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Aviation research paper


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Illustration of an airplane for an aviation paper

You have certainly used airline services at least once in your life. However, have you ever thought how much effort and human resources it took so that you or someone else can actually be on the plane and get to the destination fast and safe? Engineers have studied hard and practiced a lot to design and build the aircraft, people worked on the production of materials and details for the plane, pilots have been trained for years to operate huge machines for hours without decent breaks or enough sleep, and of course, airport stuff secured the flight, filled the tanks, and did numerous other things to make the flight possible.

Believe it or not, every single person mentioned above has prepared a certain kind of aviation paper at some point in their life. So, if you are already involved in the sphere or want to be a part of the industry, you will face the aviation writing task too. Your success on the way to your academic and career goals will depend less on the writing abilities and more on the knowledge of the main rules and writing tricks. While in most of the cases you will be able to use the expert assistance, it is pivotal to know how to prepare aviation papers qualitatively, and this guide will make you a real guru.

Aviation research topics

First of all, it is crucial to choose a perfect topic for your paper. To help you speed things up, we have created the list of top 10 topics for writing aviation essay or research paper:

  • How the biggest airlines cope with COVID-19 epidemics?
  • The harm of airports to the environment
  • The issue of security in developed countries airports
  • Aviation safety research paper
  • Increased baggage charges by low-cost airlines
  • The problem of aerophobia
  • Aviation psychology
  • Alternative types of aviation fuel
  • Nanotechnology in aircraft construction
  • Aviation rescue equipment

Aviation research paper tips for a novice aviation writer

Aviation research papers will most likely be the task you will be assigned pretty often in the course of studies. It requires students to pick the topic, which is usually the question, an issue, or a gap in the chosen area of the field, research it in a certain way, and provide the thought-out answer or the solution, along with further recommendations for the readers and specialists in the sphere. Your professor may narrow down the aviation research field for you in the requirements or you may do it yourself and run the topic of your choice by him/her once you are sure this is something you will find enough information on.

If you are puzzled by the assignment and are having a hard time getting started, here are the basic guidelines that will get the process going:

Decide on the subject and research it

No matter what tips you read, it is impossible to come up with the final version of the topic first, and then do all the research. Research is what helps to narrow the variety of options you have. You may surely determine what kind of area you like the most first. In order to make the topic more specific, you will have to read a lot of literature on the subject and see if there are any unanswered questions/issues or gaps in the works of researchers that are necessary to study.

When you come up with a more focused topic, it is crucial to show it to the professor, make sure he/she approves it, and continue a more in-depth research afterward. It is necessary to find the aviation articles, journals, and books that contain the information you need and present it in a logical and non-biased way.

Outline and draft

Even if you feel very enthusiastic and full of desire to start writing, put it on hold if you do not have an outline. It is paramount to know the structure of the aviation paper before you start; otherwise, the writing process will be like the journey in the dark. Without an outline, you can fail to address the most important points and will have to rewrite everything from scratch after hours of hard work.

Some professors provide their students with the sample structure they want every submitted paper to have, and if you were given such specific instructions, you can consider yourself lucky. However, if not, you can find a template on your own or look at the works of other students. For example, you will see that the introduction should be built around the background information, including the purpose of writing and the thesis statement. You will also have to state how you have found the topic, why it is significant, and what difference your study will make.

You should look for more specific instructions for each section, and it is better to search for the answers applicable to your area of studies or even subject, if possible. Finally, it is essential to follow the professor’s instructions and check whether the formatting, the writing style, and other must-follows are correct in the paper.

Reread, edit, and check whether all requirements are met

As it has been previously mentioned, you will have to deal with editing and rewriting a lot, especially if your paper is huge. You should check the structure, readability, the correctness of each section, and adherence to the instructions. If you have been provided with the outline or the professor has approved the one you came up with, you may skip the first part or just make a superficial examination.

You can check the readability yourself, but if it is a serious research paper that your final grade seriously depends on, you should ask a friend or a professional editor to read the paper and make sure it is clear, understandable, and has no mistakes. Even if no error is spotted, you should still carefully review the final work before the submission.

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