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Childhood Obesity: The Growing Problem

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What is childhood obesity?

Each of us has probably heard about the problem of childhood obesity, which has first occurred over half a century ago after the emergence of fast-food industry and remains a huge issue till this day. Therefore, currently, childhood obesity essays are assigned to students quite often. to help them understand the exact causes of the issue and the ways to resolve it. One may think that obesity and fast-food industry are directly linked; however, it is not exactly the case. The reasons of this condition are not always obvious, but people need to be aware of them. Therefore, it is crucial to encourage students to write an essay on the causes of childhood obesity.

The problem is that the topic of obesity is one of the those that are almost impossible to find accurate information on at random websites. Therefore, you need to rely on credible academic sources and conduct thorough research to write your own essay about obesity cause and effects. But in order to lend the novice writers a helping hand, we will provide some credible data for your consideration. Information given by our essay paper writing service in this article will be helpful for both students and people who are just looking for some facts on the matter. So let’s delve into the problem of childhood overweight and obesity.

childhood obesity essay

What to write about in a childhood obesity essay?

It might be difficult to understand what to write in an essay on childhood obesity, and that is no wonder that often many students can’t find the needed information online. In this case, you may even need to visit a library in order to find some factual data and sources on the issue. Moreover, it is quite difficult to find info for an analytical essay on childhood obesity on the Internet. However, you can always browse some medical websites; just make sure you interpret the given information correctly. In this type of paper, you will need to put in a lot of arguments and facts so that people can find out something new and interesting for them. All in all, you need to find and analyze as much information as you possibly can to create a really decent essay. So, as soon as we finish the research part, what has to be done next?

Well, it is really up to you to decide how to craft your children obesity essay. The formatting and content requirements may vary depending on the type of educational institution. But if you follow the advice we provide in this article, you will definitely succeed with your writing, and your paper may become the best one among other child obesity essays. Rest assured that all the tips and tricks will make your essay worth an excellent mark! Moreover, we will provide you with some interesting facts and statistics for a child obesity essay or research paper to make your life even easier. Let’s consider some of them.

Writers of childhood obesity research papers have been exposing an alarming issue of the young generation’s unhealthy eating habits for years. Researchers and doctors warn readers about the consequences of fast-food consumption and neglection of a healthy lifestyle. A few decades ago, people did not realize that junk food is a threat to the physical state of people globally. Nowadays, when we have access to information on the topic, we can make different conclusions and form our opinion concerning this issue. Anyway, the statistic is shocking: 1 out of 5 students in the USA has a certain form of obesity. And it would not be such a big deal if we were fighting this problem. Actually, things are only getting worse, as a lot of people do not take any actions to cope with the dreadful consequences of this condition. Therefore, the number of children struggling with obesity is growing every year, and we are not able to prevent or solve this issue right now.

Another problem is that many parents are not able to recognize that their child has weight problems or do not know how to deal with it. Most research papers on childhood obesity state that caregivers usually do not have enough information that could help in preventing their children from becoming overweight. So, the only solution to this issue is to raise awareness among parents and provide them with information on how to tackle this condition.

This is some of the actual information that can be included in your childhood obesity paper. But, of course, all the data provided above is too general, as we have only provided some ideas that you can research more thoroughly. First of all, note that if you have to write an excellent argumentative essay on children obesity, you cannot write a couple of vague sentences. In order to create a well-structured and informative essay, you need to conduct profound research and gather some useful data. In order to make your paper more comprehensible for the readers, it would be better to divide your childhood obesity outline for research paper into a few smaller pieces and devote each part to a separate aspect. Besides, outlining is a great way to structure your ideas and include all the critical points in the right order. While writing an outline for your research paper on childhood obesity, decide what to focus on in the essay, and define your target audience. Then think about the main issues that you are going to cover. If you struggle to single them out, let’s review the main constituents of essays about childhood obesity.

Before writing your essay, do not forget to have the gathered data checked. It’s even better if you do it before creating a child obesity research paper outline. Besides, it’s important to mention that the teachers may require you to follow some specific structure, and if so, it will greatly help you when outlining the work.

Do not lose heart if the size of the essay and the scope of work are too much for you. This article will guide you through the whole process of creating the best childhood obesity essay sample. So let’s proceed!

Writing an introduction and the thesis statement for childhood obesity

For some students, it is really challenging to write an interesting and informative thesis statement for the essay about childhood obesity. The problem is that they never study the issue before writing about it. However, the best way to craft a great thesis statement is to have enough background info on the topic.

Let’s move on to writing a childhood obesity essay introduction. Of course, you can use the info provided previously in this article, but it would be better to choose something that is not as widely known. That will almost guarantee that the reader has never seen the information like that and, therefore, will be interested in reading your introduction paragraph on childhood obesity. Such a trick will surely help you to write a really unique and engaging introductory paragraph. This advice will also work perfectly if you’re writing a persuasive speech about childhood obesity. You need to constantly keep in mind that readers shouldn’t be bored with some generic statements.

