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1. Our service

We are available 24/7 and we strive to provide the best-quality service at any time of the day. However, we are not liable for any occasions when the site may be down because of any technical issues.

Also, we are not liable for any losses or damages caused by the use or inability to use our website. All information on the website comprises the Pro-Papers views and does not constitute any legal or other professional advice.

2. Use of final product

Please note that the final paper you receive is a model of a document that can be written on a given topic. All papers we provide are for your research or reference and may not be submitted as your own pieces of writing. We never encourage or participate in any acts of academic dishonesty as we adhere to the copyright laws. When ordering with Pro-Papers, you agree to properly cite all ideas from the products you receive.

If any materials you receive from us are used illegally or unethically, Pro-Papers and our partners will not be liable for the inappropriate use of such materials. Pro-Papers will not be liable for any losses or damages including poor grading, plagiarism issues, academic probation/expulsion/suspension, loss of any awards or scholarships, etc. It means that the Client of our Company will be solely responsible for any losses or damages caused by the wrongful use of the provided materials.

In case you used the file that was delivered and received a low grade, you will not be eligible for a refund as we do not guarantee any particular grades.

3. Revisions

If some of you initial instructions have not been met by our writers, you will be able to send the order for revision. We do not limit the number of revisions. However, if our Quality Control Department decides that your revision request is unjustified, this request will be rejected.

You will have 24 hours to send the order for revision on your own after you downloaded the final file(s). In other cases, you will have to contact our Support Team. For the detailed information, please check our Revision Policy.

4. Credits and Refunds

If you are from the European Union and paid the VAT when ordering with us, please note that we will not refund the VAT as it is non-refundable.

We guarantee that in case you are eligible for a refund according to our Money Back policy, we will transfer the money you have paid for the order back to your credit card. If you have received a refund/credit, the final product becomes the property of Pro-Papers and will be published online for commercial purposes on this website.

If you decide to save money as a credit with us, you will be able to use this money for your next orders with our Company. Please note that credits are non-refundable.

5. Plagiarism

We do not tolerate plagiarism and always strive to deliver papers that are completely original. However, our writers may use standard phrases, idioms or other clichés. Such clichés may be considered as plagiarized text by some plagiarism checkers. This is the reason why we accept the plagiarism level that is lower than 10%. Also, no bibliographical references can be regarded as plagiarized text.

6. Editing type of service

If you choose editing type of service when ordering with us, in this case the writer will change no more than 30% of the original text. If you need the writer to paraphrase or rewrite the paper, you will be expected to order the writing from scratch type of service. Also, if you need the writer to edit and proofread the paper that is initially plagiarized, we will not be liable for providing the plagiarized final product.

7. Payments

All our customers from the European Union are obliged to pay the VAT when ordering with us. Please note that VAT is non-refundable and will be added to the price of the order at the payment step of order placement.

8. Online assignments

Please note that we do not complete any online assignments. However, you may place an order with the same instructions and we will complete this assignment for you.

9. Referral program

If you bring other people to Pro-Papers, you will receive 10% from each order placed by your referral. Your referral will have to use the code that will be given to you. By using this code, your referrals will receive a one-time 10% discount for their orders. You shall not apply this discount code to your own orders with us. If you are willing to receive the payment, you will have to provide us with your Beneficiary information 4 days prior to the payment period (16th day of each month). Also, you will be able to use this money for your orders at

10. Problem solving and MCQ

Please note that we are not responsible for the number of right answers provided for you if you place an order for solving multiple choice questions. If our writer provides you with the answers and more than half of them are solved wrong, you will be eligible for a partial credit/refund.