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Every academic assignment needs a certain degree of preparation, and animal rights essay is no exception. Of course, you have own opinion about this topic, and it can be different from what you can find on the internet when searching for some materials about the given subject, like essays about animals in general. Don’t worry - you need to understand that the purpose of you writing this particular assignment is to describe your own look at this topic. You can compare opposing views, give the examples of researches performed by other people, but your thesis statement should definitely have the unique hook. Same thing about the conclusion that briefly summarizes all the major turning points as well as gives the final thought called clincher that proposes the new approach.

Animal rights became a widely debated topic over the last century. The number of activist groups fighting for animal rights is growing, and the ways in which people still use live animals, however, doesn’t seem to go down either. So, the situation you have with this academic topic is that you have two polarized views on this problem. And it is your choice of how to develop this theme. That being said, it’s obvious that, at the very beginning of your research, it is crucial to come up with a modern approach that clearly deserves the highest recognition, like an A+ grade. Now, you need to know where to start, and how to move through the process of your writing to ensure that every single aspect of a really good academic writing is in place. If you want to know more about how to do this when writing essays on animal testing, keep reading and you will find a lot of useful advice in this article that will help you prepare the best assignment by yourself.

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Animal testing essay

Among all the diverse branches of subjects regarding the area of research that we are going to talk about in this article, the animal testing essay is one of the most popular topics for research in universities across the world. With an ongoing heated debate about whether it’s appropriate to perform animal testing of various kinds, you can find an extensive list of evidence suggesting quite opposing variables. Perhaps, as a result of your thesis statement, you will need to find some common ground between those contradictory facts given that the conclusion should necessarily be tied to the ethical standards of our times.

So, where do you start when beginning to work on this assignment. There are tons of information on this topic in libraries and online sources as well. It could take you ages to study all of them, or at least, the greater part of it. To not get lost in all this ocean of information, you need to formulate your animal testing thesis statement succinctly in the first place. Decide on your approach, what is your personal opinion about animal rights and animal testing in particular? Write down all ideas that that come to your head because otherwise, you can forget something essential in the end. Don’t try to make it perfect just yet - ideally, you need to embrace the subject from various points of view to decide how to set aspects that have not been addressed in scholar literature before, or at least, to argue a point with a professional tone.

It is useful being original on different scales because the most proficient animal testing persuasive speech comes from your clear understanding of the topic in various dimensions. You need to know the most popular as well as the newest studies about it, be aware of possible objections and be sure of how you would cover them. It is also useful to come up with the previously unexplained observation, let’s say, if you are writing an animal testing research paper, highlight some issues that no one had ever seen before from such a perspective as you are willing to propose. But you will reach the highest degree of research in this field, if you propose a testable hypothesis that will help to reduce the acts of violence towards animals across the world, but at the same time, won’t harm people that rely on animals in different spheres, won’t rattle the economics and won’t lead to mass protestations. In this regard, you will have to make sure that you are using the appropriate methodology for proving your position to be relevant. Make sure you employ all the basic principles of logic when arguing your point, and don’t forget about the values of critical thinking that you’ve been taught as a freshman to not get lost in your thoughts as you go and write paragraph by paragraph. Yes, we know this can sound like a too obvious kind of advice, but you are never going to believe how many students of higher academic levels fail to provide the persuasive proof of their evidence simply because they forget or neglect the common list of logical fallacies.

So, when you remember the proper structure that every academic essay should have, and you are aware of the formatting norms of your university, you need to get clear with what type of essay you will be writing. Is it a persuasive or argumentative essay? Or maybe, it’s a research paper? All of these types have slightly different principles of writing, but you just have to understand them correctly to write a successful paper. Let’s look at each of them more closely.

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Animal testing argumentative essay

The essay structure greatly depends on the type of paper that you are writing. How to write an argument essay step by step? That being said, in the case of an animal testing argumentative essay your main task is to defend a point in an argument that you propose in your thesis statement. For better understanding, we are going to explain some of the most common types of claims, with the help of which you can formulate an appropriate statement worth a professional academic assignment. Classic scholastic system counts nearly five of them. The first one is like answering a question whether some idea true or not? In an argumentative essay on animal testing, for example, you can answer the question if the animal testing indeed harmful for any animal in each laboratory or some of them still remain useful for mankind and relatively safe for animals. Now, the next claim that you can explore in your essay could be this: what some definition that you choose really means? In an essay like this, you can examine animal testing in laboratories for cosmetic or for pharmaceutical companies. What do they do with animals? How ethical is that? Since it is proved that animals have consciousness too, they can feel some acceptable level of influence as well as too intense one, do they suffer as a result of testing performed?