Going back to the introduction, it’s important to point out that you need to start it with a suitable childhood obesity essay hook. Let’s move straight to our examples. You might have never heard this, but only 2% of children in the USA follow a healthy diet. This fact is really terrifying and disappointing. Moreover, way too many kids are really off the regular diet, which is not that healthy as well. By the way, did you know that in more than 90% of the cases, childhood obesity develops into a lifetime problem that will not only make life harder but also shorter? One of the scientific fast food and obesity research papers has stunned the whole world with this shocking statistic.

As you can see, with a beginning like this one, you will be able to stun your audience and engage them in reading the fast food and obesity essay that you have created. All the information stated above might seem enough for a good paper, but we want to give you as many options for writing as possible. Let’s jump right into them!

It sounds shocking, but more than 25% of children do not participate in leisure-time physical activity. Indeed, this information is terrible, but it is not as bad as the next fact. 3 out of 4 kids are not getting enough of daily physical activity to remain healthy. And that is already enough to start worrying about their health, as well as the well-being of others.

You probably wonder if there are any ways to solve the existing problem forever. Well, there are a couple of solutions, which will be offered further in this article. You may also include them in your informative essay on childhood obesity. But before that, let us give you some facts proving that this issue is quite dangerous and definitely worth attention. Over 70% of children who are overweight or obese are more susceptible to heart diseases than kids with average weight. Moreover, overweight and obese youngsters are 52% more likely to develop such a dangerous disease as asthma. Therefore, we have to think of the ways to solve this problem as soon as possible. This short essay on childhood obesity will give you all the ways to cope with that in the most effective way.

Alright, after you are done with your childhood obesity essay thesis and introduction, you will need to think of the main part of your article. So now it is time to look closer at the body of your essay.

Writing the main part of the childhood obesity research paper or essay

At first glance, it may seem that writing the body of the paper is quite an easy task; however, this is not exactly the case. Expert writers know that working on any of the existing childhood obesity research paper topics for college students, you will spend most of your time on two things: looking for information and writing the body of your essay. Just like in any other part, you will have to use reliable information that you have found before. This is always the best way to write a childhood obesity essay. Now, if you have enough material, you will be able to take the next step to creating your paper.  

Remember that the main part should be well-structured. There are many ways to organize your information, but you need to note one thing about writing this part of your text. All of your facts and statistics need to be related to the thesis of your college essay on childhood obesity. That means that you cannot just include any piece of information that has the word ‘obesity’ in it. So make sure the found data is relevant.

Also, make sure that the facts in your informative essay on childhood obesity do not contradict each other. Moreover, if the body of the paper is difficult to read, you will need to revise some parts. Just a tip for you: you may put the statistics at the beginning of the body and then provide an explanation to it. Afterward, you can include the local data or just the more specific statistics to show the current state of an issue.

And now, let’s consider what we can write in the actual research paper on obesity and fast food. You are welcome to use all these tips in your essay!

What are the actual factors that contributed to the occurrence of child obesity? You might think of many things, but the most notable ones are mass media, unhealthy lifestyle, and lack of exercise. Let us examine all of them because it will help us have a better understanding of a problem.

So, how is mass media linked to childhood obesity? Well, the first and probably the main problem is that there is no coverage of this topic on TV, which is still one of the most popular media. Therefore, it is crucial to launch the advertising campaign on television so that parents, as well as their children, are aware of the issue. It might seem like this is the only problem we have with television; however, this is not exactly the case.

The second problem we face when talking about the mass media is that childhood obesity is one of the ‘funny’ topics depicted in most of American TV shows. Watch a popular comedy, and you will see that the overweight person is always the ridiculous one. Childhood obesity is not shown as something terrible but is instead used as an offensive comic relief. Therefore, it would be a great idea to include this argument in every persuasive essay about obesity to make sure it is given enough attention.

Another serious issue related to child obesity is the overconsumption of junk food. It is one of the problems that would be best covered in a descriptive essay on childhood obesity. Moreover, you may also explain how fast food restaurants are advertised on TV. For example, the characters in TV shows are often depicted eating unhealthy food in dinners or ordering pizza, and many kids would like to eat the same food in order to take the example of their favorite actors and actresses. So this aspect is also worth your attention.

At the beginning of this article, in which we advised you on how to start an essay on childhood obesity, it was mentioned that the issue of obesity appeared simultaneously with the emergence of the first fast-food restaurants. So it is not fair to claim that only mass media is to be blamed for the problem. The topic of fast-food industry is covered in many childhood obesity speeches because many speakers and writers consider this to be one of the biggest causes of childhood obesity.

And the problem does not concern fast-food restaurants only. The same food is sold at schools because it is financially disadvantageous for the authorities to supply healthy products as they are usually much more expensive than pizza or French fries. So this is one more issue to expose in your problem-solving essay on childhood obesity. However, there are even more reasons that contribute to the issue.

