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Writing an argumentative essay on animal testing

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Writing any academic assignment requires rigorous preparation, and animal rights essay is not an exception. The issue of animal rights is considered to be one of the most topical nowadays. Of course, you have your own opinion about this topic, and it can be different from what you can find in other essays about animals on the Internet when searching for some materials. Don't worry – you have to understand that the purpose of writing this particular assignment is to describe your perception of this issue. You can compare opposing views, give examples of researches performed by other people, but your thesis statement and ideas should definitely be unique. The same thing is about the conclusion in which you briefly summarize all the major turning points as well as provide the new approach to the issue under investigation.
Animal rights became a widely debated topic over the last century. The number of activist groups fighting for animal rights is growing as well as the number of cases when people exploit animals. So, while working on this academic topic, you will face two opposite views on this problem. However, it is up to you how to develop this topic. Now, you need to know where to start and how to move in the process of your writing to ensure that every single aspect of excellent academic writing is addressed. If you want to know more tips on how to do this when working on essays on animal testing, keep reading this article, and you will find a lot of useful pieces of advice to prepare the best assignment!

Animal Rights Essay 1

Animal testing essay

Animal testing essay is one of the most popular topics for consideration and research in universities across the world. With the ongoing heated debate about whether it’s appropriate to perform animal testing of various kinds, you can find an extensive list of evidence suggesting quite opposing variables.

Where do we start to work on this assignment? There are tons of information on this topic in libraries and online sources. It could take ages to study all of them. In order not to get lost in this amount of information, you need to formulate your animal testing thesis statement succinctly. What is your approach and your personal opinion about animal rights and animal testing in particular? Write down all the ideas that come to your mind because otherwise, you can forget something essential.
Writing animal testing persuasive speech requires conducting an extensive research. You need to know the most popular and the latest studies, be aware of possible objections, and be sure of how you would cover them. Make sure you employ all the basic principles of logic when arguing your point, and don’t forget about the importance of critical thinking that you’ve been taught as a freshman. Yes, we know this can sound like a too obvious kind of advice, but you are never going to believe how many students fail to provide the convincing proof simply because they forget or neglect the common list of logical fallacies.
So, as soon as you remember the proper structure that every academic essay should have and are aware of the formatting rules of your university, you need to get clear with what type of essay you will be writing. Is it a persuasive or argumentative essay? Or maybe, it’s a research paper? All of these types have slightly different principles of writing, and you have to understand them correctly to write a decent paper. Let’s look at each of them in more detail.

Animal Rights Essay 2

Animal testing argumentative essay

The essay structure mostly depends on the type of paper that you are writing. In the case of an animal testing argumentative essay, your main task is to defend a point that you propose as your thesis statement. For better understanding, we are going to explain some of the most common types of claims, with the help of which you can formulate an appropriate statement worth a professional academic assignment.

The first one is answering a question about whether some idea is true or not. In an argumentative essay on animal testing, for example, you can answer the question if animal testing indeed harmful for any animal or some of them still remain useful for humanity and relatively safe for animals.

The next claim that you can use in your essay could be this: what do some definitions that you choose mean? In an essay like this, you can examine animal testing in laboratories for cosmetic or for pharmaceutical companies. What do they do with animals? How ethical is that?

Another type of thesis statement claim focuses on value. You can highlight it in your argumentative essay against animal testing. It literally answers the question of how important this topic is. Animal rights have become quite a burning issue over the past few decades because, according to ASPCA, a significant level of testing of medications that appeared to be safe for animals, caused a harmful effect on humans, or in better cases were just ineffective. In this regard, another burning question is the following: is animal testing relevant for further investigations in the field of the pharmaceutical industry? The same goes for an argumentative article on animal testing. At that point, you can also claim that according to the applicable law, a medical drug, to be approved for national and worldwide selling, has to be tested on no less than 10,000 humans.

It is useful to write your ideas on little pieces of paper when preparing to formulate an animal testing argumentative essay outline and rearrange them on the table until you have perfect logical order. For example, by showing the proper facts, data, statistics, and references from authoritative sources, you can lead to the point that animal testing in too many cases results in false conclusions about the safety measures of medicine constituents.