Another type of thesis statement claim focuses on the value. You can highlight it in your argumentative essay against animal testing. It answers the question of how important is this topic? Clearly, animal rights have become quite a burning question over the past few decades because, according to ASPCA, a significant level of testing of medications that appeared to be safe for animals, caused lethal effect on humans, or in better cases - stayed ineffective. In this regard, another burning question is - is animal testing relevant at all for further investigations in the field of pharmaceutical industry? The same goes about an argumentative article on animal testing. At that point, you can also claim that according to the applicable law, a medical drug, in order to be approved for a patent right as well as for national and worldwide selling, has to be tested on no less than 10,000 humans. Why this is important? Because we are facing the issue of inappropriate drug testing that is inaccurate and non-ethical not only for animals but also for humans. 

The statement that animal testing is being effective on animals and ineffective on humans is also applicable when writing a cause and effect claim that is also widely applied in academic assignments like the argumentative article on animal testing. Here you can explore the cause and effect relations, which can either be linear and bonded like a chain (cause-effect-cause-effect), or they can be more intricate. One cause might have many effects, and many effects can lead to a general cause for the next chain of evidence. It is useful to write your ideas on little pieces of paper when preparing to formulate an animal testing argumentative essay outline and rearrange them on the table until you have the feeling of perfect logical order. For example, by showing the proper facts, data, statistics, and references from authoritative sources, you can lead to the point that, animal testing in too many cases result in fallacious conclusions about the safety measures of medicine constituents. Another type of argument is focusing on policy. After proposing the thesis statement of an essay on using animals in research, you can lead to the point of assuming what policies could be applied to resolve the problems revealed as a part of laboratory sciences researches using animals for their experiments. Proving your point of view can look much similar to the previous claims when you are presenting evidence from certain sources and craft it in a perfectly ordered fashion, supporting it with rational ideas along the way to prove your statement. But in the latter case, you will lead to resolving the question of what is possible to do at this point of time and in given conditions to eliminate the objectionable consequences of the problem of animal testing.

In many of these types of claims you can use the deployment of the subject throughout the history to make your evidence even more showing. For example, you are writing an argumentative essay on animals being used for research. You can start with a notion that, in Middle Ages, for example, people widely used animals for a living because this was the only way to survive and they didn’t really care neither about animal rights nor about the excessive number of humans dying from diseases and fire as a result of the lack of hygiene and means of security. However, centuries have passed, and our civilization have chosen the inevitable path of development. The first recorded organization that had an intention to fight for animal rights was the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in England established in 1824. If you live in the USA, you can also examine the current laws that are applicable for the issue of animal testing, and that would be the Animal Welfare Act passed by Congress in 1966, with an amendment in 1986, which you can view as a law that needs revising again, as the 21st century gains traction. In general, 20th century is widely regarded as a century of the most prominent breakthroughs in medicine.

Although, some of the methods to prove the safety and stability of those medical components, as we already stated before, proved no longer to be accurate, today it needs reconsidering and renewal. Don’t forget to state an opposing view to this point if you want to write the highest quality argumentative essay on animals being used for research. And the altering point would be this: it appears that most of the significant discoveries were found with a support of the method of biological research experiments including animals testing experiments. Hence, now we have various drugs that save millions lives of people all around the world from diabetes, AIDS, cancer, osteoporosis, polio, strokes, heart diseases. Such evidence will create a strong tension of your argument. Your main task here is to stay logical and non-emotional and not to forget to link your every argument with a thesis statement at each point of a body paragraph. After you propose two altering points of view, here comes the time when you have a chance to show all your logical skills. Now you can compare them and lead to the main statement of why your idea is relevant, based on the argument of why option A is more credible than option B or vice versa. It is also useful to prepare animal rights debate questions in advance in case if you have to defend your point in front of the class and your professor or tutor. And of course, don’t forget to prepare the most persuasive answers to them as well and memorize it! Or at least write it on small pieces of paper from both sides to support you in the classroom and to state some facts, dates, names, events, which impossible to memorize all at once.

