it is hard to include something that will not present you as a responsible adult. However, some of the employees tend to forget about tiny details, which can reveal their childish identity. The most common one is an old email, which shows you as a great fan of cats, a certain football team, or a band. If you do not want to leave a recruiter with a funny lunch story to tell, create a special account just for work, which will only indicate your first and last names. Your voicemail should also be professional. If you accidentally miss the call from the hiring manager, make sure he or she will listen to an adequate message and still have a desire to meet you afterward.
  • Change the way you approach writing
    Most of the writing tips say that CV is a document that creates your personal brand and helps to advertise it. It is certainly true; however, it is just one of the ways you can look at it. You do not write such kind of document for yourself, and it is evident from the relevancy of the skills you include that you want a job in a certain company. If your goal is to simply be hired, there is a high chance you will not be. Instead, you should think of the ways you can contribute to the company, for example, by proposing the solutions to the existing problems, or the ideas on how to fulfill the needs of your potential employers. Such approach will show that you took the time to research the company, and you have the necessary abilities to take the offered position.

There is one more tip you should remember and use anytime you complete a CV assignment - do not forget to proofread. There are thousands of people who could have made it to the interview but did not just because of neglecting this advice. Most of the recruiters throw away the CVs that have typos or mistakes immediately, not bothering to read them until the end. The logic here is simple - if you do not take your time to make a professional paper, the hirers should not spend their time on reading it either, especially when there are hundreds of other applications they need to review.

Therefore, if you want to be treated like a specialist that is able to take a position, best online CV websites recommend making your Curriculum Vitae polished. It is hard to do it on your own, as you have seen your own writing hundreds of times, and you may not spot obvious mistakes or inconsistencies. Hence, you have to ask a friend or a professional CV maker to proofread the paper for you, and point out or correct the faults. If you want to be sure that your application can actually get you the job, it is better to use the expert help.

Fortunately, Pro-Papers offers a professional one with an effective and cheap editorial service. Our specialists are always ready to proofread and edit your document, adjusting it to the official norms and standards, and making it free of any fallacies. Let the experts make your Curriculum Vitae online and deliver the clean, neat and professional document, which will astound any hirers.


We understand that finding a nice, well-paid job in a tough economic climate of these days is a challenging task that is very hard to handle. The requirements of companies keep getting higher, the same way goes an unemployment rate, and it leads to an extreme competition on the job market. If you are not prepared to contend for the position you want to take, you can end up in the loop of the constant job seeking, even if you have everything a company needs. You may possess stellar qualifications, tons of relevant experience and stay as idle as a fresh graduate who has none. And your only chance to be seen in the crowd of other applicants is making a good Curriculum Vitae.

Even the people with the most astonishing skills can have problems with writing papers. Moreover, writing about yourself is something even a master might not manage, and is quite normal when thoughts like “I need help with doing my CV” appear in your mind. It is a rather difficult task that may take days or months to accomplish, especially if it is new to you.

Needless to say, the process of writing the perfect CV can seem quite intimidating. Therefore many people start looking for professional CV writers who could provide great paper help online. They start trying out different search queries, such as “resume template”, “create my CV for me”, etc., hoping to find some good Curriculum Vitae writing samples and examples for free. However, there is no point in using CVs that you can easily find on the Internet because it could cause serious plagiarism issues. But there is a way to get yourself a custom paper written from scratch even if you don't know how to write a Curriculum Vitae at all – the best and the cheapest CV writing service.

Luckily, nowadays, it is not necessary to prepare a Curriculum Vitae on your own if you have hard times doing it, as there are dozens of places you can receive a professional help at. Still choosing among the best CV writing companies? There is no need to, as Pro-Papers offers everything you would expect to find in the good writing company.

Our team united experts in numerous fields, who have completed hundreds of CVs for the employees in different spheres. Pro-Papers CV helper prepares original documents, which highlight the best skills and abilities of the clients. Also, our specialists make sure to tailor CVs to the job descriptions and all important requirements. When you buy Curriculum Vitae at Pro-Papers, you can be sure that the paper is thoroughly checked for errors both by experts and with the newest software of the high accuracy. Hence, you can be sure that your Curriculum Vitae will be clean, neat, concise and expressive.

We always aim to please every single one of you since our company cares about the academic success of its customers. So, there is no need to search for someone to “do my CV for me”. Our company produces content that is absolutely free of plagiarism because we would never want to jeopardize your academic careers and our reputation. Furthermore, we decided to make all pieces of custom writing affordable for everyone so that you could purchase assistant CV and many other types of papers at lowest prices.

The Pro-Papers team wants you to be satisfied with the delivered work and have it whenever you need. Therefore, we work 24/7 and offer the express service in 6, 8, 12, and 24 hours. Our support team is here daily and nightly to assist you during the order placement and the whole writing process. You will be able to communicate with a CV creator online and ask him to add or alter some details. Also, your document will be revised for free if you find the parts you would like to change. Thus, you will always receive an application that meets your expectations. Purchase it from Pro-Papers and let our professional CV writers make you the most desirable employee on the job market!

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