It is no surprise that kids nowadays are spending too much time doing things that are unhealthy for them. Playing games on the sofa, eating in front of the TV, and chatting while lying in bed is critically harmful to a child’s health. And obviously, the biggest problem it might lead to is obesity. It may not seem possible for an ‘always active kid.’ But are you sure they are active enough? Before we even started talking on how to write an essay on childhood obesity, it was mentioned that 3 out of 4 kids do not get involved in enough physical activities. It sounds terrible, but this problem is quite difficult to solve. The reason is that most of us would not prefer going out to do some sports over sitting in front of the TV, watching favorite shows, and eating some snacks.

childhood obesity

A lot of people cannot imagine their lives without snacks. It seems like there is nothing wrong about that, but eventually, it turns out that by eating those, you consume a huge number of calories. The latest infographic shows that an average kid in 2015 ate 200 calories more than the daily norm. It resulted in the fast-growing number of obese children in the 21st century. Therefore, if you’re writing a short essay on childhood obesity, you may even focus solely on the snacking issue.

Our lifestyle has also affected the way we cook ordinary meals. Moms do not cook something sophisticated for their kids anymore. Of course, it is much easier to go out and have a pizza or burger at a fast-food restaurant. It is OK to eat out from time to time; however, you should generally stick to a healthy lifestyle anyway. This way, you and your kids will never get obese or overweight. So you are welcome to discuss this problem in more details in your childhood obesity research paper.

One more serious issue is the lack of exercising. It is probably the biggest factor that makes the new generation even more susceptible to obesity than it was before. With the rise of different devices, the old ways of entertainment have almost disappeared. Just try to remember what things were popular in the past; those were all kinds of sport from football to tennis, dancing, and hiking. That is why nowadays when the ‘traditional’ activities are getting less popular, it is crucial to provide new ways of keeping the younger generation fit. It might be free hours in the gym or something else that would encourage the kids to do their daily exercising.

So, these were the subtopics that you may cover in your descriptive essay on childhood obesity. If you have thought of some more causes while writing this article, you are welcome to include them as well. Overall, do not forget to include all of the points you like into your childhood obesity essay outline in order to help yourself navigate through ideas when writing.

What are the effects of overweightness that you can include in your papers on childhood obesity?

We all know that obesity and overweightness lead to health problems. But which ones exactly? And why every doctor in the United States is so worried about the health of the younger generation? Well, the reason is that obesity may lead to lethal consequences if not taken care of. Therefore, it is important to give as much information about this topic as possible in your problem-solving essay on childhood obesity. We also need to know in what way all of these health problems might affect the kids’ lives in the future if obesity is not prevented.

The study held at Stanford University has detected the risks of child overweight. The first one is high blood pressure that is the least severe effect of obesity, yet the one you have to take care of immediately. It is easily detected as the person suffering from the disease is feeling bad because of the slight weather changes or any unusual physical activity. And those are not the worst things about high blood pressure.

The next dreadful effect of obesity and probably the thing that will follow high blood pressure is various heart diseases. That is the point when medical help must be provided in order to save the overweight person from developing more fatal conditions.  A lot of child obesity papers usually revolve around heart conditions caused by the problem, and if you need to focus on something you will find a lot of information on, this is your best shot.

The other terrible disease that is common among obese adults is diabetes. Therefore, one might think that children are safe from gaining it. However, the study conducted at Stanford University shows that nowadays, kids can also develop type 2 diabetes.

And perhaps the deadliest condition everybody is afraid of is cancer. Both obese men and women are more susceptible to it than people with a healthy weight. Women have increased the risk of colon and breast cancer, while men are vulnerable to prostate and colorectal cancer.

Last but not least are the mental issues. We live in a world where everything has to be perfect. Therefore, overweight people might suffer from bullying. The problem gets even more serious when we talk about children. Bullying at schools is a common thing, and kids with obesity seem to be an easy target. That is why obese people might get depression or suicidal thoughts.

These are the most common points that can be included in your research paper on obesity and fast food. They can be covered very extensively and may even be used for thesis papers and dissertations.

children obesity essay

What do we learn from that about the problem?

There was a lot of different information in this article, and we hope that some of it will be useful for your argumentative essay on child obesity or a research paper. The problem of childhood overweight is something that is getting worse year by year. People do not realize that obesity is not given from birth and may lead to dreadful consequences. Therefore, we all have to be aware of this dangerous condition and know the ways to prevent it.

At the end of your paper, it is important to summarize what you have learned studying this problem. Tell the reader why is it important to raise awareness about it as well as specify its main causes and ways how to prevent it.

Finally, in your childhood obesity essay conclusion, explain why childhood overweight is really dangerous. You may list the worst consequences of this condition in this part and restate what has been mentioned in the text previously. And remember that your essay on the causes of childhood obesity should be clear and informative. We wish you luck in your writing and believe that you will submit a really top-notch paper that can help people understand the dangers of obesity!


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