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Credit / Refund policy

I. We guarantee that in case you are eligible for a refund according to our Credit/Refund Policy, we will transfer the money you have paid for the order back to the credit card used to make the payment for your order within 1-2 business weeks.

II. ! If you are from the European Union and paid the VAT when ordering with us, please note that VAT is non-refundable. All taxes and fees not specific to our company are non-refundable.

III. Instead of having money refunded to your card, you can choose to store this money at your balance on our website and use it for your next orders with us. In case you agree to this option, we will gladly provide you with a free Plagiarism Report for your next order!

1. Credit/Refund Eligibility

We believe that you deserve the highest quality products and service when ordering with Pro-Papers.

1.1 Thus, you will be able to get a 100% credit/refund if:

1.1.1 We missed your deadline, it is too late for you to submit the final paper, and you will not be using the paper further;

1.1.2 We failed to find the writer and complete the paper for you (such occasions are very rare and we inform our customers beforehand);

1.1.3 You have paid for the order and then decided to complete the assignment on your own (and informed us right after you placed it) given that no writer has been assigned.

1.2 You will be eligible for a 75% credit or a 65% refund if:

1.2.1 You decided to cancel the order and the writer had already started working on it (so the writer will get some compensation).

1.3 You will be eligible for a 60% credit or a 40% refund if:

1.3.1 More than half of the deadline has passed and the writer has already been assigned;

1.4 If we miss the deadline (does not apply to any revisions):

1.4.1 In case you can let us have more time, we will recalculate the price for you to match the new deadline and a partial credit/refund will be issued;

1.4.2 In case you do not need the paper anymore, a full credit/refund will be given.

1.5 If you provided the files or information necessary for/requested by the writer to complete your order after more than 20% of the deadline has passed, you are required to:

1.5.1 Give the writer the additional time, which is equal to or exceeds the amount of time it took to provide the abovementioned files or information; otherwise, you will not be eligible for a credit/refund based on lateness;

1.5.2 Pay for the deadline change, with the deadline difference equal to the amount of time it took to provide the abovementioned files or information for the writer to complete the order within the initial deadline.

1.6 If you have not provided payment verification documents requested as per Clauses 7.4 through 7.8 of the Terms of Use, we have the right to delay the delivery until the requested documents are provided. In this case, you will not be eligible for a refund based on lateness.

1.7 ! Please note that we are not responsible for the number of right answers provided for you if you place an order for solving multiple choice questions or problems. If our writer provides you with the answers and more than half of them are wrong, you will be eligible for a credit/refund equal to the percentage of wrong answers. This would not be applicable to cases where the writer was not provided with the necessary materials or information to provide the correct answers.

2. Credit / Refund Policy on Delivered Orders

2.1 After the writer has finished working on the order, we deliver you the final product. You are able to download the final files either by clicking the links in the email or by downloading the final files from your personal account.

2.2 When you download the file, you receive your final product, and you gain the right to use it as per our Terms of Use. If you notice that some of your initial requirements have not been met, you can send the order for a free revision as per our Revision Policy.

2.3 If there is time left before your initial deadline expires, we reserve a right for at least 1 free revision as per our Revision Policy before you can request credit or refund to be provided. Please check our Revision Policy for more information on the matter.

2.4 Although we guarantee that all papers are plagiarism-free, it can happen that we have missed something. It happens very rarely, and in case more than 10% of the paper was plagiarized, we guarantee that 100% of money you have paid will be refunded/credited.

2.3.1 This does not apply to a) orders on Editing, and plagiarism level shown for b) citations, c) references, d) quotes, e) terminology, f) idioms, g) cliches, h) commonly-used phrases, i) common knowledge, j) cited factual information, k) paraphrased or summarized information if it is clear which source it was taken from, l) sections you have added yourself, or m) any type of unoriginal, copyrighted, made-up, or fictional content you requested the writer to include.

2.3.2 In order to receive credit/refund based on plagiarism claim, you have to provide a plagiarism report showing a) the percentage of plagiarism in the work the writer has provided you with, b) highlighted sections that were plagiarized, and c) sources which plagiarized content was allegedly taken from. If such a report is not provided, you will not be eligible for credit/refund based on the plagiarism claim.

2.3.3 If we find that the report you provided accounts for a plagiarism level from any of the items in Clause 2.3.1, and the plagiarism level would be less than 10% otherwise, no credit/refund will be provided.

2.4 If the current writer fails to complete/revise the paper for you, we will assign a new writer who will meet your initial requirements

2.5 ! Please note that we do not guarantee that you will receive a particular grade. If you use the delivered paper, it means that you are satisfied with its quality and all your instructions have been met. Thus, if you receive a poor grade, no credit/refund will be given.

2.6 ! You will not be eligible for a refund of the sum that was initially on your credit balance. If you paid the sum for the order with credits, either fully or partially, the part of the credit that was used can only be returned back to your credit balance.

3. Disputes

3.1 We do understand that sometimes the abovementioned rules are not applicable. If you do not agree to the options that were given to you, you may request for the Dispute and we will review the order more thoroughly. If you are willing to dispute the order, please make sure that you have sufficient evidence to support your claim. Please check our Dispute Policy for more information.

4. If Credit/Refund was Issued:

4.1 The final product becomes the property of Pro-Papers and will be published online for commercial purposes on our website.

4.2 You lose the right to use the final product or any other materials that were delivered to you by Pro-Papers.