The structure of an animal cruelty argumentative essay is no different from most of the other types of essays. What’s important here is to keep the imaginable debate going. This method is also widely used for another type of essay, which could be called animal testing debate essay and it would focus mainly on the debate of two opposing points of view rather than on proving your own statement based on other scholars’ conclusions. But, getting back to the argumentative essay structure, after formulating your thesis statement, it is time to write an outline and to start writing each part of your paper. So the first part that you want to start with, is definitely your introduction. Ideally, it should contain a so-called hook statement. It is not difficult to find how to write a hook for an essay. This idea should be slightly different from the clear and persuasive thesis statement that indicated directly what you mean and why do you think it should be considered credible. An animal testing essay hook must immediately draw the attention of your prospective reader and “hook” them so they want to immerse themselves in reading all of your essay till the very end. This could be a witty rhetorical question that sets the scene for the main statement before you address it. Or it could be a timely quote to think about, or an intriguing idea that, most likely, no one have thought about the way you propose it until now.

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Persuasive essay on animal testing

When deciding on what approach to focus on when writing an animal testing persuasive essay, you are probably wondering how a persuasive essay is different from the argumentative type of essay that we discussed above. Turns out, that one distinctive feature that makes one different from another is very simple to understand. Remember, that persuasive essays use principles of morality and emotional influence to argue the stated point of view. In this type of assignment, you have a chance to appeal to your reader’s emotions and not to eliminate them for the sake of a rational viewpoint like you do when writing an argumentative essay. Your purpose in this case is to influence people through their emotional reactions and feelings. Even though, don’t forget that you are still writing an academic assignment and your essay or your persuasive speech on animal testing should remain perfectly logical, contain strong evidence, opposing views and their override. And also keep in mind that any persuasive speech should be based on a credible call to action. Social messages like stop animals abuse make for a great topic for such speech.

Your ultimate goal to achieve when writing a persuasive essay on animal testing is to convince your readers that your point is true and to encourage people to take action towards resolving the problem that you highlight. Imagine yourself being a lawyer or a head of an animal rights activist organization. What line of reasoning would you choose to attract random people to join your movement? It is also important to picture a portrait of your typical audience because the whole structure of an assignment like animal cruelty persuasive speech depends on your readers or listeners. Why? Think about it. If your audience knows little or nothing about your subject, you will have to use simple language and provide some background information in the beginning of your speech or write-up. If you have the audience consisting of scholars and subject matter experts, you should use professional tone of voice, more academic vocabulary, and of course, your evidence and argument should appeal with the most specific and up-to-date sources supporting your idea. Likewise, there could be audience that shares your opinion or that doesn’t. In the first case you would focus more on your plan of action and what you should do to achieve your goals. For example, what actions on personal, social, and governmental level would help to stop animal abuse in laboratory sciences, entertainment, food industry, and at homes. On the contrary, people who don’t share your point of view will need more persuasion to prove that you are right. And don’t forget to maintain awareness of your audience’s biases, that would help you to structure a perfect counter-argument to their probable objections.

Another great method to consider when writing the animal abuse persuasive essay is to employ ancient Greece techniques that famous orators like Demosthenes and Cicero used in every speech. They outlined three main approaches to structure a persuasive speech. One called Ethos appeals for people’s morality. It is a great choice for animal rights assignments. You can argue the ethics and morality of animal testing, animals bred in captivity, the use of them for entertainment in circuses and zoos, etc. Another approach is called Pathos and it calls for people’s emotions. Here it is necessary to describe terrible consequences of actions that lead to suffering of innocent creatures, which is quite applicable for writing an animal cruelty persuasive essay. You might present evidence that animals feel the fear of death just like humans do, they feel pain and they suffer when we take away their children or parents. Finally, the third approach is called Logos and it appeals for logic and intellect. Going through the main principles of reasoning will do you good for this one. You want to know what induction, deduction, and abduction means. You need to know how to use hypothetical syllogism, Boolean logic, propositional logic, predicate and modal logic, non-classical logic. It is useful to combine a few of these approaches to create a perfectly persuasive argument. Consider your argument and conclusion not to be fully emotional because if you do this, you will lack the essential evidence background to make your essay sound persuasive in general.

