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Sometimes we need to know other people’s opinion regarding a particular product, book, service, movie or other things. In other words, we need to know how good is the quality of something we need or something that interests us. And that’s when an evaluation essay comes in handy. An evaluation essay helps you find out about the quality of an object or a service you are interested in. If you are not sure what you would like to discuss, our research paper writing service prepared some evaluation essay ideas for you.

How to write an evaluation essay?

As usual, you have to start by choosing the right topic — it should be the one that really interests you. There are many interesting evaluation essay topics you can choose from: it may be a book you have recently read or the smartphone you are using right now. But you should know this topic well or at least be able to explore it so that you can provide enough information about the subject of an essay and give enough reasons why the subject is good or bad and which characteristics it possesses.

Think about your target audience. It’s not a surprise that some people may not be interesting in your topic, while the others will find it truly interesting and useful. Therefore, when you choose evaluation essay topics, consider who may be interested in reading your essay. Don’t write for the general public — instead, concentrate on the audience which may find your paper engaging.

Now, develop your thesis statement. The purpose of a thesis statement of an evaluation paper is to define the goal of an essay. A thesis statement gives a clear direction for an essay and guides your writing. It should tell a reader what the topic of your essay is and show your position regarding the discussed matter. Keep in mind that the thesis statement shouldn’t be longer than 1-2 sentences. Make your thesis statement as clear as possible, avoid any vague words, and don’t use quotes — only your own words.

After that, you have to work on criteria, judgment, and evidence, which are crucial for the essay. Criteria determine what an ideal product, service or place should be. In other words, they demonstrate an expected outcome. It is important to establish the criteria since this is what differentiates an evaluation from your own opinion and shows if a criterion was met or not. Evidence is used to support the judgment. Each body paragraph should contain one criterion, judgment, and evidence, so make sure you have prepared more than one of these.

Now you can start your essay using any of possible evaluation essay topics. For the introduction, create an interesting hook that will make your readers interested in the topic you are writing about. It can be a joke or a short story — anything that comes to mind. Then you should provide an overview of a subject and explain why others should read about it. Do not forget to establish criteria at the beginning of an essay. Also, make sure you have written down a thesis statement which should be included in the introduction.

Now you can start working on your body paragraphs. Start with criteria and judgments, and then support your judgments with evidence in the form of quotes, examples, academic resources, etc. You can also provide opposite views or any additional information if you find it necessary. Follow the same structure for each of the paragraphs.

And the last part is a conclusion — the last opportunity to speak to your audience. First, you should restate all the main points and theses, but don’t just copy and paste them from introduction body paragraphs. You should also prepare a brief summary of your evidence.

In order not to sound boring, you may consider several ways of making the conclusion unique. For example, you could complete your essay by linking the conclusion to the introduction. Use a call-to-action phrase or share your experience.

General Topics for Evaluation Essay

  • Analyze how social media has affected your social relationships
  • Evaluate the most recent movie you have seen
  • Compare and evaluate the change that has happened in the field of science and technology
  • Examine the influence smoking and drinking have on a human’s body and brain
  • Dissect the pros of recycling plastic. How good can it be for the ecology and is it going to stop global warming?
  • Evaluate the learning resources that you and your classmates use the most often. How do they help you during your studies?
  • Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of distance education.
  • Evaluate a professor you like the most. Why students like him and how effective is he or she as a teacher?
  • Evaluate your academic performance last year. Which improvements did you make?
  • Evaluate the effect of the Internet on the learning process. How often do you and your classmates use it during classes?

Some students may get an evaluation essay as an assignment in the college, so it's better to find out something about it before you actually get it. You are going to gather information about a specific topic, subject, product, etc. You should also express your personal opinion on the chosen topic and explain your thoughts. Making a list of the pros and cons of the subject you are reviewing will also be required.

Your teacher has probably already given you some instructions, so be sure to check them out, especially if you don’t know exactly how to write critical evaluation essay. An evaluation essay can be a great way to express your opinion and improve your writing skills.

Evaluation essay topics about education

It is important to write about education for a simple reason: it will help to improve our modern education system. We all know that the education system in most countries of the world is far from perfect. Writing an evaluation essay about education will help shed light on the problems that arise in our schools and colleges. You can ask your friends and relatives about their opinions so that you can enrich your essay with their viewpoints. Use statistics and academic articles to support your main points. 

