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Writing Essays On Drinking And Driving

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Students often write papers on problems of public importance. Working on such a task helps them learn to reflect on serious issues, find ways out of difficult situations, and understand the significance of the problems under review. In particular, drinking and driving essays and research papers are a frequent task at schools and universities. If you are writing one, this article is for you. Here, we will tell you how to write an excellent drinking and driving essay or research paper on this issue and offer some great topic ideas.

Drunk driving essay topics

  • Drinking while driving essay
  • Effects of drinking and driving essay
  • How to prevent drunk driving essay
  • Mothers against drunk driving essay
  • Risk factors and ways to prevent drunk driving essay
  • Problems with drinking and driving essay
  • Teenage drunk driving essay
  • Drinking and driving essay: Free rides home for people under influence

Topics for argumentative essay on drunk driving

  • Drinking and driving argumentative essay: Why should it be punished severely?
  • Why not to drink and drive essay
  • Everyone should receive jail time for driving under the influence essay
  • Lowering the BAC will help fight DUI essay
  • What is the best way to prevent deaths from drunk driving?

Drunk driving persuasive essay topics

  • There are no excuses for drinking and driving persuasive essay
  • It is important to report your friends if they are driving under influence
  • Adding more sobriety checkpoints will help to reduce the number of DUI
  • Better education is a key to having less DUI accidents
  • Revoking licenses for first DUI’s

Drunk Driving Essay Writing Guide 1

Useful tips for writing perfect paper about drunk driving

  • Make an outline. It is really important to know how you will structure your paper and what ideas will go into each section before you start writing. Otherwise, it will be easy to lose the track of thoughts in the process and your paper may end up being inconsistent or incomprehensible.
  • Always write drafts. Do not try to create the perfect paper at the first attempt as it will be hard to finish writing if you revise every single word you put down. In the first version, it is enough to pay attention to the content of your paper. Then you can work on the formatting and style of the text to make it sound more professional.
  • Choose only credible and up-to-date sources. If search for facts online, always check the websites you take information from. Use Google Scholar to be on the safe side and find books or journal articles on the topic.
  • Cite information properly. Follow the rules of the chosen formatting style to cite all the factual information in the paper. Otherwise, you may face plagiarism issues.
  • Read a few samples. Find some examples of cause and effect of drinking and driving essays, as they will give you a better understanding of not only how a paper can be structured, but also what kind of arguments may be presented. If you liked certain points that the author has made, be sure to fact-check it and read more about it in general before considering including it in your own work.

Drunk driving essay outline

If you want to create a well-structured paper, make a drinking and driving essay outline before you start writing. Here is what it should include:

  • Drinking and driving essay introduction.

The purpose of the intro is to interest your reader and inform him or her about the issue you are going to consider and why it is so serious. To do it, first, you will need to create a hook sentence, which will catch the attention of your readers. After that, add a few sentences describing the background of the problem using factual data where necessary. The most important part of your introduction is a drunk driving essay thesis. It will be the very last sentence of the paragraph which will go over the points you will discuss in the next parts of your paper.

  • Main part (or body).

This is the biggest section of your work where you have to present the arguments to support the points you made in a thesis. Start each paragraph by introducing the point you are planning to review, show what you have found when researching it, and analyze these findings. Do not forget to make a small conclusion and smoothly transition into the next paragraph.

  • Drinking and driving essay conclusion.

Here, your main task is to restate your thesis statement and go over the arguments you have presented in the body. Apart from that, you will also need to create a clincher phrase, which is a final sentence that calls for further reflections and gives your audience some food for thought.

Drinking and driving research papers topics

  • Drivers ed research paper
  • Research paper on drunk driving laws in the country of choice
  • What is zero tolerance law?
  • Underage drinking laws in the US
  • DUI statistics in the country of choice and how it can be improved
  • The dangers of drunk driving
  • US law & drunk driving research paper
  • What measures have proven to be effective when dealing with DUI?

Drunk Driving Essay Writing Guide 2

Outline for a research paper on drinking and driving

  • Cover page
  • Abstract page (if required)
  • Introduction
  • Methodology
  • Literature review
  • Findings & Discussion
  • Limitations/Ethical Considerations
  • Conclusion
  • List of references
  • Appendices (optional)

Maximum alcohol level in different countries

There are two methods for determining the level of alcohol in the human body: BrAC (breath alcohol content) and BAC (blood alcohol content). Both indicators are measured in milligrams of ethyl per liter of air or blood. The BAC is more common as it is easier to check in the field by using a breathalyzer.