Before you start writing, we recommend you to look through persuasive essay topics about animals that your professor had provided you or to find them on the internet. You will be surprised how developed this subject is. Why doing this? Because you need to find the particular topic that will appeal to you. By doing that, not only you will be able to stay motivated and finish the essay way before deadlines, but also you will unmistakably choose the right audience. For sure, you will find the most convincing argument right from the start to make your essay sound the most persuasive. Useful advice is to look for the emotional link that connects you and your audience. For example, this could be the fact that you are a pet owner, or one of your older relatives was treated by medicine approved by animal testing, and it was proved to be ineffective. There are thousands stories like this and almost anyone can feel the relation in this regard to your opinion.

You should also think about the strong opening phrase that will help you to grasp the attention of your reader or listener from the first few minutes of getting acquainted with your write-up. The easiest way to come up with an idea for the part that is called the attention grabber is to, of course, be familiar with the subject and to care about this problem of animal rights to certain extent. For example, you are writing should animals be kept in zoos persuasive essay. In this kind of assignment you are encouraged to appeal to people’s emotions, as we remember from the explanations above, but you also should not forget about morality and logical reasoning of the question that you want to discuss. As a result, you can start with a memory of your childhood when you went to the zoo. How animals looked there? What did they do? How visitors reacted to them and how they reacted in return? Did animals look happy and healthy? The answers to all of these questions might not appear positive. Use these memories to picture the life of the animals in captivity. Then you can support your thoughts with validated evidence and propose an appropriate solution to this problem. You can also highlight the broad research that you have performed. Your personal or professional experience could also be a great evidence to your idea proving that you are an authority on this issue and you know what you are talking about.

Some students prefer to write an outline after they jot down the first draft of their essay, especially if it’s a relatively short three-paragraph assignment. Some of them even look for the animal testing essay titles after they finish working on the text of the essay. However, the choice of on which stage to write an outline or a title is completely up to you, and there is no solely successful formula. You can choose the most comfortable method for you, although, most teachers find that it is much easier to write some essential turning points in the form of topic sentences which automatically make a perfect outline and then expand each of them into a body paragraph. The introduction and the conclusion you can add at the very end of your writing, but if you feel inspired by the topic that you have chosen, it will be quite effective to write an introduction right from the start, before you write anything else. Speaking about conclusion, it is not recommended to write it at the beginning when you only start working on your animal abuse assignment. The reason for that is simply because some essential claims and details, some supportive data and argument can appear as you go, so it’s always a good idea to leave the very concluding parts for the end of your working over the assignment. If all goes well, you will succeed to write persuasive essays.

Animal Rights Essay 4

Animal rights research paper

Writing an animal rights research paper might not be the most challenging assignment during your studies because the subject has been a touchy topic for debating for the recent years. Almost all the people inevitably have the emotions for animals, that’s why it is important to question out morality norms in terms of our actions towards innocent creatures whose lives sometimes fully depend on us. As Antoine de Saint-Exupéry once said — 'You become responsible, forever, for what you have tamed.'

Animal rights movement research paper has a very traditional structure similar to those we described earlier in sections about persuasive and argumentative essays. To some extent, a research paper also has two types almost like the essays that we were learning to write up. You can either choose an argumentative or analytical paper to write. The main difference between them lies in the ultimate goal of your writing. The argumentative paper focuses on some very controversial topic, and it looks much like a debate between two opposing points of view. At the same time, an analytical research paper has a more rational than persuasive approach. In a paper like the latter, you are allowed to gather as many references as you want, and they don’t have to oppose each other necessarily. You might compare the reasoning in a calm and scientific manner. Your main goal in this paper would be searching for the truth.

Obviously, when writing something like a research paper on animal abuse, the research itself becomes the most important part of your working on this paper. There can be multiple sources of information about animal testing, animal rights, animals bred in captivity, etc. You can go the traditional way at first to collect the valuable and authoritative information and make your strongest points with it. This could be academic databases, a lot of which can be found online. The easiest way to look for them is to switch on the Google Scholar search. You can also visit the library of your university - it may offer you the exclusive references. Most of the students don’t bother to come and search for them in the conventional library assuming that all the answers could be found online. That’s why you can override your peers in regards to persuasive evidence by simply searching for citations in a library.