Another type of argument is focusing on policy. After proposing the thesis statement of an essay on using animals in research, you can lead to the point of assuming what strategies could be applied to resolve the problems revealed as a part of researches using animals for the experiments.
In many of these types of claims, you can use the deployment of the subject throughout history to make your evidence even more showing. For example, if you are writing an argumentative essay on animals being used for research, you can start with a notion that, in Middle Ages, for example, people widely exploited animals because this was the only way to survive, and they didn’t really care neither about animal rights nor about the excessive number of humans dying from diseases as a result of the lack of hygiene and means of security. However, centuries have passed, and our civilization has chosen another way of development. The first recorded organization that had an intention to fight for animal rights was the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in England, established in 1824. If you live in the USA, you can also examine the current laws that are applicable to the issue of animal testing, and that would be the Animal Welfare Act passed by Congress in 1966, with an amendment in 1986, which you can view as a law that needs revising again, as the 21st century gains traction.
It is also useful to prepare animal rights debate questions in advance in case if you have to defend your point in front of the class and your professor. Don’t forget to prepare the most persuasive answers to possible questions and memorize or at least write them on small pieces of paper.
The structure of an animal cruelty argumentative essay doesn’t differ from most of the other types of essays. What’s important here is to keep the debate going. This method is also widely used for another kind of essay, which could be called animal testing debate essay, and it would focus mainly on the debate of two opposing points of view rather than on proving your statement based on other scholars’ conclusions.  After formulating your thesis statement, it is time to create an outline and to start writing the first part of your paper – the introduction. Ideally, it should contain a so-called hook statement. This idea should be slightly different from the clear and persuasive thesis statement that indicated directly what you mean and why you think it should be considered credible. An animal testing essay hook must immediately draw the attention of your prospective reader so that they want to immerse in reading your essay till the very end. This could be a witty rhetorical question that sets the scene for the main statement before you address it, or it could be a timely quote to think about or an intriguing idea that, most likely, no one has thought about the way you propose it until now.

Animal Rights Essay 3

Animal rights essay introduction and body

When writing an animal rights essay introduction, you have to present the information in such a way that your audience will be interested in continuing reading your paper. Besides, this section should gradually lead your reader to the thesis statement, which has to be relevant and to the point. Remember that you shouldn’t use valuable arguments that you have collected before body paragraphs of your animal testing controversy essay. Your main task in this part is still presenting a good thesis statement, which you will have to reinforce with arguments in the body of your essay.

The next thing you have to think about is body paragraphs. A conventional academic essay typically consists of three to five body paragraphs. Each of them should have a traditional structure, which is simple to follow step by step, whether you are writing why should animals have rights essay or any other type of argument related to this topic. Any body paragraph starts with a topic sentence. These sentences represent the main idea of this part and act as a transition from one argument to another. After this, you have to introduce the sub-argument that you planned to discuss in this section when creating an essay outline. After the topic sentence and the following section are introduced, you can develop your argument further on.

The next thing to do in an academic assignment like animal experimentation essay is to reinforce your argument by using some evidence and examples. Supportive evidence like facts, statistics, and references from authoritative literature pieces might all be used for proving that your point of view is valid. Finally, at the very end of your body paragraph, it’s time to summarize everything that you have written in this section. At this point, you need to strengthen your defendable claim and supporting evidence stated above with a persuasive final statement. In other words, try to answer the question: why was this point so important and relevant?

Animal testing essay conclusion

After you are done writing all of your body paragraphs, it’s finally time to write the last part, which is the animal testing essay conclusion. With this final point, you can either prove your thesis statement is right or fail with it, so we recommend you to be exceptionally patient when working on this part. Note that basic principles of how to write an essay conclusion can be applied to practically all types of papers, including animal rights argumentative essay. You can divide your conclusion into some parts.
In the first sentence, you have to rephrase the central message – your thesis statement. The difference between this sentence and your thesis statement in an introduction is that now you are completely sure that the presented idea is true because you have just proved your rightness. In the following few sentences, you can briefly repeat all the sub-arguments that you have stated before. In the end, the best way to finish your essay is to add the concluding thesis about animal testing. This one can represent some universal truth, hold an interesting idea, or give some food for thought to your readers.

