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Revision policy

Although we always make sure that papers are of the highest quality and meet all the instructions you have, it may sometimes happen that we have missed something and some of your requirements have not been met. In this case, you will be more than welcome to send your order for revision.

1. The writer will make the necessary changes for free if:

1.1 Your revision instructions do not contradict the initial ones AND

1.2 Less than 10 days after we uploaded the final product to your personal profile have passed if the paper is of less than 15 pages/the presentation is of less than 10 slides/you ordered multiple choice questions or problems OR

1.3 Less than 14 days after we uploaded the final product to your personal profile have passed if your paper is of more than 15 pages/the presentation is of more than 10 slides

2. If the revision is requested after the period of time designated by Clause 1 of this Revision Policy, we reserve the right to deny free revisions and request additional payment.

3. The writer or the company will assess the scope of additional work and we may charge an extra fee in case your revision instructions contradict the initial ones, either fully or partially, or elaborate on, add to, or explain them in a way that wasn’t mentioned initially. The writer cannot start working on the revision until the additional bill for the new scope of work is paid.

4. You are required to provide revision instructions only after fully reviewing the final product in order for your writer to make all the changes at once. We reserve the right to deny a free revision in case of a repeated revision and new revision instructions that were not mentioned previously.

5. You are required to provide sufficient time for the writer to make the changes you requested. If there is time left before the initial deadline for the order expires, the writer has a right to use that time to revise the final product.

6. As we are willing to provide you with the final products of the highest quality, we do not limit the number of revisions. In case you are not satisfied with the revision completed by the current writer, we will assign a new writer to revise the paper for you. However, if our Quality Control Department reviews the order and makes a decision that all your initial instructions have been met, or the revision policy is being abused, your request for revision will be denied.