Of course, the internet search is boundless and you can also find valid sources from any location in the world, which expands your perspectives for writing a persuasive animal cruelty research paper a lot. Search editorials, articles, blog posts, news posts, talk radio, encyclopedias, historical documents, web pages, books, interviews. Make sure you use no less than five authoritative sources in your research paper. When looking through the non-scholarly sources of information like blog posts, videos, and organizations articles, make sure that they are unbiased and trustworthy. Also, you might try one trick that students of higher academic levels often employ to search for the most relevant evidence and to avoid plagiarism. What they do is simply looking at the bibliography list of a popular research paper example, and then find these references and use some other citations from it.

After you gathered the bulk of information, it might seem daunting now to sort it all out and make a perfect academic paper out of it all. You can do it! Just divide your work into easy one at a time steps. For example, the first thing to do after your research how to effectively order all the evidence is to organize your reference notes. For doing this, you need to print out copies of them all. A good way to start placing it in the right order is to divide all the sources by kind and strength because that is how you are required to organize them in the final draft of your animal abuse research paper. Use small colored slips of paper to recognize different kinds of sources. It is also useful to stick to each of them little papers with notes of what do you find important in this reference and why, what idea you want to develop on the basis of this document, etc to not forget why exactly you kept this particular piece. And don’t forget to construct a bibliography list for your paper. It is especially quick and easy to do if you have organized your references the way that is described here. Now you can also come up with a good title for animal testing essay.

After you’ve done all that, it’s time to take a few more steps of preparation to the actual writing of your paper. The next thing you want to do is to develop your animal testing research paper outline. When you have all your notes organized, you won’t spend much time and effort on this stage. Just remember to familiarize yourself with formatting guidelines that you are required to follow. For example, an APA format requires organizing the paper by headings, and to necessarily include the introduction, methods, results, and discussion. Another type of formatting is MLA. It is typically used for literary research papers, but the animal testing area could also be appropriate for using this kind of formatting, which requires in-text citations as well as the ‘works cited’ page at the end of your paper. Another format that you might be asked to follow is Chicago formatting, which, on the contrary, requires making footnotes at the end of each page with a reference to the ‘works cited’ page at the end of the assignment. Most of the types of formats are used for specific fields of study so make sure that the norms and rules that you want to use are approved by your teacher or professor of the discipline that you are writing this assignment for.

Only after you know what is the essential form in which you should write your paper, you can create a relevant outline and move on. After this, it’s time to formulate an animal testing essay thesis. Make sure it clearly represents your idea without stating any references yet. A good way to shape your thesis statement is to pose it as a question or as a persuasion. For example, it could sound like ‘Should animal testing be prohibited in the USA?’ or ‘Animal testing should be prohibited’. Both options are right, you just have to show the argument in a necessary light since all of your sub-arguments and counter-arguments throughout the whole paper will revolve around something like the thesis about animal testing.

Before getting down to writing your assignment’s body paragraphs, you can make it easier for you if you highlight the most important turning points that you will be discussing. Note that one pivotal point should not be necessarily deployed in a single paragraph. You can complete your idea in one section, but you can also develop it through a few paragraphs if not the whole essay. Just make sure to keep the thesis statement the ultimate point of your paper, to which all of the sub-arguments relate as they uncover. Even if you are writing controversial animal rights vs medical research paper, which is simple to follow because you are only describing two of the contradictory views in relation to each other, keep in mind that you should maintain your focus straightly on the essay topic. Keep an eye on your animal rights essay outline, and don’t let your thoughts wander, especially if you’ve gathered a lot of evidence sources.

It might be a good idea to spend some time away from your paper and to let your brain relax. After this, you can reread what you have already written with a fresh new approach. Surprisingly, you might suddenly find that some points need further discovering, whereas some of them need cutting down or eliminating at all. You also might want to make your language sound more professional and academic, even if you’ve chosen a very modern and up-to-date topic like the research paper on animals in zoos. In this case, we recommend you to use the descriptive vocabulary after you write the first draft. Just swap some simple, casual words into more brainy ones! Also, it’s important to make your direct quotes as succinct as possible. Even if the piece that you found seems over the top relevant in your given context, it will look more professional if you avoid inserting too long citations. Be careful - your goal here is not to cut the more or less essential part of the evidence point of view. Instead, strive to paraphrase some parts of it in your own words and create your own ideas on the basis of these words.