Persuasive essay on animal testing

When deciding on what approach to focus on when writing an animal testing persuasive essay, you are probably wondering how a persuasive essay is different from the argumentative one. In this case, you have to remember that writing a persuasive essay, you employ principles of morality and emotional influence to argue the stated point of view. In this type of assignment, you have a chance to appeal to your reader’s emotions and not to eliminate your own for the sake of a rational viewpoint. Your purpose, in this case, is to influence people through their emotional reactions and feelings. Even though, don’t forget that you are still writing an academic assignment and your essay or your persuasive speech on animal testing should remain perfectly logical, contain strong evidence as well as opposing views. Keep in mind that any persuasive speech should contain a call to action. Social messages like stop animals abuse make an excellent topic for such speech.
Your ultimate goal to achieve when writing a persuasive essay on animal testing is to convince your readers that your point is valid and to encourage people to take action towards resolving the problem that you highlight. Imagine yourself being a lawyer or a head of an animal rights activist organization. What line of reasoning would you choose to attract random people to join your movement? It is also important to picture a portrait of your readers because the whole structure of an assignment like animal cruelty persuasive speech depends on them. So determine your target audience and don’t forget to maintain awareness of their possible biases; that would help you to structure a perfect counter-argument to any probable objections. So as you can see, writing animal cruelty persuasive essay is quite a challenging task, so do your best to come up with a high-quality text that can really change people’s attitudes. Just make sure that your arguments are strong enough to persuade even the biggest skeptics.
Before you start writing, we recommend you to look through persuasive essay topics about animals that your professor had provided or to find them on the Internet. You will be surprised how well-developed this subject is. Of course, you need to find a particular topic of animal abuse persuasive essay that will appeal to you. By doing that, you will be able not only to stay motivated and finish the essay way before deadlines but also to choose the right audience unmistakably. Useful advice is to look for the emotional link that connects you and your audience. For example, this could be the fact that you are a pet owner, or one of your older relatives was treated by a medicine, which was tested on animals, and it was proved to be ineffective. There are thousands of stories like this, and almost anyone can find them relatable.
You should also think about the strong opening phrase that will help you to grasp the attention of your reader. The easiest way to come up with an idea for the part that is called ‘the attention grabber’ is to be familiar with the subject and to care about this problem. For example, in the should animals be kept in zoos persuasive essay, you are encouraged to appeal to people’s emotions, as we remember from the explanations above, but you also should not forget about morality and logical reasoning of the question that you want to discuss. As a result, you can start with a memory of your childhood when you went to the zoo. How animals looked there? What did they do? How visitors reacted to them and how they reacted in return? Did animals look happy and healthy? The answers to all of these questions might not appear positive. Use these memories to picture the life of the animals in captivity. You can also highlight your ideas with the extensive research that you have performed.  
Some students prefer to write an outline after they jot down the first draft of their essay, especially if it’s a relatively short three-paragraph assignment. Some of them even look for animal testing essay titles after they finish working on the text of the essay. However, it is up to you to decide on which stage to write an outline or a title, and there is no solely successful formula. Moreover, you can even add the introduction and the conclusion at the very end of your writing, but if you feel inspired by the topic that you have chosen, it will be quite effective to write an introduction right from the start, before you write your actual animal abuse assignment.

Animal Rights Essay 4

Animal rights research paper

Writing an animal rights research paper might not be the most challenging assignment during your studies because this subject has become a touchy topic for recent years. Almost all the people inevitably love animals; that’s why it is essential to question out morality norms in terms of our actions towards innocent creatures whose lives sometimes fully depend on us. As Antoine de Saint-Exupéry once said — ‘You become responsible, forever, for what you have tamed.’
Animal rights movement research paper has a very traditional structure similar to those we described earlier in sections about persuasive and argumentative essays. By the way, you can either choose an argumentative or analytical paper to write. The main difference between them lies in the ultimate goal of your writing. The argumentative paper focuses on some very controversial topic, and it looks much like a debate between two opposing points of view. At the same time, an analytical research paper has a more rational than persuasive approach. In a paper like the latter, you are allowed to gather as many references as you want, and they don’t have to oppose each other. You may compare them, but your main goal in this essay would be searching for the truth.
When writing assignments like a research paper on animal abuse, the research itself becomes the most important part of your work. There can be multiple sources of information about animal testing, animal rights, animals bred in captivity, etc. You can go the traditional way and collect valuable and authoritative information to make your strongest points with it. The sources could be academic databases that can be found online. You can also visit the library at your university.

