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Architecture research paper topics


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Illustration of a city skyline for an architecture paper

Architecture is a term that cannot be explained simply or in a few words. It holds a complicated and, at the same time, magnificent meaning as it combines engineering and art and presupposes composing something both useful and beautiful. It is far more than planning, modeling, calculating, and building.

If you are taking architecture classes and willing to become a professional in this field in the future, you have many opportunities to gain and enhance these important skills while learning and writing research works on the subjects. Writing about architecture will allow you to reveal your talents and abilities, come up with original ideas, and find the sphere you can later dedicate the career to.

Therefore, if you were asked to work on some architecture research papers, one of the most important steps you need to take is choosing an appropriate topic to write on. To help you cope with this task successfully, we have created a few lists with our top picks that will definitely inspire you.

Architecture writing ideas

Despite the fact that architecture research papers are not the easiest ones to prepare, the writing process goes smoothly if you know exactly what you are writing about. Some students spend a considerable amount of time only choosing the proper topic, not leaving enough time for researching and writing. If you do not want to be part of their team, it is time to decide what you want to cover in your paper.

The architectural sphere is a huge field, and it is impossible to review all of the architecture research paper topics that can be studied. However, there are a few major ones that you may narrow down to quite a few great options:

Green architecture

The population of the planet increases every year, and, as all people need the space to live in, a number of houses and apartments grows drastically, leading to the annihilation of green territories. Luckily, there is an option that can both meet the needs of people in terms of housing and be friendly to the environment; it is called a green architecture.

All buildings that use the green architectural concept consume less energy, water, and other resources; they can even produce power themselves with the help of solar panels. They leave less waste and have a lot of green areas on roofs, terraces, balconies, and nearby areas. There is a huge need for specialists in designing and constructing buildings of such kind. Therefore, a green architecture paper is a perfect option for writing as the topic is both of the current interest and the vital importance.

Comparison of two architectural styles

Although this topic is not the best choice you can make, it is still classical, and there are tons of information on the Web and in the literature. You can hardly say anything new on this topic, but you can try finding data that are not being used that frequently or compare styles that students rarely put together. Teachers see nearly identical research papers for architecture every year, so you should approach your task creatively when you are choosing to compare styles.

Impact of religion

This topic is also classical, as it has been used for architectural papers for decades. It is better to stick to it if you are short on time and do not have any original ideas. Students tend to adhere to the widely known examples of the impact of religion and keep boring their teachers with repetitive clichés.

However, you can always do deeper research and find cases people do not hear about that often. This will help you make a nice and interesting paper pretty fast, not putting too much effort or time into the completion, and the research paper itself will definitely appeal to your professor.

Effects of technology

As technology keeps improving, it starts influencing different parts of human lives, and the approach to designing and building did not become an exception as it keeps changing with technological evolution too. Nowadays, with the development of nanotechnologies, we can change the properties of the building materials, making them lighter, more effective, and better looking, also reducing their cost. There is room for new ideas for both what to create and how to use various existing technologies. Therefore, there are plenty of things that can be covered in architecture paper on such a topic, and it is definitely one of the most eye-catching and clever options you can find.

Usage of alternative materials

This topic is closely related to the green architectural concept; however, its focus is a bit different. The main goal of this topic is to analyze the applicability and effectiveness of materials, both natural and artificial, and understand which of them can and should be used in building. Some natural materials can replace ones that include chemicals, can be harmful to people’s health, or cost too much. Artificial materials, which are usually being reviewed, can be made of waste, a combination of natural and synthetic substances, or even antibacterial ones. There are hundreds of options that can be covered and thousands of ideas that can be proposed.

Architecture research topics list

If you were searching for narrower architectural topics for research papers, we have created a separate list of options you might want to consider:

  • The architecture of ancient Egypt
  • How does urban architecture change the world?
  • Outstanding architects of the 21st century
  • The issue of reconstruction of world heritage
  • Sustainable architecture
  • The influence of Internet of Things on design
  • The link between art and architecture
  • Usage of 3d printing in design

In order to further narrow the options, you can choose different countries, historical periods, designs, architects and potential influences or influencers on architecture.

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