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How to write a biology research paper

Human and Nature

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Clip art showing researchers and writers working on biology homework

Biology influences industry, medicine, nutrition, and the environment in general. It is a global and systemic science that contains knowledge about the entire biosphere of the Earth. That is why it is quite difficult to enumerate all the sciences that are connected with it. Studying biology, we find out about all the features of the living organism as well as how to live with them in harmony.

As one of the great ways to learn biology is by writing about it, you will have a lot of writing assignments in your class that will help you familiarize yourself with this science better. Taking this into account, our team has prepared a comprehensive guide that will help you submit A+ research papers in the course of your studies.

Best biology research paper topics

Before you start writing, it is necessary to choose one of the biology research paper ideas that you would prefer to discuss. Here is our top pick:

  • DNA synthesis
  • Role of medicinal plants in sustainable health
  • Features of human biorhythms
  • World’s biggest natural reserves
  • Methods of plant protection
  • Ethical considerations in cloning
  • The controversy of genetic engineering
  • The influence of the environment on the disease development
  • Mechanisms of addiction
  • Evolutionism vs creationism
  • The most common genetic disorders

Please note that these options might not be narrow enough for your research paper, as these are just ideas that you may research thoroughly to later settle on a more focused topic.

Biology research paper outline

The composition of an outline is a compulsory element of biology assignment writing. In this section, we will provide you with useful tips on how to structure research papers on biology.

  • Write an introduction. Do not overload it with the information, as you only need to review certain basics that will help your readers understand why you are researching the chosen topic. Be sure to add a thesis statement at the end of the intro mentioning what you are planning to prove, review, or discuss further point by point.
  • Show the methods you have used to gather information in the methodology section. Here, it would be necessary to let the readers know what basis you have chosen your sources on or why you have decided to conduct a research in a certain manner. You should not only justify your decisions but also describe each step you’ve made so that anyone can potentially replicate your research.
  • Next, it’s necessary to present the literature review and your findings. Be sure to discuss the validity of sources and how the authors conducted their research. Writing in biology requires you to be very precise so do not forget to cite all the information that you borrowed from different publications. However, be careful not to cite your own analysis and opinions – only the data it was based on.
  • Make conclusions. After restating your thesis statement and showing how you have supported it with factual data in the body of the paper, briefly review your findings and show that you have fulfilled the purpose of the research made.

There may be some additional sections such as limitations or discussion. Feel free to run your outline by your professor to make sure that certain parts are needed and see if there is anything else you have to add.

Tips on writing a good biology research paper

Writing a research paper is quite a challenging task. It requires analytical and critical thinking skills when it comes to information search and the choice of evidence. That is why we have decided to provide you with the best tips on writing a decent biology paper:

  • Spend some time looking for sources. Since one of the goals of research paper writing is to teach the student to conduct scientific research, it would be necessary to find, analyze, and make a final list of sources you will use. How do you find credible ones? First thing first, it’s a good idea to refer to the works of the most outstanding scientists in this field. You can also use references from various dissertations and other scientific research. These works are written by professionals and checked by experienced experts, so their credibility is unquestionable.
  • Do not forget about the outline. Outlining helps to organize your information in a clear and logical way. Write down all the parts of your research paper and briefly comment on each of them. This way, you will know exactly what direction you have to move in when writing.
  • Write drafts. There is no way to make your paper perfect from the very beginning. Therefore, in order not to focus on the style or the transitions too much when you’re just starting, allow yourself to “free-write,” but use the outline to guide yourself. Once you’re done with the draft, read it and check which points you can omit, what sections you can add to, and what parts need better transitions.

Biology research paper format

Paper formatting is no less important than other aspects of the writing process. If you are not careful enough with it, you will probably lose some points for the paper. So, what style do you have to choose? In most cases, it depends on the requirements set by the academic institution you are enrolled in. Therefore, ask your professor to clarify which formatting style you need to use and stick to it from the very beginning. In order to be sure that you’re doing everything properly, visit your university website or writing center and get a formatting guide.

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