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Writing biochemistry papers

Human and Nature

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Macro photography for a paper written by a biochemistry writing service

Biochemistry is a science that studies the chemical (molecular) composition of living organisms and chemical (biochemical) reactions, which take place in these organisms and are the basis of their life-sustaining activity. Biochemistry paper writing can cover topics that are directly related to objects under study - living organisms at different levels of evolutionary development: viruses, bacteria, as well as plants, animals, and a human organism. In this article, we are going to provide you with some specific writing tips as well as the topic options and the perspectives you can study them from.

Biochemistry paper topics

  • Features of hereditary forms of breast cancer
  • Physiological and biochemical effect of nitrates on the animal organism
  • Biochemical effect of nicotine on the body
  • How do antibiotics work?
  • Classification of sports doping
  • Why are essential oils dangerous?
  • Inherited disorders of carbohydrate metabolism
  • Ethical aspects of genetic engineering
  • Biological functions of proteins
  • Alkaloid synthesis in plants

Four subdivisions of biochemistry to consider in biochemistry research papers

If you didn’t find the topic suitable for your paper, you may pick some ideas from the following branches of biochemistry:

Static biochemistry studies a chemical composition of living organisms and a structure of bioorganic molecules - biomolecules (proteins, amino acids, nucleic acids, nucleotides, carbohydrates and their derivatives, lipids, vitamins, hormones, etc.).

Medical biochemistry is a branch that studies human health and diseases, specifically on a molecular level. The findings in this field help to identify markers for various diseases and health issues faster, better, and more precisely.

Clinical chemistry is a scientific-practical branch of medical biochemistry that examines biochemical processes in organisms of sick individuals and researches the ones that can be used when diagnosing injuries of particular organs, tissues, and cellular structures.

Clinical enzymology is another important subdivision in the sphere of clinical chemistry. Here, the object of study is a process of enzymatic reactions that are being reviewed to determine if a certain disease is present in the body. For example, there are certain enzymes that can always be found in human blood and the changes in their levels indicate that some processes in the organism might not be running smoothly. Additionally, there are those enzymes that can only be found in the bloodstream when certain cells die or specific organs fail, and the earlier they are spotted, the more likely a person will be properly diagnosed and treated.

You may choose one of the branches to research, find a few interesting options, check if there is enough credible information on them, and settle on a specific topic for further studies.

Tips for writing research papers and essays in biochemistry

As biochemistry is a difficult sphere for studying, we decided to provide you with the best tips on writing a good paper:

  • Pay a considerable amount of attention to the research part. This is a hard science, so you have to be sure that the information you include is credible. It’s best to take it from journal articles, preferably those that were peer-reviewed and published within the last few years, and make sure there are no other sources that refute the data you have found.
  • Choose the topic you really like. There are various ideas for research works and essays in biochemistry, but the best option is to find the one that you will enjoy researching. However, make sure it is relevant to your field and narrow enough so it can be covered within the word limit set for your assignment.
  • Do not neglect the formatting aspect. Yes, even biochemistry papers have to be properly formatted. Therefore, find out what style you have to stick to and follow all the guidelines from the get go not to get any points taken off your paper.
  • Pay attention to research methods. When working with biochemistry research papers, note that you will have to describe all the steps you have taken to find the necessary sources and sort them to find the most suitable ones. If there is a practical aspect involved, you will have to justify the use of the chosen method and show that it suits your research purpose best.
  • Working on biochemistry research papers, do not forget to include the literature review and discussion sections. In the lit review, present the findings of the researchers in the field and analyze them in the discussion part.

Essays in biochemistry do not have such an elaborate structure as research works, so the outline will be classic (introduction, body, and conclusion). Moreover, it’s unlikely that there will be subsections in the body of the essay unless it is an extended one.

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