When writing an animal testing should be banned essay, don’t forget to save your witty thoughts for binding sentences between the paragraphs, because they should link the two separate sections together and make your work look more holistic and logically explained. You should get the organized flow of your thought towards proving the thesis statement proposed in this assignment. Some of the essential rules to follow is always to remember about the evidence and the commentary. Let us explain what this all means in regards to your animal protection essay. Let’s start with the notion that, your ideas and thoughts are moving you throughout the main turning points towards the explanation and proving your thesis statement. In this light, you should keep in mind that each of that ideas should necessarily be supported with an authoritative evidence from one of your sources. When writing an academic paper, it is inappropriate to propose any assumptions without supporting them with credible references and undeniable facts. When you keep it all explained the right way, it is always important to state your own point of view for the subject you are writing about. The thing is that, this is your own academic research paper, so you definitely want to keep it individual! Don’t just present bare facts or ideas. It is necessary to place your own unique comments for each of them.

Now, the best way to emphasize the importance of your findings is to write a strong conclusion for your animal rights assignment like an essay on animals for research purposes. Some university professors even advice to write a conclusion before you formulate an introduction and then to shape the main points of a conclusion in a more subtle way to create an engaging introduction for your assignment paper. When writing a conclusion, you traditionally need to restate the thesis statement with more confidence and to briefly remind the reader all the major turning points that you covered throughout the whole essay. It’s a good idea to write an essay conclusion right after you finish the body paragraphs because all of your evidences remain clear in your mind and you won’t have to waste your time and get back after having some rest to remind yourself what have you been writing about on a dozens of pages before. Ultimately, at the end of an assignment, when you have already proved your thesis statement against animal testing, try to answer the question ‘So, what?’ to create the memorable and convincing final touch to your essay conclusion. Imagine that you zoom out on the topic that you covered and leave your reader with some content to think about after you proved your point.

Animal rights essay introduction

When writing an animal rights essay introduction, the next thing that you want to think about is background information. This block gradually leads your reader to the thesis statement so that it looks the most relevant and to the point. In this part, you want to narrow the focus to represent your idea in the light that looks the most valid from the academic standpoint. Remember, that you shouldn’t hurry to reveal your main point at this stage. Don’t use valuable arguments that you have collected before during your research for mentioning in body paragraphs of your animal testing controversy essay. Just follow the step by step logical explanation of the argument that slowly goes into your perfect thesis statement and the further sentence or two of why do you think it is correct.

Following the essay structure, the next thing that you want to write is a body paragraph. A conventional academic essay typically consists of three to five body paragraphs. Each of them should have a traditional structure, which is simple to follow step by step, whether you are writing why should animals have rights essay or any other type of argument related to this topic. Any other body paragraph simply starts with a topic sentence. These sentences represent the main idea of this part and act as a transition from one paragraph argument to another. After this all you have to do is to introduce the sub-argument that you planned to discuss in this section when was creating an essay outline. After the topic sentence and the following section is crafted, you can develop your argument further on. To do that, you need to compose one of your claims that we discussed above. But stay attentive at this point because every single claim should necessarily be linked to your main thesis statement. They are all designed to support and to prove your major idea for this essay.

The next thing to do in an academic assignment like animal experimentation essay is to validate your claim by using external sources. Supportive evidence like facts, statistics, references from authoritative literature pieces might all be used for proving that your point of view is valid. Finally, at the very end of your body paragraph, it’s time to summarize everything that you have written in this section. At this point, you need to strengthen your defendable claim and supporting evidence stated above with a persuasive final statement. In other words, try to answer the question: why was this point so important and why was this one relevant in the light of your proposed argument overall?

Animal testing essay conclusion

After you are done writing all of your body paragraphs, it’s finally time to write the last part, and that is the animal testing essay conclusion. This part is considered one of the most important ones throughout the whole paper because here you add kind of the icing on the cake of your assignment. With this final point, you can either prove your thesis statement is right or fail with it, so we recommend you to be especially patient when working on this one. Note that basic principles of how to write an essay conclusion touch practically all types of essays including animal rights argumentative essay. You can divide it into a few easy steps.