Here are some evaluation essay topics for students on education:

  • Evaluate and compare the pros and cons of attending public and private schools. Which one is better for getting an education?  
  • Evaluate and compare the SAT and ACT tests. How effective are they and is it the best way to assess students’ knowledge?
  • Evaluate the effect of global warming. How much does it impact our lives right now and how can we decrease it?
  • Evaluate and compare the science program and fine arts program in high school. Is it giving the students all the skills and knowledge they need in their future?
  • Evaluate and compare the textbooks and online materials for students. Which one is a more effective way to educate high school students?
  • Evaluate a tutoring program or a peer mentoring program. How effective are they?
  • Evaluate software programs that are used in schools and colleges. How effective are they?
  • Evaluate the effect of community services on students. Should everyone in high school and college participate in community services?
  • Evaluate sex education programs at school. How effective are they in teaching students about sex and relationships?
  • Evaluate year-round schools. Are they more effective and better than regular schools?
  • Evaluate physical education in high school. Do you like the program you have?
  • Analyze the difference between IELTS vs. TOEFL. Which one assesses students’ skills better?

Evaluation essay topics list on technology

Technology has become a huge part of our lives: we use gadgets in schools, colleges, and at work. It is important to admit the changes that technology has caused in our society, and writing about the impact of it will help us realize what we should change in our world. An evaluation essay will help you analyze the influence of technology on your life and share your experience with others. And don’t worry if you are not sure what to write about  — here are the best evaluation essay topics:

  • Evaluate the smartphone you are using right now. What are the pros and cons of it?
  • Evaluate any popular photo app. Why did it gain popularity and is it really that good?
  • Evaluate the web browser you are currently using. Why do you find it useful and what are the benefits of it?
  • Evaluate any digital textbook you are using right now or one that you used before. Is it more effective than the usual textbook? Why?
  • Evaluate the existing regulations for the use of mobile phones and other technology while driving. Should the regulations be more strict and what else should be added to those rules to make the driving process safer?
  • Evaluate how innovative technologies have influenced the music industry. How much has the music changed due to technical progress?
  • Evaluate your laptop or desktop computer. How well does it work for you and does it satisfy your needs?
  • Evaluate the impact of video games on the younger generation. Is it beneficial or dangerous for students?
  • Evaluate your experience of playing video games on different platforms
  • Analyze the difference between watching movies at home or in a cinema. Where is it best to watch movies and why?
  • Evaluate the future of technology. How do you think it will develop and what kind of progress waits for it?

Critical evaluation essay topics about literature, films, and arts

Literature, films, and arts are important to us, as they help us become better and learn about the world and how it changes. Writing about such topics will help you share your thoughts with others and analyze a piece of art and your impression from it.

To write the best evaluation essay on literature, music, and arts you should establish clear criteria for the main subject so that your evaluation will be correct and won’t sound only as an opinion.

Here are evaluation argument essay topics on literature, films, and arts:

  • Analyze the difference between live performances and recorded music. What is the difference in sound quality?
  • Analyze any classical book. Why is it accepted as exemplary? How much does classical writing differ from a modern one?
  • Analyze any historical movie. Did it portray the events correctly or did it show the history from the point of view of the movie director?
  • Review any theatrical play or musical. Did the director convey the main message of the play or musical? How well did the actors act?
  • Analyze any art movement. How did it influence the society?
  • Analyze the ending of any play, book, or movie. Was it dramatic? Do you think that the ending should have been different?
  • Analyze a recent movie remake of an original movie you have seen. Did a remake change an original plot a lot? Which one do you think is better: an original movie or a remake?
  • Analyze a film based on a book. Is the adaptation close to the original or are they different from each other?
  • Evaluate a few movies directed by the same person. Are they similar or different? Can you see that the director used the same tactics?
  • Analyze a major literary movement. How did it influence the literature of that time and is the impact of it still seen in modern literature?
  • Evaluate a book that you read and didn't like. Why did you find it so bad? Is there a problem in the author's writing or poor structure of the book?
  • Evaluate the last album of your favorite band or artist. Did you like it or not? How much did their style change?

Easy evaluation essay topics

Sometimes you just don’t feel like researching a lot and writing a “deep” essay. In this case, you are welcome to choose an easy but compelling topic which will be quite engaging for the readers.

Here are some good evaluation essay topics to write about if you need to do it quickly:

  • Evaluate a coffee house you often attend. Why do you like it and what is the quality of coffee there?
  • Evaluate your favorite restaurant. What are the prices there? Why do you find the food at this restaurant delicious?
  • Analyze the last season of your favorite sports team. How well did they do? What mistakes did they make?
  • Evaluate a cosmetics product you like. What are the pros and cons of it? How often do you use it?
  • Evaluate a recent romantic movie. How were the relationships between the characters portrayed? How good was the acting of actors and the main plot? 
  • Evaluate the supermarket that you usually attend. Does it offer a variety of products? Do you like its staff? Are they polite and helpful? 
  • Analyze online relationships and traditional relationships. What are the differences between them?

Final Thoughts

Even though writing an evaluation essay is not an easy task, you should not give up because of the obstacles you face. Don’t worry if you haven’t found the one you like — there are many great topics for evaluation essays. Believe in yourself and you will achieve your goals!


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