  • Zero level of alcohol, or, as it is also called, “zero tolerance” is valid in many countries of the world. For example, all drivers in Brazil and Egypt should be absolutely sober when they get behind the wheel.
  • In the countries where alcohol level is slightly higher (Germany, Italy, Thailand, Turkey, and Australia), there is still a zero threshold for special categories of drivers: newcomers with less than 2-3 years of driving experience, taxi drivers, as well as professional drivers of trucks and buses.
  • Alcohol level of 0.2 mg/l corresponds to one glass of wine (150 ml). It is officially authorized in China. The driver will not be punished for such a dose.
  • The maximum blood alcohol level of 0.3 mg/l (which is equal to a glass of liqueur (50 ml), a glass of whiskey (50 ml), or a 0.5-liter bottle of beer) is allowed in Russia and Japan.
  • A dose 0.5 mg/l is equal to two bottles of beer or 100 grams of vodka. You can consume such amounts of alcohol and still drive in Germany, France, Italy, Thailand, Turkey, Greece, Spain, and Australia.
  • 0.8 mg/l is the world’s highest level of alcohol in the blood allowed by law. It is used in the USA. Americans can drink a bottle of wine (750 ml) and get behind the wheel.

Drunk Driving Essay Writing Guide 3

Comparison of penalties for drunk driving essay or research paper

When writing research works or essays on drunk driving, you may want to compare laws and penalties for DUIs in different countries. Here are some of the most interesting ones for your review:

  • Thailand. In this kingdom, drunk drivers are fined 1,000 baht (about $30) for DUI. In addition, they can be sentenced to imprisonment for up to 3 months.
  • France. For driving in a state of intoxication (above 0.5 mg/l), French drivers may get a fine of 135 euro. In addition, they lose 6 points (a point system is used in the country). If the driver loses 12 points within two years, he or she is deprived of their drivers’ license. If the alcohol content in blood is more than 0.8 mg/l, the punishment increases dramatically: a fine of 4,500 euros, revocation of a driver’s license for three years, and up to two years in prison.
  • Egypt. There is a fine of 500-3000 Egyptian pounds ($28-168) for drunk driving in the country. In addition, by court order, citizens can be deprived of driving license or imprisoned.
  • Greece. A fine of 200 euro will be applied if you were intoxicated when driving. Those drivers who exceeded the norm of 0.8 mg/l pay 700 euros and are deprived of driving license for 3 months. If more than 1.1 mg/l is found in the blood, the offender is fined 2,000 euros and deprived of driver’s license for six months with 2 months of imprisonment.
  • China. In this country, drunk drivers are fined 1,000-2,000 yuan ($140-280) and deprived of driver’s licenses for six months. Violators who have over 0.8 mg/l of alcohol in their blood are deprived of driver’s licenses for 5 years and imprisoned for up to 3 years. But the Chinese Themis is especially merciless in relation to drunk drivers who caused the accidents with victims. By court order, they can be sentenced to death.
  • Brazil. The country fights DUIs with fines of 300-1200 Brazilian reais ($80-320) and deprivation of driving license for a year. Although Brazil has zero tolerance to drunk driving, citizens are fined when the alcohol content in the blood is above 0.2 mg/l. The reason is the permissible error of the measuring equipment.
  • Australia. For driving under the influence of alcohol, a fine of $600 or $440 AUD is imposed. Persons who have more than 0.8 mg/l of alcohol in their system are deprived of drivers’ license for six months and must install ignition interlock device for 5 years (to start the engine, one needs to breathe into a tube to prove sobriety). In addition, the court may decide to impound the violator’s car.
  • Turkey. The country punishes drunk drivers with a fine of 700-2000 TL ($140-400) and deprives them of a driver’s license for six months.
  • Germany. The largest automobile country in Europe punishes drivers under the influence with a fine of 500 euros and a deprivation of driver’s license for a year. Persons with any alcohol content other than zero are perceived as potential initiators of an accident. Moreover, in Germany, one cannot drive a bicycle when intoxicated.
  • Spain. A fine of 500 euros is applied to individuals driving under the influence of alcohol. In case of a significant excess of the norm (over 1.2 mg/l), they are deprived of the driver’s license for 12 months and can be imprisoned for up to six months.
  • Italy. This country has one of the highest fines for DUIs, which are around 500 to 2000 euros. Also, an offender will get their license suspended for 3-6 months.
  • Japan. The driver faces a fine of 1 million Japanese yen (about $9000), a suspension of driver’s license for 5 years, and a prison sentence of up to 5 years. In addition, all passengers who were in the car or bus at the time of the violation are also fined.

Drunk Driving Essay Writing Guide 4

US laws on drunk driving

  • If the driver refuses to pass the test for determining the level of alcohol in their system, their license is automatically suspended for 1 year. A fine for the first offense is $500, and $750 for the second one.
  • The first arrest: a fine of $500-1000 and/or up to 1 year in prison; a driver’s license can be suspended for a period of 6 months.
  • The second arrest within 10 years from the first arrest: a fine of $1,000-5,000 and a minimum of 10 days in jail along with 60 days of community service. According to the decision of the judge, the prison time can be extended for any period up to 7 years. Driver’s license is withdrawn for a period of 1 year, and after its restoration, ignition interlock device is installed in the car at the driver’s expense.
  • The third arrest in the state of intoxication: a fine of $2,000-10,000 and a minimum of 10 days in prison (up to 7 years depending on a court order). An ignition interlock device is installed and a driver’s license is suspended for a year.
  • If there was a child under 15 years old in a car with a drunk driver, the offender can receive a sentence of up to 4 years and pay a fine of $5,000.

Drunk Driving Essay Writing Guide 5


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