In the first sentence of your overall conclusion in the academic paper you want to rephrase the central message meaning your thesis statement. The difference between this sentence and the one where you first presented your thesis statement in an introduction to your essay is this: now you are completely sure that this presented idea is true because on the pages of this assignment you have just completely proved you right. Such message should hide between the lines of this conclusion sentence that restates the thesis. In the following few sections you can briefly repeat all the sub-arguments that you have stated before for the reason that, when a reader gets to this point, they typically don’t remember all the evidence that you presented. So here they can find it in a short and easy to understand form. In the end, the best way to finish your essay is to add the concluding thesis about animal testing. This one can represent some universal truth, hold a memorable thought, or a call to action to encourage your reader to further investigation on this topic.

Animal Rights Essay 5

Animals in captivity essay

An ongoing debate about breeding and keeping animals in enclosed spaces like zoos and circuses creates new and new arguments each day. This is why, writing an animals in captivity essay is extremely in demand right now, including both random audience and academic circles. The trick with this theme is that there is no actual true or false statement as well as when writing a paper on abortion. Both kinds of arguments, let’s say, for and against keeping animals in zoos, sound realistic and to the point. Let’s discover some of the most popular statements on this topic.

Animal rights activists might view zoos and circuses like a true evil. They rely heavily on the emotional state questioning what would you feel if you have been trapped in the cage for a lifetime and used for entertainment. Such an approach that appeals more to people’s feelings on this subject is more appropriate to adopt for should zoos be banned essay. Some experts also point out that this radical position in most cases comes from vegetarians who deny consuming products of animal origin, wearing fur and leather. Activists keep saying that wild animals suffer in enclosed spaces because they cannot do what’s natural for them like hunting for food. If you are writing should animals be kept in zoos argumentative essay, you should focus on more rational evidence both for and against keeping animals in captivity, which we will continue discussing further on in this section.

Another argument against zoos is that by watching animals living in zoos we can’t learn anything about their true life in the wild. When writing are zoos ethical essay, you can use this argument as an opposing viewpoint to the one that suggests that zoos are created for educational purposes. This latter point argues that some zoos simulate animals’ natural habitat fairly believable. In this regard, these places are created for scientists and general public to learn more about habits, instincts, behavior, and biological principles of the wildlife in order to maintain it, cure it if needed, and help them grow. Meanwhile, a supportive evidence against zoos could be the fact that only 2% of the world’s 6000+ endangered species are breaded in enclosure. This means that zoos are functioning mainly for making money and they don’t help threatened species to stay alive in safer conditions than in wild nature. Most zoos also provide improper care for animals like cramped spaces and faulty diet. But even if they are treated with care and respect these animals don’t feel happy and contented because anyway they are taken away from their natural habitat, which means they are isolated from doing what is natural for them, from following their basic instincts.

An opposing view on this topic for an argumentative essay on zoos views the problem from a totally different perspective. Those who support animals being in captivity insist that zoos are the safest places for breeding and keeping animals that could be endangered otherwise. When in the wild, the small population of some species of birds or wild cats could be fully gone because other animals would eat them. Another case is that lots of people keep hunting wild animals, killing them for food, fur, skin, and horns. It is absolutely immoral to close your eyes on a problem of hunting and suggesting that zoos possess the utmost danger for animals. Some students also propose that wild animals are dangerous for humans when being free near cities and villages. Their instinct to hunt for food is active at all times, which puts people in danger of being attacked by wild animals.

Animals should not be kept in zoos argumentative essay could also be presented by an idea that smaller animal exhibitors like roadside zoos and petting zoos keep animals in improper conditions. Sometimes a lion lives his whole life in a barren of concrete with metal bars on the sides or in a small cage. But even if the conditions of accredited zoos fully immerse that lions and bears into a smaller copy of their natural habitat, animal activists question if the mankind has a right to confine animals for science, education, and entertainment. On the other hand, you can point out in your should animals be kept in captivity essay that people as a part of the population of live creatures are much weaker than wild animals. If following the assumption of animal advocates, we should let these animals live as they prefer to live and don’t interfere in the wildlife, they would eventually eat humans randomly, just like wild does. We have to consider - are we ready to live with a world of wild nature side by side and let the survival of the fittest decide?