Of course, the Internet search is boundless, and you can also find valid sources from any location in the world, which expands your perspectives for writing a persuasive animal cruelty research paper a lot. You will find various articles, blog posts, news posts, encyclopedias, historical documents, web pages, books, and interviews. However, make sure you use no less than five authoritative sources in your research paper. When looking through the non-scholarly sources of information like blog posts, videos, and web articles, check whether they are unbiased and trustworthy.

After you collected the information, it might seem daunting to sort it all out and write a perfect academic paper. Don’t worry, you can do it! Just divide your work into easy steps. For example, the first thing to do after your research is to organize the sources of your animal abuse research paper. For example, use small colored slips of paper to recognize different kinds of sources. It is also useful to stick to each of them little papers with notes of what you find important in this reference and why, what idea you want to develop on the basis of this document, etc. Don’t forget to construct a bibliography list for your paper. It is exceptionally quick and easy to do if you have organized your references the way that is described here. Now you can also come up with a good title for animal testing essay. Your title should be intriguing but at the same time informative for your readers.

Now it’s time to take a few more steps of preparation for the actual writing of your paper. The next thing to do is to develop your animal testing research paper outline. When you have all your notes organized, you won’t spend much time and effort on this stage. Just remember to familiarize yourself with formatting guidelines that you are required to follow. Most of the types of formats are used for specific fields of study, so make sure that the norms and rules that you want to use are approved by your university or school.
Only after you know how you should format your paper, you can create a relevant outline and move on. After this, it’s time to formulate an animal testing essay thesis. Make sure it clearly represents your idea without stating any references yet. A good way to shape your thesis statement is to pose it as a question or as a persuasion. For example, it could sound like ‘Should animal testing be prohibited in the USA?’ or ‘Animal testing should be prohibited.’ Both options are right; you just have to show the argument in a necessary light since all of your sub-arguments and counter-arguments throughout the whole paper will revolve around your thesis about animal testing.
Before getting down to writing body paragraphs, you can make it easier for you and highlight the most important turning points that you will be discussing. Note that one pivotal point should not be necessarily deployed in a single paragraph. You can complete your idea in one section, but you can also develop it through a few paragraphs. Just make sure to keep the thesis statement as the ultimate point of your paper. Even if you are writing controversial animal rights vs medical research paper, which is simple to follow because you are only describing two of the contradictory views in relation to each other, keep in mind that you should maintain your focus straightly on the essay topic. Keep an eye on your animal rights essay outline, and don’t let your thoughts wander, especially if you’ve collected a lot of evidence and sources.
It might be a good idea to spend some time relaxing. After this, you can reread what you have already written and get some fresh ideas. Surprisingly, you might suddenly find that some points need further elaboration, whereas some of them have to be cut down or eliminated. You might also want to make your language sound more professional and academic, even if you’ve chosen a very modern and up-to-date topic like the research paper on animals in zoos. In this case, we recommend you to swap some of simple, casual words into brainier ones! Also, it’s important to make your direct quotes as concise as possible. Even if the piece that you found seems over the top relevant in your given context, it will look more professional if you avoid inserting too long citations.
When writing an animal testing should be banned essay, don’t forget to save your witty thoughts for transitional sentences between the paragraphs, because they should link the two separate sections together and make your animal protection essay look more cohesive and logically explained.

Now, the best way to emphasize the importance of your findings is to write a strong conclusion for your animal rights assignment like an essay on animals for research purposes. When writing a conclusion, you need to restate the thesis statement with more confidence and to briefly remind the reader of all the major turning points that you covered throughout the whole essay. It’s a good idea to write an essay conclusion right after you finish the body paragraphs because your evidence remains clear in your mind. Ultimately, at the end of an assignment, when you have already proved your thesis statement against animal testing, try to answer the question ‘So, what?’ to create memorable and convincing final sentence.

