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Take your ID and credit card that you used to make the payment for the order

Hide all your personal information that we don't need to know

Take a picture with your smartphone and upload this picture for verification (there will be a Verification tab)

Pro-Papers cares about your financial safety. As all payments are made online, we have to make sure that all our customers are actual cardholders and they recognize payments made for our services. We have implemented a Verification procedure that we use to ensure that our clients are on a safe side and protected from any fraudulent activities and identity thefts.

In most cases, we will not ask you for your documents and payment verification will be completed over the phone only. We just need to make sure that all information matches the data provided by our payment processors. Once the payment is verified, we will start working on your assignment.

What documents are needed for verification?

In some cases, we will need you to take pictures of your credit card and ID. We do not store your documents and use them just to make sure that you are an original cardholder. These documents are needed to make sure that you are the person who made the payment for the order and you are the actual owner of ID and credit card.

For security purposes, we will ask you to hide all your personal information. When taking a picture of your credit card, we only need to see the last four digits and your name on that card. You will be welcome to hide all other information, such as expiry date, full credit card number or your CVV code.

We will never ask you for your social security number or any other personal information! We ask you to provide the picture of your ID just to make sure that you are the person who made a payment. We will ask you to take a picture of your student card, driving license, passport or any other document that has your name on it.

* We guarantee to keep everything in complete confidentiality. We do not store any documents. Your personal information will never be shared with any third parties.