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Biology paper writing help

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biology homework help

Biology and scientific methods

It is a science that studies various characteristics of living systems. Nevertheless, defining the notion of a living system is a rather complicated thing to do. That is exactly why scientists have determined several criteria, according to which an organism is thought out to be alive. The main components out of these criteria are metabolism, self-reproduction, and self-regulation.

Notion 'science' is being formed as a sphere of human activity towards acquisition and systematization of objective knowledge about reality. In compliance with this term, an object of the given science is life in all its aspects and forms, and also on various levels.

Every science uses specific research methods. Mind these methods to complete your biology homework assignments successfully. Some of them are universal for all sciences, for example, such as observation, hypothesis advancement and control, construction of a theory. Other scientific methods can be used only when conducting research in specific branches of sciences, such as genealogy, hybridization, culture technique of tissues, etc. Although, there is one thing that is common for all scientific methods, and it is biology critical thinking that should be possessed by every expert in the given field.

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The science is closely connected with other scholarships, such as chemistry, physics, ecology, geography and, at the same time, is subdivided into a great number of specific sciences studying different biological objects: phytobiology and animal life science, phytophysiology, morphology, genetics, taxonomy, selection, mycology, helminthology and many others.

While writing a biology essay, one should remember that method is a way of research, passed by a scientist or a student, who solve any scientific task or a problem. There are numerous methods, and it is important to choose one that will be most effectively used during the information gathering phase. To complete a successful biology research paper, it is necessary to pay attention to the following scientific methods:

  1. Universal:
    Modelling is a method when a particular image of an object is created, with help of which scientists receive essential data about this object.
    Observation is a method that lets the researcher collect information about object (one can visually observe animals' behavior and seasonal weather changes in nature using devices that monitor alterations in animate objects). Conclusions made by an observer in biology review are checked either by the repeated observations or through experiments.
    Experiment is a method that helps to check results of observation and hypotheses stated (acquisition of new knowledge through a conducted experiment). Examples of experiments are the following: animals or plants' breeding aimed at getting a new breed, examination of new medicine. As a rule, all experiments are recorded in a biology report.
    Problem represents a question or a task, which needs to be solved. Solution of a problem leads to an obtainment of new information. Scientific problem always conceals some contradiction between the known and the unknown. Solution of a problem demands collection of facts, their analysis, and systematization completed by the scientist. It appears to be a rather complicated task to formulate a problem; however, when there is a difficulty, then problem arises to take place. If you face the same difficulty or you are thinking of something like "help with my biology homework", do not be shy and ask for assistance.
    Hypothesis is a preliminary solution of a problem set. Making hypothesis, a researcher finds interconnection between facts, phenomena, and processes. For this very reason, most often, hypothesis has such form as "if then"; it is being checked experimentally.
    Theory is generalization of the main ideas in any scientific sphere of knowledge. In course of time, theories are accompanied with new data. Some theories can be disproved by new facts; others are being proved by practice.
  2. Individual scientific methods:
    Genealogical method is applied when creating genealogic tables of people, and also when discovering a character of inheritance of some features.
    Historic method is establishment of interconnection between facts, processes, and phenomena that had been taking place during historically protracted period of time (several billion years).
    Paleontological method is a method exploring kinship between ancient organisms, which remnants are situated in the Earth's crust, in different geologic horizons. If you have a desire to become a paleontologist, you may be required to write a biology CV.
    Centrifuging method is a partition of mixtures into ingredients under the influence of centrifugal force; this method is applied while partitioning cell organs, light and heavy fractions of organic substances, etc.
    Cytological or cytogenetic method is a research concerning construction of a cell and its structures with help of various microscopes. You can consider cell structures as an appropriate topic for your case study. Biology is a science that can offer you many interesting facts to examine.
    Biochemical method is a research of chemical processes that happen in an organism.
    Every individual biological science (botany, zoology, anatomy and physiology, cytology, fetology, genetics, selection, ecology, and others) uses its own particular methods of research, which can be thoroughly examined and used as the basis for your biology article.

Affective strategy of Biology essay writing

Choice of topics and composition of an outline are compulsory elements of biology assignment writing. At that, outline should not be too extended. Here, one formulates his thesis statement - the main argument. You have to check whether every paragraph refers to the topic of your biology coursework. While using an outline, a student is not distracted by trivia and inconspicuous details. In such a manner, outline alongside with an abstract can help us focus on the key point.

Being under temporary pressure, you will not have enough time to improvise. Instead, you need to be ready to complete a biology term paper assignment, to work out your own strategy and series of steps that will give you the possibility to cope with this assignment quickly.

  1. Ask a question. It is one of the simplest and most effective ways to be familiar with an issue. In the case, when essay topic is already given to you in the form of a question, then attentively read question/task and think over your answer.
  2. Formulate a thesis statement that is clear-cut answer to the question asked. To prove your point of view, you need to come up with it.
  3. Write an introduction.
  4. Prove your point of view. Presence of thesis statement in your paper does not proclaim its truth. You just show that you believe in it, but readers require substantiation. Use 'the Rule of Three' - for confirmation of your thesis statement, point out at least three main substantiations. Supply every substantiation with three sustaining/developing ideas. Remember that arguments have to be ranked from the weakest to the strongest one.
  5. Make conclusions. You have provided evidence regarding your thesis statement and, therefore, it is reliable.

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Life science is a system of sciences, which objects under study are living beings and their intercommunication with the surrounding environment. It explores all aspects of life, in particular, such as structure, function, growth, origin, evolution, and classification of living organisms on Earth. The study classifies and describes living objects, its origin, interaction between them and with the environment.

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