Animal Rights Essay 5

Animals in captivity essay

An ongoing debate about breeding and keeping animals in enclosed spaces like zoos and circuses intensifies each day. That is why writing animals in captivity essay is extremely in demand right now as it is interesting both for knowledgeable and general audience. The trick with this theme is that there is no actual right or false statement. Both kinds of arguments, let’s say, for and against keeping animals in zoos, sound realistic and to the point. Let’s discover some of the most popular statements on this topic.
Animal rights activists view zoos and circuses like hell for animals. They rely on the emotional state, questioning what would you feel if you have been trapped in the cage for a lifetime and used for entertainment. Such an approach that appeals more to people’s feelings on this subject is more appropriate to adopt for should zoos be banned essay. Moreover, activists keep saying that wild animals suffer in enclosed spaces because they cannot do what’s natural for them like hunting for food. If you are writing should animals be kept in zoos argumentative essay, you should focus on more objective evidence both for and against keeping animals in captivity, which we will continue discussing further on in this section.
Another argument against zoos is that by watching animals living in zoos, we can’t learn anything about their life in the wild. When writing a zoos ethical essay, you can use this argument as an opposing viewpoint to the one that suggests that zoos are created for educational purposes. Furthermore, a piece of supportive evidence against zoos could be the fact that only 2% of the world’s 6000+ endangered species are breading in the enclosure. This means that zoos are functioning mainly for making money, and they don't help threatened species to stay alive in safer conditions than in the wilderness. Most zoos also provide improper care like cramped spaces and faulty diet for animals.
An opposing idea on this topic for an argumentative essay on zoos lies in the fact that its proponents view the problem from a totally different perspective. Those who support animals being in captivity insist that zoos are the safest places for breeding and keeping animals that could be endangered otherwise. In the wilderness, the small population of some species could be fully exterminated because other animals would eat them. Another case is that lots of people keep hunting wild animals, killing them for food, fur, skin, and horns.
Animals should not be kept in zoos argumentative essay could also be supplemented by the idea that smaller animal exhibitors like roadside zoos and petting zoos keep animals in improper conditions. Sometimes a lion lives his whole life in a barren of concrete with metal bars on the sides or in a small cage. But even if the conditions of accredited zoos create a space for lions and bears that resembles their natural habitat, animal activists question if mankind has a right to confine animals for science, education, and entertainment.
Finally, we are going to discuss the most popular and widespread opposing arguments that support keeping animals in the zoos, which will help you to collect the solid evidence for your cruelty against animals essay, to formulate an appropriate thesis statement and to build a strong line of reasoning around it. As we have already mentioned before, keeping animals in zoos helps people develop an appreciation for animals and become educated more about wildlife. As a result, by watching how they live, children and adults gain the understanding that it is immoral to kill these animals for fur and food, and it is much better to help them grow and live in peace. Furthermore, if you watch people who are working in zoos, you can see how much effort they put into keeping animals healthy. It requires bringing them the food they like, cleaning and nursing them, helping to bring up babies, and sometimes even doing surgeries.
Moreover, large zoos also deploy programs of rescuing the endangered species by looking after them in a safe environment free from predators and starvation. They also have specific breeding programs that help to grow the number of threatened species. However, to support this argument when writing an assignment about animals in captivity, you should perform extensive research to prove that these programs really function and that they help to save species. It is great if you can bring some statistics on the number or percentage of saved animals due to these programs.
You can also choose are circuses immoral essay to explore the question of keeping animals in circuses for entertainment. The largest organization fighting for animal rights PETA suggests that circus shows are the cruelest on Earth, mentioning the UniverSoul circus in particular. They say that lots of species there have to suffer from transportation as well as forced training and performances. The trainers whip lions if they don't obey their commands. These people train elephants to perform uncomfortable tricks like standing on their heads, and if they fail to do this, they get beaten by sharp metal billhooks until they bleed. Besides, these animals have to live in small cages. During transportation, they have to wait in small trailers for days. An elephant Heather at King Royal Circus even died in one of such trucks from heat exhaustion. While animals are isolated from everything natural for them like playing, running, breeding, searching for food, and defending their territory, they develop abnormal behaviors like head-bobbing and constant pacing. Some of them attempt to run away, mutilating people and damaging property. For example, an elephant named Tyke was killed when she ran away from Circus International of Honolulu, Hawaii. We strongly recommend adding this argument in your why animals should not be used for entertainment essay.

So now you know how to approach a paper on such a controversial and sore topic. Just remember that when writing an essay like this, try not to get overwhelmed with emotions, be logical and perfectly rational until the very end to defend your point and propose the right solution to the problem. 


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