So, the opposing view, that is for keeping animals in zoos operates quite a few arguments. We are going to discuss the most popular and widespread of them, which will help you to collect the valid evidence for your cruelty against animals essay, to formulate an appropriate thesis statement and to build a strong line of reasoning around it. As we have already mentioned before, keeping animals in zoos lets people develop an appreciation for animals, to educate about wildlife. As a result, by watching how they live, children and adults gain the understanding that it is immoral to kill these animals for fur and food and it is much better to help them grow and to live in peace. Furthermore, if you watch people who are working in zoos, you can see how much effort they put in keeping animals healthy. It requires bringing them the food that they like, cleaning them and nursing them, bringing the opposite sex individuals to create families, helping to bring up and grow babies, sometimes even doing surgeries to keep them alive.

Large zoos also deploy programs of rescuing the endangered species by looking after them in the safe environment free from predators, starvation, habitat loss. They also have specific breeding programs that help to grow the number of threatened species. However, to support this argument when writing an assignment about animals in captivity, you should perform an extensive research to prove that these programs really function and that they help to save species. It is awesome if you can bring some statistics on the number or percentage of saved animals during performing of these programs. And don’t forget about special vet services that catch wounded animals, cure them, and let them go. To prove your point, you will be required to find such companies and to show a brief summary of their operating. You can look for Australian vets saving large turtles or American companies in the states where there is more of a wild nature than of large cities. Such states usually live side by side with wild nature and they have already learned how to save the endangered species from injury and hunters.

Animal rights standpoint, in return, argues that people have no right to confine and breed animals against their free will. This argument might appear a central one in your why animals should not be used for entertainment essay. Even saving endangered species from the total disappearance doesn’t convince animal rights organizations that it is ethical to keep them in enclosed spaces for the sake of survival. In their opinion, we should not interfere in wildlife by any means, and that living in freedom is anyway better than having fewer rights and being in confinement. They suggest that cages, pens, even more, advanced zoos and drive-through safari are different from real life in wild nature. By creating such spaces, people provoke suffering and boredom of animals who cannot live as their instincts require them to live.

There is also a sufficient field of study based on the data that proves shocking facts about animals in captivity. For example, the vast majority of breeding programs doesn’t release animals back into the wildlife. These animals are being sold to smaller zoos, circuses, and rich individuals as exotic pet just for fun and slaughter. There is also a claim that breeding animals in zoos makes them less genetically diverse, which results in unhealthy animals being born, who have less expressed reproductive function, which means that they can’t bring up new population. Although, animal activists do accept that sanctuaries are places where animals are really being treated well, cured, and saved. They claim that the sanctuaries should not breed, buy or sell species. They should only take in surplus animals from zoos, unwanted exotic pets, and wildlife injured that can no longer survive in the nature. Just remember that, when working on an essay against zoos and animals in captivity in general, you should support your every statement with a valid evidence. Try to look for particular cases like Ned the Asian elephant that prove these institutions to be harmful for animals.

You can also choose are circuses immoral essay to explore a question of keeping animals in circuses for entertainment. The largest organization fighting for animal rights PETA suggests that circus shows are the cruelest on Earth, mentioning the UniverSoul circus in particular. They say that lots of species there have to suffer from the transportation, forced training and performances. These trainers whip lions if they don’t obey their commands. They train elephants to perform uncomfortable tricks like standing on their heads and if they fail to do this, they get beaten by sharp metal billhooks until they bleed. And when these animals are having a rest, they have to live in small cages. During transportation, they have to wait in tractor trailers for days. An elephant Heather even died in one of such trucks from heat exhaustion. While animals are isolated from everything that is natural for them like playing, running, creating families, searching for food, and defending their territory, they develop abnormal behaviors like head-bobbing and incessant pacing. Some of them make an attempt to run away causing injuries of people and damaging of property. An Elephant named Tyke was killed when he ran away from the circus. Looking at all these terrible facts, it is obvious that the operating of some entertainment companies using animals should be terminated. When writing an essay like this, try not to get overwhelmed with emotions, keep logical and perfectly rational until the very end in order to defend your point and propose the right solution of the problem.


We really hope that this article will help you to write a worthy research paper on animal abuse. If you adhere to all the advice, you will definitely get the highest grade. Remember that your text should include your own look at this topic as well as opinions of competent people to highlight two polarized views on this theme. Consider the logic of the structure and content and you will certainly succeed. But if you don’t feel like writing any essay, you can ask writers on our essay writing service to give you a top-quality help with it.


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